Tales of Tera 5

The beautiful song was a remarkable hit. Everyone loved it and the girls couldn’t stop singing the chorus which goes thus;

” You make my heart beat faster! How can I live without you? I have to tell you..feel like I’m dying with this unrequited love. ”

Other amazing songs of theirs were performed, and at the end of the concert the likes on their facebook page literally hit the roof.


” I’m so in love with your song! My bestie is a star!! Those lekki teens are absolutely in love with you. Three girls were shedding tears during your performance of unrequited love. Who is she? Ms X? ” Tera chattered excitedly whilst they were being driven back to camp by his music manager.

” Maybe..I’m not telling yet…Tera the amebor…please take us to cream palace ” Mark said to Mrs Kodjoe,his band’s music manager.

” You must pay me for this taxi driver job I’m doing ” She answered with a chuckle.


Miss Tera woke up the next morning with a cramp.

” I shouldn’t have taken that Ice cream. ” She said to herself.

” You no be better person oh..you go flex last night..come forget person abi? ” Oghene asked Tera when she realised that she had woken up.

” I’m sorry. You know Mark fell ill now..haba.. ”

” Its true sha..the video of Luminous’ performance last night has been a massive hit on you tube..I watched it sef…that your bestie get talent ohh..but you don’t wanna give him to me. Bad roomie ” She complained with a sad look that turned into laughter when Tera stoned her with her teddy bear.

She received a text message from Mark a few minutes later. Tera ran down to the lounge and was surprised when she saw him being escorted out of the hostel by his mum and two bodyguards.

” Good morning Ma.” Tera greeted the stylish middle aged woman.

” Good morning Tera..I’ve come to take your bestfriend away for a short time..I don’t want these media reporters to come and ask him stupid questions as they always do. We’ll be going to South Africa for a while and he’ll write his exams there. Please talk to him for me. He’s quite angry as a result of this sudden development. ”

Tera’s legs felt like jelly. She walked into the jeep and met him sobbing at the back seat.

” I don’t wanna leave ” He clouted sadly and she held onto him tightly.

” I don’t want you to leave either. But its better you do. I don’t want those reporters to come and humiliate you here. You don’t deserve that. I’ll miss my Marckie. ” She replied with tears dropping down her eyes.

” I’ll miss my Terracotta more” They sobbed out loud and held onto themselves tightly.

” Please take care of yourself for me…we’ll skype and ping whenever we can,” She added.

” Yes we would…always study and stay under the radar..if Nick tries anything funny,don’t hesitate to report him to Yemi..or Team Luminous..I’m sure they won’t hesitate to sneak in and break his head..okay?..what am I saying? My Tera is a big girl. ” He teased and tickled her sides lightly.

” Of course I am.. Your mum is getting impatient..see you soon..” She pecked the two sides of his cheek and he returned the favour.


It was nine days after Mark’s departure and the camp had less than a week to round up. Tera missed him terribly but she found solace in the fact that he was doing great. On her way back from a study class with their teachers,Tera was apprehended by Nick who tried to talk to her.

” Tera..you look so sumptuous and beautiful. ”

” Thanks..you look good too..”

” Please stop and talk to me. Why are you in such a hurry? ”

” I’m sorry. But I’m busy. ” She eventually stopped and reached out to bring her glasses from her blue handbag.

” I still love you. ”

” Well..I don’t love you..stop chasing shadows. ”

” Does that mean you’re with someone else? Who? Its Mark right? Has that ass-hole finally summoned the courage to ask you out? ”

” Me? Mark? What are you saying? We’re just best friends and nothing more. Stop what you’re saying. ”

” So you’re still na├»ve? Well..I’ll show you proof at the campfire tonight. ”

” Mtcheeew..” She sighed at him and walked away.


Tera scratched her hair nervously and tears ran down her beautiful eyes when Nick showed the proof to her. He called her out from the camp fire gathering,howls from the adrenalin filled teens were heard from where she stood.

” How did you get this? You hacked into his computer? ” She asked with a confused expression.

