Pentagon Of Sisters 7

“YOU STOLE MY PART” Rose shouted, running towards her car. Stephanie and Ella were running after her. Stephanie managed to caught up with her.

“Stop it, I didn’t know the judges would like me, I was just trying to help” She said, trying to catch her breath.

“Rose, you have to believe her, she was just trying to help, she didn’t know it would turn out this way”

“Ella, I don’t believe you can say that, are you taking sides now, you know how much I wanted this but as usual she
took it all away” She looked at her sister. “you are lucky I don’t have a gun”. She walked towards her car.

“Ella, please talk to her, I didn’t plan this and am not even going to accept that role” she said almost in tears “She’s my sister, I can’t do anything to hurt her”

“Steph, see, I believe you but I think we just have to give her time to calm down, I will talk to her” Ella assured her.

“Ella, leave her alone and lets go” Rose shouted from the car, Ella had no choice but to leave Stephanie standing at the car park.

She stood there and watch the car drove off, She couldn’t remember everything that happened at the audition. She only remembered that one of the judges asked her name and told her to replace Rose. She brought out her phone and dialed Tunde’s no. The phone rang several times but nobody picked up, she wondered why Tunde hasn’t picked any of her calls or even call her. She has sent him several text messages to apologise for not coming to his birthday party. She needed to get home so she decided to call a cab.

Crystal drove in a brand new infinity SUV into the compound, Her mother was the first person to see her drove in.

“Crystal Adejoke Benson, where did you get this car from” Grace was so surprised.”

“Mom, this car is mine, I bought it with my own money” Crystal answered, smiling, She got down from the car. Grace was still too shocked to talk.

“Are you now into prostitution” Mariah said from the balcony.

Crystal looked up angrily “You maggot, shut up your mouth, do you think everybody is like you”

“I think you need to answer that question, where did you get this car” Grace said again.

“Look mom, I have a job and this is part of the benefit” Crystal rolled her eyes.

Grace shook her head “How come nobody knows you got a job’

“Because, nobody cares, you all have looked at me as the God forsaken child”

“Tell me” Grace said again “For how long have you been working and whats the nature of your job”

“What do you care, mum, but am going to tell you, am the Head of sales at Lacota Holdings”

“Lacota Holdings, Have never heard of that before, what do they do”

“mum, why don’t you ask your favourite daughter to google it for you”

“Crystal, you can’t talk to mummy like that’ Lisa said.

‘Stay out of it, Lisa, This is between me and her, Mum, I bought my first car with my money unlike some people who depend on their mummy” she said eyeing Mariah

Everybody was quiet for a minute, different thought running through their minds

Lisa broke the silence ‘Well then, congrat on your new job but can I drive your car”

“Drive what. You see this car answers to me only, nobody is touching my car and mum stop looking as if you have seen a ghost”

Grace kept staring at her daughter , even when she entered the house, Then she asked Stephanie

“Did you know about this”

“No mum, I don’t “

Crystal knew everything was not over but she needs to have a plan, she wanted to surprise them but she didn’t know they would react this way. She went into her room and locked her door. She has being carrying drugs for more than two month now and she is quite rich. She laid down on her bed when her phone rang. It was a text message


She smiled to herself, This is going to be her first assignment outside the country. For the first time in her life, She was extremely happy.

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  1. this piece has the making of a great story but the tenses conflict. like in the first paragraph check that area managed to caught up with her. I was thinking it should have “managed to catch up or finally caught up with her”.

    1. stephanie (@stephethel)

      ok, thanks for the observation @mikeeffa and thanks for reading !!!

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    Haba, this is short, following sha.

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      lolz@Rakeeyah….Thanks for reading

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    Following all the way! well done!

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    good one. following

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    Good episode I’m still following but u must work oN your tenses and plurality it’s the same problem that you had in previous episodes

    1. stephanie (@stephethel)

      Thanks @ivie9ja , would work on them, Thanks for reading !!!

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