Against The Law – Murder Case

Ikeja Magistrates Court.

A woman has been charged for murder of her 38 years old husband, who has been given privilege to preside over the case. Today, the judge will deliver his final  judgement, the defendant will today know her fate.

“All arise.” The court clerk announced the entrance of the judge into the court room.

The judge walked with measured steps, with his eyeglasses perched on the tip of his nose, he sat down.

“After hearing the statement of witness on both side,” The judge continued. “Weighing all evidence before me and listening to the argument of both the defence and prosecution counsel, the following is my judgement.”

The defendant broke down in tears, her case was bad, she was given a life jail sentence with hard labor, all she could do was to ask for mercy.

The big question is, why did she kill her husband?

I’m Harry Enomamiem, reaching you live from the Ikeja magistrates court. Sit back and relax, as the defendant tells us her story.

My name is Bola Olawale. It all started on a beautiful friday evening. I was on my to the village to see my parent when i had a flat tyre, quite unfortunate for me it was rainy heavily.

A young man that was returning from the farm noticed my car was faulty and he stopped to help me change my tyre.

I was so happy, i opened my bag and brought out some money. “Please take this for your help, i really appreciate it.”

The man stared at me with a smile. “No please.” He refused to collect the money. “Thank you.” He smiled, and started walking forward.

“Wait.” I drove towards him. “Are you heading to the village?” I asked.


“Ok let me drop you then.”

“Okay thanks.” He said with a smile and got into the car.

Few minutes later we arrived at the village, i dropped him at the front of his house. “Thank you so much.” I thanked him again and drove forward.

The following morning i was sitting at the front of my father’s house, discussing with my mother under a big mango tree. I saw the man walking towards us.

“Hi!” I waved my hand at him and met my mother’s eyes. “He was the one who helped me yesterday.”

“Good morning mama.” He greeted my mother.

“Femi how are you?” My mother asked. “How is your mother?”

That was how i got to know his name. My mum told me his mother has been a very good friend of hers.

“She’s fine ma.” He said smiling. He was looking more handsome in his white shirt and a blue jean than the farm cloth i saw him with the other day.

“Thanks for yesterday.” I said.

“It’s ok.” He smiled. “I didn’t know you’re mama’s daughter.” He said and settled on a small wooden chair beside me.

As we were discussing, i found out he was an educated man. ” What is a young man like you doing here in the village? I asked.

Femi smiled. “I just completed my nysc program, i want to help my mother for a while, though i am searching for a job.”

“But you can’t stay here in the village and get a better job.” I said. “What did you study?”


“That’s good.” I smiled. “But i will advice you to move to the city and look for a job.”

Femi smiled and met my eyes. “Yes i know. But life in the city is too expensive, besides i don’t have anybody to stay with and for now, i can’t afford a rent.” He Said.

I cast him a pitying look. This was a man who helped me under a heavy rain without knowing who i am, he surely deserve my help and i was in a position to help him. I gave him my business card and told him to come over to Lagos with a promise of getting a job for him.

Few weeks later i was returning from a friend’s party, as i drove towards my gate i saw Femi standing beside the gate.

“When did you arrived?” I asked as i wind down.

“About an hour ago.” He said. “Your gate man told me you’re not around so i have to wait.”

“So sorry.” I drove my car into the compound and took Femi into the house.

Femi was more intelligent than i suspected, i made him the manager of my company with a good salary and an official car. He was really a plus and a blessing to the company, he took the company to another level and brings in many profit.

Few months later i fell in love with Femi, i couldn’t hide my emotions, i made it known to him, and not very long we did our wedding in a big way.

One day i was returning from a business trip, the taxi that took me from the airport dropped me at the front of my gate and i walked into the house. I dropped my bag on the chair and walked into the kitchen and back after drinking a glass of cold water.

I made my way through the staircase heading for my bedroom, as pulled the door open, my eyes widened, i couldn’t believe what i saw, Femi was sleeping with our house girl. “What!”

“Please..” Femi voice trembled.

“How dare you.” I walked close to him and gave him a dirty slap. “You idiot.”

I opened the wardrobe with annoyance and brought out a double barrel gun. “How dare you Femi.”

“Please….don’t.” Femi said, Stepping backward.

I was disappointed and consumed with so much anger. I pulled the trigger, Femi went down, blood gushing out of his chest.

Before i could turn to face the house girl, she jumped out of bed and ran out of the room. I fell down on my kneels crying.

Few minutes later, the house girl returned with three police officers  and i was arrested.

“Do you regret killing your husband?” One of the journalist asked.

“I regret the day i met him. I regret every moment i spent with him.” Bola said with tears running down her cheeks.

Few minutes later, Bola was taken away in a black maria.


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  1. Awe crime of passion, so sorry for her and for him. Murder wasnt the answer to his grave mistake.

  2. The first paragraph does not make sense. The story feels rushed. Work on your punctuation.

  3. Three words: Short, Sweet and Straight-to-the-point!!! On point!

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