Soul Brothers

Soul brother.


I didn’t know someone like you could exist.
That it was even possible for me to gain another human being who connected with me such a level it seemed ethereal. When you nearly crushed my foot with your Nikes that windy Sunday on the field, I didn’t know I was gaining an eternal friend.
That was the first of our many football games together; those we played and those we went to watch in those viewing centers. You were always much braver than I was; suggesting those crazy pranks that we played on our roommates, that hike you made us take down that trail, the long trek up the hill…you beat me at everything, well except tennis. Why do you think I always wanted us to go to the court every Saturday?
You were my cheerleader during exams telling me how you knew I would pass even when I was sweaty and afraid, and there was none prouder than you when you heard I made a distinction in my courses even when all you got were credits. That night, when I told you about my parents, the first person I had told since they separated, you didn’t ruffle my hair and call me a wuss. Instead, you told me about God. You made me open the Bible and I discovered a world in it that I had never known. Then we became brothers in more ways than one.
Our friends called us ‘the Siamese’. I was either at your room or you were in mine. I didn’t even know how we had time for girls. But, somehow we did and even though you found yours before mine, you held my hand through the javelins I received and the break-ups and fights. You were the first person I told when she said yes. The one I wanted beside me when I said my vows before God and man.
Now, I am glad that twenty years since we first met, you’re still in my life. Last week I told you, you were getting grey in your hair. And then you pointed out a bald spot on mine. We might change physically, and I believe we’ll both get to see our grand kids become football stars, but even if we don’t, I know one thing won’t change. We’ll still be best friends and brothers…to the very end

7 thoughts on “Soul Brothers” by vickyoziwrites (@Vickyoziwrites)

  1. Bromance at its best. This is a nice outpouring of emotions. You could try converting it into a poem (an ode), see what what you come up with. Good job.

  2. Write up straight from the heart. Kept me connected all through with a friend of mine whilst reading.

    Good one+

  3. if i’m right @vickyoziwrites, you are not a man. But if i had my eyes closed and had someone read this to me, i would swear it was written by a man. The voice was so authentic, and even though I am aware it is fiction, i was moved to the core. This is hoping that we all have a friend that dear, a friend that becomes your brother/sister.

  4. Aww, @folakemi. Thank you so much everyone for your beautiful comments.

  5. Emotionally gripping

  6. Beautiful and very emotional

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