World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

The gathering was colossal
And the meter of the venue was without measure.
The moment metonymy motioned to mount the stage
I knew the Pen was mightier than the sword.

Simile served us smiling
As sonnet caught our attention like a firm net.
Delicious delicacies of dactyl was dished
As we cheered with our glasses of alliteration
Filled with wine pressed from Poe-tree.

Ode were ordered in stanzas
As lips littered the air with limerick and lyric
Verses upon verses and men didn’t get vexed.
We seized the day.

I couldn’t believe as bad bard
Blasted Ballards so beautifully
That enjambment jammed his hands in excitement
Longer than any epic.

I personally prostrated at Personification’s presence
And Hyperbole went hyper.
We were free like free verse in groups of Haiku
Rhyming and flowing as we chatted.

Metaphor was made the man of the day.

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