Tales of Mabel

The red liquid painted the floor as the glass cup left Mrs Mabel’s hands and graced the floor.The cup had no chance of survival as it shattered into bits and pieces. Everyone was shocked,most especially her daughter,Idoroyin. Mrs May’s hands trembled.Infact,her whole body shivered as if the temperarure of the room just dropped to -10 degree celcius. Her lips quivered as she tried to speak but words failed her. She taught the nightmare she had to live with for the past twenty five years was over.How wrong she was because,right now it became so real and palpable. Right in front of her was Blake,her ex-boyfriend’s course mate from school twenty-five years ago and also the man who took away her virginity forcefully.The events of that day came rushing back like a flood. She never thought that the man that her daughter intended to marry was the son of Blake “The Rapist”.Temporary relief came as her body kissed the floor and she went into oblivion.

Mabel was in the final year in school and everything was working for her.She was doing well in her course,maintaining a 3.00 GP.She was the number one point guard for the school basketball team and she had a good relationship that was doing just fine. Mabel was a girl with good virtues because of her background.Her father was a Pastor and her Mom was a doctor and owner of an Orphanage home. She was a humble and simple going girl who did not bother about the riches of life,no wonder she was made the head of her class in her 200 level. She had a lovely life,untill Blake,her boyfriend’s friend changed it all.Bayo was a year ahead of her and he was about going for service the following day. They were both suppose to see each other on the day before his departure to Jos where he was posted but school activities made it not to be possible.Some how network coverage was so bad that phone communication was prohibited.The next day she decided to go check on him before he left because she still couldn’t reach him on phone. When she got there she met Blake who was yet to report at the camp. May as she was mostly called was not a stranger to Blake.Blake actually knew her before Bayo did,though they were not close friends.Blake asked her out but she fell for Bayo instead.
“Is Bayo in?”,she asked immeditely she was allowed in.
“Nope”,Blake answered.
“Oh no!”,she exclaimed.
“What happened”,Blake asked without much concern though May didn’t sense it.
“He left without even saying good bye,though that was my fault”,she said and slumped on the sofa.
Blake smiled. “Why are you smiling?”
“He has not left yet,he went to the market to get something”, he replied.
“Really.How long ago?”,she asked excitedly.
“Twenty minutes”
Relief flooded her,because there was hope that she would be able to say a proper goodbye after spending quality time with the love of her life.
Twenty minutes turned into an hour and she was becoming unsettled. “Are you sure Bayo is still around?”, She asked.
“Are you saying I am lieing?”Blake asked.
She stared hard at him as if she was trying to find some sort of truth or lie in his expression.
“Am sorry,I didn’t mean it that way” she said apologetically.
Blake moved towards her and held her on her shoulder,”Don’t worry,you’ll see him” he said with conviction.
She sighed and her shoulder’s slumped.
“I really have to go”
“He will be back soon,just wait a while”
“I have been here for about two hours,can’t wait any longer I have to leave for Lagos,this afternoon”
Blake’s expression changed and Ido noticed that he didn’t want her to leave not for Bayo’s sake but for his sake. There was alot of apprehension oozing out of Blake and it rubbed off on her because she felt suddenly ill at ease. “Is Blake saying the truth about Bayo still being around?” she thought.
“His phone was still swiched off.What do I do now? I guess I will have to endure not seeing him before he lives”.
She decided to leave,though reluctantly.
“I have to go because,I am also leaving for Lagos today,family matters”,she told Blake,who decided not to move away from her.It was as if he was blocking her path.
Blake had been asking her out while she was dating Bayo his friend.And why he didn’t tell Bayo remained a mystery to her.
A knock was heard on the door.May ran to open it,believing Bayo was back.
“Hello!” the lady said
“Hiya” she replied disappointedly
Blake knew who she was.
“Am good” she replied.”Has Bayo left already” she asked as she entered.
Blake hesitated.May was now filled with so much conviction that he had been lieing after all.
“Blake, you are not answering.Is anything the matter?”,Banke looked from Blake to May.
“Thats a good question,why are you not answering? May quipped him.
“Banke,he left early this morning”, he said with a smile on his face.
“Too bad,I wanted to give him a gift.Can you give it to him when next you see him because I am heading for camp today”
Blake received it and she left.May noticed the disappointment on her face.
“Why did you lie and who was that?” May asked.Anger evident in her voice.
Blake sighed.
“She is just Bayo’s friend”
“Hmmm…Why am I finding it to believe you?
Just as quickly as candle wax becomes liquid within seconds, that’s how Blake’s anger errupted.
“So you think I am lieing.Ok hear is the truth.Banke is Bayo’s girlfriend”.
She looked at him expressionless.
“I don’t believe you.You are lieing” she said. “Bayo will never cheat on me”, she said assuring herself more, than proving Blake wrong.
Blake laughed and his laughter was a cynical one.
“Do you think Bayo is a saint?”he said waiting for a reply.
“If you only knew Bayo”
