Heart Of Betrayal- Episode 3

Doctor Mike brought Kemi home in his car on a beautiful morning. “Thank you doctor.” Kemi said with a soft smile as she got down from the car.

“It’s a pleasure.” Dr Mike smiled. “Take good care of yourself, and make sure you take your drugs.”

“I will doctor. Thank you so much.” She said with a slight smile and made her way into her apartment.

Kemi sat down in her richly furnished apartment, leaned her head back and closed her eyes as the scene of the accident flashed through her mind. Kemi coming out from the bank, walking towards her car that was parked against a knot of cars along the road, a car coming towards her in a full speed, she saw the car coming, but it was too late, the car hit her, she fell in the road, jerking, and blood gushing out of her mouth. Kemi snapped her eyes open, it was her fault, she thought.

What worries her most was that no one knows she got an accident. Dele must be worried, even Bukky. She was not worried about her work, she was on leave when the accident happened, and she has spent more than the days of her leave, her boss must worried too. She picked up her cell phone, calling her office.

“Hello.” She said softly into the phone.

“Kemi why have not resume back to work?” Her boss answered.

“I had an accident.”

“Accident? Oh my God, when?”

“Last month.” She got up from the chair and walked towards the open window.  “I just returned from the hospital.” She said.

“Are you okay?”

She sighed. “Yes i’m fine. I will resume to work tomorrow.”

“Okay. See you tomorrow.”

“Thank you sir.”

She ended the call with her boss and got up, walking  towards the kitchen. The low voice from the television caught her attention, she turned back and picked up a remote from the center table, bringing up the sound.

“The best Africa movie of the year is..” The presenter glanced at her note, then up to the crowed. “The best movie of the year is, The life after death!”

The crowd applauded.

Kemi stood still with her eyes fixed on the Tv screen.

Dele got up from his chair walking towards the stage, he collected the award from the presenter with a sweet smile, and waited for the applause to subside.

He glanced at the award and back to the crowd. “I want to thank you all. Most especially to the organizers of this award, and to all my fans out there. Thank you all, God bless you all.”

Eager faces, microphones, cameras with a very bright light invaded Dele space as he stepped out of the hall. Reporters nearly salivated as they shouted questions.

“How do you feel about the award you just won?”

“When is your next movie coming out?”

Dele walked past the crowd with a smiling face, ignoring the questions of the press and got into his rolls royce.

I should be there, he knows it, i should be there smiling at the camera, asking question, Kemi thought to her self. She let out a breath, turning her gaze away from the tv set, and walked towards the kitchen.


Bukky walked into her sitting room, taking a quick glance at the clock, it was 6:30pm. She smiled to herself as she settled on the two seater leather chair, waiting patiently for Dele who promised to take her out for dinner, She smiled sweetly andnflexed her toes.

The chip of a cell phone brought Bukky’s gaze to the small table beside her. She stared at the unknown number thoughtfully, and waited a few seconds before answering. “Hello.”

“It’s me Bukky.”

Bukky got up sharply from the chair  in big a shock. “Who?”

“It’s me Kemi.”

Bukky eyes widened in disbelief. “Ke..mi, is..that really you?” She struggled to keep the trembling out of her voice.

“Yes it’s me.”

Oh my God. What happened? Bukky thought. “Where have you been?”

“It’s a long story where are you?”

“I’m…i’m with a friend.” She lied. “I will come over to see you first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Okay i will be expecting you.”

Bukky ended the call, she sat down gently and stared for a long shock minute. she picked up her cell phone, making a call.

“Hello.” She said into the phone.

“Hey Bukky what’s up?”

“You failed me.” Bukky said with annoyance. ” Denis you…”

“Hey calm down, how do you mean.”

“Shes alive.”

“Who are we talking about?”

“You know who i’m talking about.” Bukky snapped. “Denis Kemi is alive.”

“That’s not possible. I personally carries out the job myself and i saw her dead.”

“Shut up.” Bukky yelled into the phone. “She’s not dead. She just called me.”

To be continued…







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