Murder With  Conviction: The Beginning.

Murder With Conviction: The Beginning.

I watched as the clerk read out the verdict. I was not expectant of any good fortune. I was ready for the judgement that would be handed to me, after all I knew of the consequences before I carried out the act on that day. “On the count of murder, Miss Vianana Tombiri is found guilty and is sentenced to life time imprisonment. All rise”, the tall pretty lady said.
No one was around to give me support. That did not come as a suprise to me, because I lived my life in isolation, though it was not by my own doing. The only family that I thought would support me was Aunty Amaka, my late Dad’s immediate junior sister, but right now she was against me. She loathed my presence. Because when I looked at her, in her eyes I saw it.There was an empty space in her soul. What I saw in her was deadly. It was as though she would welcome the chance to kill me, if she ever got one. She was still mourning, going by the way she was dressed and the make-up she wore because Aunty Amaka was a fashion craze person. I wasn’t sure if her husband had been buried. Whether she hates me or not, I care less. I hate her with so much passion. I hate her with a hatred that knows no barrier, because she stood by and watched as her dispicable husband penetrated me severally. Right now I am so fufilled because I made a promise to him that I was going to be the cause of his death.He laughed. The sound of his assured laughter still rings in my ears. I can still see the shock on his face when the sharp steel found its mark and pierced his heart. Snuffing life out of him.I did what I did to serve as a deterent to men who think they can toy with the lives of little girls because they feel they are defenceless and helpless. I did it to give a voice to young girls like me who find themselves in situations where their virginity and sanity have been stolen from them. I did it to give strenght and self-will to girls who have been exploited. I did it to give hope and create in them the mindset that they can fight for their freedom.

After reading my story, you might judge me right or wrong for being a murderer. I know that the bible says, “Thou shall not kill”, but the bible did not say, “Thou shall not defend thyself”. Regardless of what your thought might be about my action, I want you all to know this ; “If I have the chance to stick a knife in his loins again, I would do it over and over again, without hesistation and with glee.But before you go, all judgemental on me, here is my story.

My name is Ebiere Tombiri, a broken and lonely girl. I hate life because it has been so unfair, cruel and gladly giving me joyous pestilence. I lost my mother when I was three years of age. Inspite of how young I was, that day still appears fresh in my young mind’s eye. I don’t know all the details but I learnt that she died from Cervical Cancer. I was not aware of the suffering that she went through. Although, I knew that she was in and out of the hospital alot. There were times I got angry with her for not attending my P.T.A meeting even though my dad came. I guess I was jealous of my friends whose mothers were always present.

The hospital almost became her second home. Some few months later, she passed away. I really didn’t know her that much because she was not always around. At the time she passed away I didn’t miss her. My father became my mother. I loved my father more than existence, because he was always there for me. To both of us we were the only family we had. My dad was an orphan. My maternal grandparents were far from us, because they didn’t support the marriage between my dad and mum. My dad was a Motor Mechanic.My mum was from a wealthy family and they expected my mom to marry into a wealthy family also. My dad was a nobody. He was not the best for her so they believed.

During the period my mom was sick, I stayed in a Day Care Centre, though it has been closed down now. What was the name now………….? Hmmmmm….
Got it! Aunty Ninny Day Care ; that was the name. That’s where I stayed untill he came back to pick me up after work. I remembered, my dad told me why it was shut down.

I was and still a vivacious girl when I was very young. I was very active and gay. I laughed alot as a child. I remembered my dad said, I didn’t cry much when I came into existence. Dad, added that, I smiled at the nurses when they held me in their arms…….

By 7 p.m when he got home with me in his arms, I would instantly and readily slumber off. At the time he didn’t notice anything. He just believed that I was tired. Sometimes he thought I was sick. It was unusual, because it was at time that I was so much active. As young as I was I stayed-up late and woke-up early. And then it became obvious that something was wrong, though he wasn’t sure. One day, I didn’t wake up on-time and when I woke-up I was very dull. My dad said that, I behaved like a zombie. He observed me for sometime and when he was certain that sonething was wrong, he took me to the hospital and after some tests, the doctor told him that I have on a certain, potent sleeping drug. He went to the school and all hell was let loose. Fortunately for him, some of the parents he met there had the same issue.

To be continued.

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