May was confused now because she could sense how disappointedly the lady left.And from the looks of things,she has been here frequently,because of the way she walked in when the door was opened to her.Come to think of it she was almost going into the room.
May was disraught.Bayo was an intelligent ,handome and fun guy and ever since they started dating,May had always been insecured.No matter how Bayo tried to re-assure her, she never really was re-assured.
Doubts began to flood her mind.Those times Bayo did not pick her calls or even return them.Those times he hsd to cancel their date so abruptly.Those times he traveled without telling her.She began to find excuses to believe the fact that he had been cheating on her.
“Bayo is my friend but he is not who you think he is”
While her mind kept flooding with thoughts,the gift on the table suddenly caught her attention.She picked it up and torn the wrap.It was a box,those types meant for jewelleries.She opened it and what she saw amazed her.It was a gold necklace.She picked it up,glared at it anf then she threw it against the wall.Them she broke down in tears.She had given gifts before,but her’s did not measure up to this gift given by this stranger to the man who is suppose to be her’s only.
“Its okay.Don’t cry anymore.Men are like that.But I will never do such to you” Blake said.
She knew May alot.May was a very emotional person.Things got to her easily.
“But why?” she said in between sobs
“Its because he doesn’t love you.But I do May,I still love you”
May looked up at him and then he saw that thing she alway saw in him then when he told her how he felt about her.She gathered herself
“Lets not go into that at this point.It can’t happen”
“But why” Blake yelled.
May now became a bit apprehensive.She got up and started to wipe her face.Her make-up had smeared it.
“I have to go Blake” she said and was about to move,but he blocked her path.
“You didn’t answer me,why?” Blake glared
May was afraid now because he hsd never seen Blake in a temper before.
“Seriously Blake let’s not do this.I am with Bayo who is your friend for God’s sake”
She tried going past him,but Blake pushed her aside.And she fell on the couch like a rag doll.Blake then bolted the door.If it was fear May felt earlier on,then she felt more than that now.
“Now I want a sincere answer,Why?”
“Because I don’t love you,Blake,I don’t” she said so abruptly.”I love Bayo and I always will.Now you have your answer.Now let me leave”
She made her way to the door.Blake was hurt and ashamed.He had been rejected by girls before but this was too much for him to take.Blake had this feeling that Bayo stole May from him.Bayo and Blake have been friends since 100 levels but he couldn’t understand why May made her hate Bayo sometimes and right now what he felt was rage not towards May but Bayo for always been ahead of him in everything.
May was about opening the door when Blake grabbed her from behind with so much force and yanked her on the couch.
“What are doing Blake?Please let me go” she pleaded.
“Nah,I have endured enough.Now is the time for me to collect”
“Collect what?”
Blake just smiled.”Your guess is as good as mine”
“There is no way that I will allow you touch me” she got up and looked around for something to defend herself with.She saw a reading lamp.
“Lets not make harder May”
“Why do you want to do this?Blake is your friend”
“That fact is not lost on me.Am well aware of that.He dosen’t have to know after all you never told him that I was still asking you out”
He winked.
“I didn’t because I knew it would affect your relationship” she said
“Thinking about it,I wish I did”
He was close to her now.His attention was distracted by the phone on the table. Blam! May swung the lamp at his face and then made for the door as swiftly as she could but to no avail because Blake was all over her like a swarm of bees.She kicked,scratched and punched.She seemed to be hitting a rock.She overpowered her.And then she screamed.
“Blap!Blap!!Blap!!! He lighted her face with three quick slaps that did not feel like slaps. Then she started to cry and plead. Blake was blind and deaf at the same time.She tried with one last bust of energy to free herself and then his fist connected with her cheek bone and her lights went out.

6 thoughts on “Tales of Mabel” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. * Typing issues: hsd-had, anf-and.
    * Normally a space comes after a comma and period.

    A fair attempt.

    1. But u only spoke on the typing error and disregarded the story it self.Ur views on the story would be more like it.

  2. It’s a beautiful story. But there were errors: You spelt ‘thought’ as ‘taught’ and somewhere you wrote ‘she’ instead of ‘he’. There were punctuation and typing errors too. I wasn’t also comfortable with the spelling- LIEING, LYING is the better word.

    I think you should go through your piece over and over again before submission next time. It would help you in detecting errors. I have made such mistakes too in times past.

    You are a great writer. I believe that if you work on your flaws, your write-ups would just do great. Thumbs up!

  3. Nice attempt. Take note of all the errors spotted and try to proof-read thoroughly next time you write; I bet your pen won’t ever fail you.

  4. The errors distracted one from enjoying the story.

  5. Thought not taught, leave not live, Leaving not living, lying not lieing and insecure not insecured. I believe some people covered this in prior comment but it takes away from the story when there are so many mistakes. I have to admit that your story telling is pretty good and I am excited to see whats next in your series. Keep writing.

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