Going to Hell on Heaven’s Scholarship

Going to Hell on Heaven’s Scholarship

In a battle between the broom and an umbrella
I am constantly asked to join their agenda
For both come with same promise with a reality of less
A tomorrow of joy but a day after filled with tears
Shall I stay wet or remain under the scotching sun?
Or shall I stay in an environment unclean?
Armed with my telescope to see the paradise in distant future
Stocked up on microscope to magnify future’s torture
I hear them speak of better lives with smiles on their faces
From where we stand – we are not in the race
Shall I choose a side for things meant to be my right?
Isn’t it said when men lost their identity – they are promised their rights?
Good roads, functional healthcare, clean water, constant electricity…
Accommodation, sound education, security in my vicinity…
Are these not the fundamental rights for all?
Why am I being asked to pick a side to have access to all?
In every closet are skeletons if we know where to look
There is none good, neither is there bad – just people controlled for greed’s sake
Robes, crosses and rosaries keep the house clean and the city dry
Lines on map ensure we remain different but in tears
Future for sale to highest bidder – liabilities keep me grounded
Justice off the shelf and trampled on the ground
Hopelessness and uncertainty – the new tickets for heaven’s ship
To make ends meet, I go to hell on heaven’s scholarship
Ready to take that which belongs to another while thanking the invisible
We kill “us” for their mantle but in hardship remain indivisible
Stories told of “the good old days” …
My present sucks, what stories shall I tell at old age?
God on every face, devil in every heart
Brooms that sweep us out of relevance, and umbrellas that ensures we remain unseen
Some day the poor we have nothing to eat but the rich
On that day, we all shall be equal with everything at one’s reach

3 thoughts on “Going to Hell on Heaven’s Scholarship” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. gmoney (@gmoney)

    This is the question we must ask ourselves. Our fundamental rights are denied us by people driven with the passion of greed

  2. kay (@kaymillion)

    this question rings even in a neonate’s heart….
    love the flow***

  3. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    #Rhetoric . No clear-cut between the broom and the umbrella. same people, same ideology with different tag and symbols. we’ll stand the test of time. Error in *some day the poor will have not we have……..

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