Tales Of Uma – Brothers In Arms

ma could see it, it was written all over Lieutenant Dike’s face. Though he tried to mask it with his tough look, his eyes gave him away. Lieutenant Dike and his men had been out in the cold in Gowu town trying to hold off the rebels but their efforts had been in vain because the rebels had invaded Gowu town, killed some men and women, and the rest fled to the neighbouring village. 
Lieutenant Dike while trying to ward off the rebels had lost his platoon. Only Captain Uma, Sergent Lawal, Sergent Vincent and Captain Amadu remained alive. They were running out of ammo and if reinforcement didn’t come soon then the quest to hold off the rebel would be a failed mission.

“Patch me through to Eagle’s One now, Vincent” thundered Lt Dike.
“Okay Sir,” Vincent replied as he placed the machine he had been carrying on his back to the ground, the machine looked rusty, buttons were arrange in square-like columns with each button having a digit written on it from 0-9. It made a creaking sound as Vincent pressed the dialing code to get through to Eagle’s Eye One, their command headquarter.

“Sir, we’ve got movement up North heading really fast unto our direction, rebels I think” said Uma as he looked at the tracking device he held with his left hand.
Lieutenant Dike scanned the area with his eyes, the village looked deserted. He knew staying there to combat the rebels would be a useless decision.

“Lawal what’s our current ammo’s situation” asked Lieutenant Dike
Lawal quickly placed the bag in his hands to the ground and went through it- “7 loaded Glocks, 5 Shotguns, 2 loaded AK 47 and 12 Grenades” he replied.
“Okay men, we have to make a run for it, we’ll run all the way to Mbata mountain. There we’ll have a better chance combating the rebels ’cause if we stay here then it will be our end” Lieutenant Dike said.
“Okay sir!” they all replied.

In no less than two minutes, Lieutenant Dike and his men were on their feet. They made their way through the forest, each soldier trying his possible best to block any leaves that threatened to enter their eyes. You could literally hear the heavy sound their feet made as they pounced the ground. 
Lieutenant Dike led the soldiers with each men trying to close in on the gap.

Lawal who was the last man was finding it hard to keep up with his fellow compatriots, due to the artillery bag he was carrying, he thought for a second to throw it away but he knew if he did, then they wouldn’t have any weapons to combat the rebels.


Lawal cried in pain as
the rest of the soldiers suddenly halted. 
“Sir, Lawal just stepped on a land mine!” Adamu shouted.
“Sure! And we keep moving!” ordered Lieutenant Dike.
“Keep moving Sir? But.. But……. But……. Sir” Adamu pointing his finger to Lawal who was in a distance wailing in pain. 
“Yes we keep moving, do you have a problem with that, solider?” Asked Lieutenant Dike as he pulled out his Glock and pointed it to Adamu’s head.
“No Sir,” Adamu replied with a frightened voice.
“Okay soldiers, We keep going, Lawal just gave up his life for his beloved country” Lieutenant Dike said without pity as he put back his Glock gun into its holster.

Uma’s conscience was getting the better of him as the drama unfolded. He knew he couldn’t live the rest of his life knowing that he left his friend out there at the mercy of the rebels. Uma looked back and saw Lawal still yelling in pain screaming for help.

“No! I can’t, I can’t leave him here” he said to himself.
He looked to his right and the others were already on their foot again, heading to Mbata mountain. Uma turned back and headed straight to where Lawal was.

“Shhh! Dont shout, the rebels might hear you, I think they might be close” Uma said as he placed his hand to cover Lawal’s mouth.
“Why didn’t you look where you were stepping on? You know better that this place might be filled with mine” said Uma as he tried to patch up Lawal’s leg with a piece of cloth he got from his bag pack.
“Okay, you’ll have to get up and we’ll walk real fast to join the others, Okay? 
“Okay” Lawal replied in a fainting voice 
When I count one to three I’ll help you stand up and put your hands around my neck” Uma said.
“Okay, one.. Two… Three……. Now!”
Lawal screamed as he was helped by Uma to get up, he quickly put his hand around his neck.
Uma looked up and tried to see if he could see the others but they were out of sight, he was close to tears, he couldn’t understand why lieutenant Dike would do such.

The two soldiers walked through the forest alone, Uma trying his best not to feel discouraged when he suddenly felt a sharp tiny object pierce through his  left leg from the back followed by an apt pain. Immediately, another sharp object went through his right hand, this time Uma went down with Lawal following him, both screaming at the top of their voices as they hit the ground. He was shot.

Uma and Lawal were on the ground screaming in pain, Uma knew it was the rebels that had shot him. The pain was too much. He closed his eyes so as to absorb the pain but it was too much to handle.

He had footsteps from afar heading unto their direction, the footsteps drew closer and followed by a voice 
“Hey! Maggot” said a deep masculine voice.
“So you little Nigerian soldiers don’t learn, do you?”
Uma tried to open his eyes to see who was talking and, lo and behold, it was Major Gen Batira, the leader of the Rebels, the dreaded man they all feared. Uma knew this was the end.

10393551_815402138498292_5831652029535421128_nMajor Gen Batira gave a curt smile and used the butt of his AK 47 to hit Uma’s head and he passed out unconscious.

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