” Why do you care to know how? But examine carefully..does this look fake? That’s why he dislikes me..because I told him that its not right to pretend that you’re a girl’s bestfriend just because you want to get into her pants ” He said as he thrusted the sheets of paper into her hands. Tera dropped them in her bag and ran up to her room.

She was afraid of reading the diary notes,and too anxious to sleep either. She eventually summoned courage at late midnight since her roomies were yet to return to the room.

12th of August,2011

We both went to the cinema today. I’ve never had so much fun in one day. I think I’m in love with Tera,I can’t breathe whenever I’m next to her. I once regarded these feelings as childish and lust filled but now I know better,this just has to be true love. I feel uncomfortable writing her name whenever I feel the urge to pour out my emotions,think I’ll call her Ms X as from now on………”

The five pages were all about the same thing. All she could see was Love,X,Love.

” But I don’t love him. Could Nick’s words be true? Mark is in love with me according to these notes but I didn’t see any blue print for a lustful motive. Could Nick be right? ” She cried for a few minutes and refused to pick Mark’s calls the next day.


He felt devastated and confused when he saw the message. Tera said she didn’t want to have anything to do with him again.

” How can that be possible? What have I done wrong? ” He wondered as tears dropped down his eyes. This was the last thing he needed right now,especially since his dad’s trial wasn’t going well.

” Why could she have sent that? Maybe she has found out. ” Richie,his younger brother chipped in after reading Tera’s message.

” I’m clueless Richie..I’m so clueless ”

” Try skyping or chatting with her.. ”

” I have..she’s not responding.I think I should just give her the break she needs. ”

Five months later

Tera was getting ready to go out with her family for a christmas dinner celebration organised by their church. She gained entry into the University of Lawnville in the UK after excelling in her Jamb and Foreign exams. She finally got a clue as to what she wanted to do with her life and it was Architecture. Her love for buliding structures and plans eventually granted her direction.

She looked remarkable in her red knee length gown which hugged her body tightly and her jewellries sparkled as brightly as her smile.

” Tera! Don’t you know Mark is around? Why haven’t gone to see him? You promised to go on your own after refusing to go with us remember? ” Her mum asked with her arms akimbo.

” I’ll go tomorrow Ma ” she responded nervously.

” No oh..you must go as soon as we return from the dinner. Have you heard me? ”

” Yes Ma ” she replied with a sad look on her face.


” I’ve been searching for you since the dinner ended. ” Tera explained to her beautiful cousin who arrived from the US to spend the holidays with them.

” I’m sorry dearie..we were busy clearing up the place. What’s up? You look like you wanna tell me something. Let’s sneak out to the eatery nearby “,The black beauty with a model like figure suggested.

” Mummy wants me to go and see Mark ” Tera explained to Debbie after finising half of her chicken burger.

” That’s good news. I think you should too. Your reaction was quite immature you know? ”

” I do..but I’m afraid..I don’t love him. ”

” Well..that doesn’t stop you from being friends or does it? Are you sure you’re not feeling uncomfortable because of what that other guy said? What makes you think its true? Can’t you remember when Mark shielded you from a car when you both were seven? He was hospitalised for three weeks..I’m sure he still has the scar. Why would a seven year old protect his friend because he wants to get into her pants and abandon her thereafter? Something is amiss Terri..it doesn’t make sense. And remember the smile that graced your face when his band was featured in a magazine last week? ” She added reasonably.

” So you’re saying I should go? ”

” Yeah! And apologise to him for being so immature. Shut out Nick’s allegations and treat Mark like you used to. If its love,you’ll surely know. Love isn’t always about the fireworks that light up in your head and the butterflies..sometimes we don’t know that’s what we feel. Its more about the urge to care,shield,protect, and be with the person. If you feel something,you’ll find out tonight. ” She said and patted Tera’s back gently.

Debbie instructed the cab driver to stop when they got to the chocolate brown coloured mansion.

” Be good Terri! ” She affirmed as she waved at her and the cab driver sped off.

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