Brown Envelope

She was about to board the plane, close to tears and confused.
He had brought her to the airport and the goodbye was not easy. They were only friends, but it felt like so much more. She knew what she felt for him but she also knew it would not be possible.
He had only just lost his wife 10 months ago and was still grieving. Although there was some kind of chemistry between them, it could just not be. Probably she made it all up. But what if there was more? What if there was love? Would it be possible? She would never find out if she would set foot on the plane which was due to take her back to the other side of this planet.

‘Life must go on’ she said to herself. She had waited for three years to get this dream job, she had written so many qualifying exams , and last week she checked her post, and a brown envelope, with a rather unusual stamp was among her letters.
Where could this have come from? she murmured to herself. She got a hold of herself, found her keys, drank a glass of water and got a peek into the contents of the brown envelope. Her wishes had been actualized, she danced, sang, cried and called all her loved ones, her dreams had come true.
And the door bell rang. Standing with a bottle of wine and a bowl of peppered chicken was Idibia – the man whom she was secretly in love with. ‘How did he know a celebration was all she wanted’?she thought. At that moment, all she saw was his  dreamy eyes permeating her soul, she could feel the moist between her thighs, she was already dizzy and longing to taste the hotness of his mouth. Five minutes went by so quickly and the door was still open.
‘You look refreshed today, I saw you dancing from my house and decided to join in the party’, Can I come in? he asked. She had totally forgotten about this man who gave her strength, in her long hours of desperation, she had looked at his window across the street and lost herself in staring at him. Now, he was in her Kitchen with all the features of a magnet.
They chatted about everything, danced and ate together. All the time, controlling herself and her desires “Staring into her eyes, and saying thank you for a lovely Saturday morning, she gave in to the full force of desire. She lightly slid her tongue across his bottom lip. She drew a deep, staggered breath in response to the wave of heat she felt flushing through her. Idibia smiled at her.
Then, he softly pecked her. Still holding hands, she lightly swept her tongue between his lips, pressing her warm, soft lips to his. She slid her hands up his body and cradled his face with her hands. Then, she passionately kissed him. He sucked her lips, gently, as though he was sampling nectar on a delicate petal. She felt fluttering inside. Adiagha’s body craved him. She could feel his body responding to her. He was breathing heavier which was waking Adiagha’s primal needs. The tidal wave of lust that had just churned within her was slowly calming as his kiss became more subtle and tender. He pulled back a little and looked away, exhaling.
We are friends Adiagha, we should not forget that. I will pick you at 8am on Monday, if you need help with packing, I am just some blocks away. Then, he practically ran away.
‘I have to choose between my dream and him’, she thought aloud. Her thoughts were blurred, thinking of what they shared on her kitchen table. She could not forget the scene.
Sitting close to a Fulani Lady who comforted her all through the duration of the flight, she only remembered the words: it’s hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it is even harder to give up when you know it is everything you want.

12 thoughts on “Brown Envelope” by Iseone Lawal (@womeninspiredblog)

  1. Kel (@KelWriter)

    Some of the hard rocks life throws at you. It definitely got me reminiscing a bit. Good write.

    1. Iseone Lawal (@womeninspiredblog)

      Thanks for taking out time to read

  2. Good one… Nice story

    1. Iseone Lawal (@womeninspiredblog)

      Thanks for reading

  3. Love. Always have been a tough choice. The prose flows beautifully. Well done.

    1. Iseone Lawal (@womeninspiredblog)

      I agree with you.

  4. Sweet tale. Too risky for Adiagha. She made the right decision.

    1. Iseone Lawal (@womeninspiredblog)

      I believe so too

  5. I like the flow of the story. Good stuff.

  6. She should leave, if he feels the same, her absence should make the difference.
    Smooth flow.

  7. kay (@kaymillion)

    lovelier than lovely

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