The majority of Nigerians have spoken. Buhari is the new president-elect.

He is not my flavor of the month. Never was, as anyone who has followed my position on the elections knows. But that matters little now.

Frankly, I had anticipated an election outcome with parallels to the 2000 U.S. Presidential elections in which the closely contested polls and its disputed results from strategic, big-populated parts of the States pitched the Republicans against the Democrats. At the end of the day, Al Gore, the VP of the outgoing Bill Clinton administration was, some political scholars say controversially, defeated by the Texas State Governor, George Bush Junior.

Jonathan’s phone call changed all that. In retrospect, perhaps that was a good thing. The tension was getting dangerously high; the mighty swing of the Northern states tilted the cart to APC’s corner and from all indications, Nigeria’s democracy was unready for close runs. UNWHOLESOME FORCES might have capitalized on a run-off. Hopefully, we can prepare for the April elections with a calm frame of mind.

This is the time for all Nigerians, no matter where you stand politically, to get on with the business of filling in the huge cracks this election put in the walls of Nigeria. Ask yourself: now that GEJ has conceded victory to GMB what is the worth of supporters of either man who died in the run-up to March 28? This military analogy may help us understand: let the ordinary soldiers rage and kill each other. The generals will meet at peace conferences and drink champagne because the spoils of war must be shared.

This election has taught me that Nigerians are the wackiest people on earth and their wackiness extends to their desire for change for a better country. Never underestimate the Nigerian.

I will not appeal to the social media warriors to sheathe their swords. The next round of elections, which is more shaped by localized factors, may be hot in a few states. These armchair fighters, armed with a computer or phone, are too crazed by blood to realize peace is in their interest. But the sane Nigerians on and off social media vastly outnumber them. Psychos like the fellow who sent out tweets calling for the killing of the Igbo for backing Jonathan deserve this response: all Nigerians and their true friends should go on with the project of building a democratic Nigeria.

Whenever the history of the Nigerian democratic dispensation is written, Jonathan will have his name engraved in hundred karat diamond, not just gold. He was not the best of presidents; in my opinion, he did not deserve my vote- I would have only considered him if there had been a run-off to spite the lunatics- but let us say the truth, knowing the kind of power-hungry maniacs that dot the African landscape. The international community could not have stopped him if he disrespected the wishes of Nigerians. All they will do is sponsor ineffective peace talks and milk our oil with any side that favors their interests. GEJ did not use incumbency to thwart the election. His record in states where the PDP WAS TROUNCED IN PREVIOUS ELECTIONS UNDER HIS WATCH ARE THERE. Sir, go in peace because history will be kind to you.

I was afraid of Professor Jega and INEC’s antics in the run-up to the election. Whether the system was deliberately or inadvertently skewered to favor the North I do not know. But the commission and its boss taught the world a lesson in how an election should be presided over, shortcomings notwithstanding.

Let me be frank about our president-elect. Majority of those who voted for Buhari did so because they believe he can anchor the transformation needed in all spheres of Nigeria. I pray they are right. I refused to back him because of my distrust of many of the APC stalwarts hobnobbing with him and his antecedents. I wish Buhari proves me wrong by running an accommodating administration; having no truck with ANY persons, groups or parties who would foist a one-party state on Nigeria (read your history: Hitler rode on the wave of the yearning by Germans for change to become leader through a democratic election. Once in place he destroyed the country’s democratic institutions and became a nightmare). He has promised to be the president of all Nigerians. May his acclaimed team of technocrats give us sound policies.

It is not easy. Many Nigerians, especially the youth, are bursting with impatience. Many of those fat cats canonizing Buhari will start showing their diabolical tendencies when he needs them most. Has the bid for a restructured Nigeria died on the platform of APC’s political expediency? Should people like me who will beam search lights on the new government start preparing for detention? Or is this a born-again GMB?

I pray for him and his team, especially now politics must give way to governance. God bless you, Your Excellency.

4 thoughts on “2-4 Zone: NOW THAT THE PENDULUM HAS SWUNG IN BUHARI’S CORNER” by henry c.onyema (@ezeakwukwo)

  1. Though I share some of your sentiments especially the view that Nigerians are a wacky specie, I’d say that we should be thinking about how liberal democracy can be grounded in the country the so-called Nigerian democracy has been an illiberal one. Let’s do our best, keeping our fingers crossed… Buhari could turn out to be the saviour, one can never tell…

  2. kay (@kaymillion)

    whatever happens….na GOD win

  3. Even though you tried to be as liberal as possible I could sense that you may not be a fan of the General.
    This elections represents the voice of the Nigerians at least in my opinion and I strongly disagree that Nigerians are wacky @innoalifa we are not wacky now, just special breeds.
    GEJ is now martyr because of one phone call, I was proud of him despite my displeasure in the way he handled Nigeria with such leniency and allowing some people to roam about in bullet proof cars and Private jets while some languished in keke napeps.
    GMB did not win this elections, democracy did, we were hungry for change and made a silent revolution with the ballot papers, Jega made that possible with the card readers.
    The north have always voted him yet he lost 3 times, I think its public opinion that won.
    PDP has had 16 years yet we’re still bitter, I can’t begin to mention all the things that went wrong but you could review this sectors.
    Education, check out our Universities.
    Health, behold our Federal medical centres.
    Roads apart from abuja.
    Cost of living especially in abuja etc.
    Insurgency, I’d keep my mouth shut.
    During the campaigns GEJ’s group spent all their energy trying to defame GMB, why can’t they just campaign did they have to sow so much hate in people’s mind against GMB JUST TO GET VOTES?
    I don’t support any party, only individuals, I took interest in GMB when NTA aired his dirty deeds of war against indiscipline.
    A time has come where corruption must leave else we might fall, greed should be curbed and patriotism should come first so that we might prosper.

  4. Good write up Nigerians have been praying for change for so long and I hope this is It. Maybe GMB has mellowed with age and won’t be the same dictator he was before. And I am willing to bet that Boko Haram will soon dissapear as well. Shhh dont tell anyone I said it lol

    P.S. I think elections were purposely delayed so that Jonathan could collect one more month of his billion Naira feeding allowance. Shhh dont tell anbody I said that either lol.

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