Before Now

Before Now

Before now I thought I was tough.
Before now I thought handling it required you being
After so many heartbreaks, I thought it would be
hard falling in love.
Before now I thought it would be easy to turn it off,.
Just like possibility,her exit was inevitable.
Before now I never knew she would make me

Nights after nights I fought over this feeling,
because I made tragic and terrifying.
Before now I made excuses for that pain so

Before now there had been a connection.
But pride fully conceited she never wanted to face
the admission.
Am empty,lonely and uncertain.
I have lost something but I won’t live regretting.

Before now I thought she would never have me.
Before now I thought she would never love me.
Time I’ll allow to keep guide and keep us.
In the reality of it all,together bring us.

Before now I saw her as nothing real.
But now she is something that I still feel.

Before now I thought I would reck the intimacy that
we both share.
We feel it when we are far apart,we need not be
With time,she might forget me.
With time,I’ll be true to her only if time lets me.

Before now it was all about lust and vain desire.
Right now I hold on to that kiss as a reminder.
A reminder that, she will always love me.
Before now, she found it hard to show me.

2 thoughts on “Before Now” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. @THAPRINCE. I like this even though it left me feeling sad for you or whoever the poem is talking about.

  2. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    Such a shame you let a gem go, but isn’t that we all vile humans do? We never appreciate what we have until it’s lost and gone. Learning is never enough, there is always another room.

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