Instructions To My Son



My Son, listen to my instructions

So that you can function well

Under the Sun freely given by God


You have been thought the ways of God

But this know also, that all men do not love God

Even in the house of God there is wickedness

So when you pray, watch and pray


Love all men with a pure heart

Integrate your passion into God’s law

That way, you will not lie atop your neighbor’s wife

Even when enticed beyond your strength


Fear no man but God, that way you will

Resemble your father as a chip off the old block

Fear no man but respect all that deserve respect

And believe in yourself even if all men don’t believe in you


It is never too late to reconstruct your life in

The face of mistakes in life, for no one is immune to them

Therefore strive to be the best for that is your hallmark

Never settle for average because it is a sign post of mediocrity



Let your words be few in the midst of a loquacious world

Because words spoken are a reflection of your character

For a hypocrite may conceal his nature but his character would betray him

Don’t be quick to criticize people, at most critique them with a clear conscience

Don’t criticize people without going a mile in their shoes


Take out time to ponder about eternity and the beauty of it

Because life is a continuum and death is a friendly foe to bring you to it

Take out time to listen to good music it brings healing even when it comes

From your enemy and consider no man an enemy, they are only blinded

By the evil and animal instincts of parochial desires


Have time to love a woman in God’s ways for therein lies your posterity

A man does not run away from his shadow because shadows are there to

Remind you the reality of your being, therefore you must live up to your responsibilities


A man does not wear mascara it is too feminine

Lingerie are not meant for you, be a gentleman

Do not allow irregular creases on your shirt like a web

It shows how irresponsible a gentleman you are

Oversize shoes are not good for you

Remember to dress according to the rules

That way you will be a perfect gentleman

Have a clean shave always from top downwards

Make sure you stay neat always from inside out

Shave your armpits and your pubic always and wear body spray

Remember that a flatulent stomach makes you fart

Empty your bowels regularly to avoid farting in public

Mouth odor is offensive, it demeans a man

Therefore visit the dentist at regular intervals


This also know, that we live in a world full of injustice

Do not avenge a wrong, leave it for God

You are stronger than all Armies put together with God on your side

For God must surely bring justice your way, no matter how long it takes


Inaction in the face of threat to life makes you a coward

Posterity may never forgive you for dying like a fool

The wall behind you may never collapse in the face of a retreat

You are a wise son and know what to do


The way up is always down, therefore humility is the key to greatness

Be humble even when you find it hard to, for pride is always seen in men

Who have nothing to offer and pride will ride a man to oblivion

Work hard and have nothing to do with lazy people but remember to help the weak


Do not cheat in the exams it is a mark of defeat

Remember that failure is not defeat it is only a step to success



2 thoughts on “Instructions To My Son” by Onen (@Onen)

  1. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    Oh Wow! I like what you’ve written, But I only wonder where your son begins to be himself, and less of his father. And I don’t see anything wrong with a man wearing ‘mascara’. It is his choice. And creases on his shirt? Really? Not everyone is Christian Grey. Lol! Generally, I like.

  2. Deremi (@Jessy_deremi)

    “Because words spoken are a reflection of your character” I like that

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