Death By Banging: 5

Biodun realized that there was more to the incident when Ama started shivering. She tried to pull the shawl around her but the lady just kept muttering to herself.

Biodun then remembered the ice cubes on the kitchen counter so she got up to get it. By the time she got back to Ama, her eyes had lost life. Biodun couldn’t see anything there again but something unnervingly scary. She knew whatever Ama was thinking of, it wasn’t just South Africa related but it’d involve a lot of sex and very little money.

Being in the kind of business that Ama was had more downs than ups. Even though Ama always claimed that she could make more than Biodun’s monthly salary in a week. But Biodun would rather have that than die of HIV or found dead on the street like a dog.

When she dumped the ice cubes on Ama’s body Ama jerked violently but got up. She stared briefly at Biodun and called out the security man’s name.

“Vuzi, what’s Vuzi got to do with this?” Biodun asked as she sat down at the edge of the table.

“Huh? What? Who… i’m in deep shit,” Ama finally said and pulled Biodun up.

“Yeah, and your shit is laying on my table like a life explosive. Spit, you fool!” Biodun said with anger.

“We need to call Biibi, she will know what to do,” Ama said as she went for her purse.

Biodun became visibly angered by that. It was the same Biibi that had pulled Ama into the shitty life she was living. Ama wasn’t the only one Biodun met at the party that day, she had also met Biibi earlier.


Biibi was a mistress to one of Biodun’s senior colleague at work. The man was Xhosa with a mid-section that always made Biodun’s stomach turn. There was nothing appealing about the man not to talk of him being sexy, a term Biibi had often used in her description of him.

Before Ama came over to join them at the table, Biibi had been telling one of her friends about her sexcapade with the man. The detail was so vivid that Biodun almost puked.

According to Biibi, they had gone to a carnival two days before in Mamelodi township. She claimed that she had been so drunk that she didn’t know when she started fondling Puto as they danced. She described how she kept dipping her hand inside the man’s jeans as he rubbed his huge tummy against her.
Knowing how hot she probably was, the man had pulled her over to a corner of the open field to a brai stand. He paid for a portion of brai and the guy told him he’d have to wait. He knew his intention so he just told the man, ‘no hurry’. He then grabbed a single plastic chair with no arm rest and placed it a few paces behind the brai stand.

The glow of the brai stand cast shadows on their faces. Biibi was already putting her hands on her boobs and moaning. Puto sat down on the chair and brought out his prick. Biibi stooped down and her mouth went for the kill. Anyone would have thought they were just having a nice chat because Puto kept laughing, probably wondering what an ass she was, Biodun had thought.

Biibi said her lips went up and down the shaft like she wanted to rip the thing off. At one point she said she remember almost biting the prick but Puto pushed her back. She got up after making sure it was hard enough and placed herself on his laps. She sighed deeply as the dragon gently located the warm cave.

The noise from the loudspeakers nearby drowned the noise the sexers were making. Biibi was high on cum and alcohol, it was as if it had caused a fiery reaction on her libido. She went up and down, left and right. She’d grind a little and then humped like a mad hoochie. She kept squeezing her boobs as Puto put his hands on her waist to help her keep a steady rhythm. The dick seemed to have found a play ground as it shivered and vibrated inside the slobbering pussy.

At this point Biodun had almost literary choked on her food but a part of her had found the recount very entertaining.

Biibi continued by saying that at some point, Puto’s big tummy was getting in the way of her climax so she had to bend forward while he leaned backward. He gave gentle taps on her ass as she wriggled on the throbbing dick. Biibi had claimed that she had come before Puto but he had continued lifting her up till he reached his erotic heaven.

The lady she was talking to asked if she wasn’t worried about HIV. Biibi said she didn’t even think about that, at the moment the alcohol induced horny was bringing out the demon in her.


The fact that Ama was now saying that it was that same Biibi that would get her out of the shit she had brought to her home, was too much for Biodun and she lashed out at Ama.

Zaz came out then with a look that could put an active volcano to shame, the ladies froze

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  1. so my fundamental connection is this… Ama is the common factor in all of this… but what connects Jay to Ama to Biibi and then to Biodun?

  2. Whose Jay? maybe I’ve forgotten a few details. Good episode but why does it feel short :-( . Im waiting on the next story.

  3. Nice opening but did not understand the essence of bilbi and d dude with a big tommy.

  4. Nice opening but the connection between the characters is some what non existent.Who is Ama to Biodun?

  5. I don’t think the connection is non-existent. The story is just like fixing different pieces of a puzzle together…that’s what make it more interesting.
    But this is short o..

  6. Update soon enough. Relax. It’ll all come together soon enough.
    Thanks for reading.

    Its like having a conversation about football and suddenly you remember an ex who loves soccer and how good he was in bed.

    We all reminisce.
    Working on six.

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