Life At The Georges’ Chapter 14


I couldn’t believe my eyes when she walked in. it was like staring at a retirement home standard woman. Dropping jaw, thick fatty skin that if she shouts hallelujah in church and waves her hand, the fat will dangle like exposed breasts. Speaking of breasts, her’s were nothing close to arousing. It’s like taping an over-sized Dunlop slipper on a persons’ dry chest. You can literally use d boobs to play table tennis.

She was now freakishly short. The only that was manageable about her is her use of English. Anyways, this was what was going on through my mind when she entered. I’m sure it will be less Prettier in dad’s mind because his daughter’s life is hanging in the balance because of the Lucas, Peyton and Brooke’s love triangle between Uncle Richard, kidnapper and Joan Rivers. Big thanks to one tree hill for that incredible and in-depth portrayal of a love triangle gone wrong.

“Darling, I wasn’t expecting you here” Uncle Richard said as he flashed a cocky smile.

*Shey this man in okay sha? In this one that we are saying, he is still saying darling* I thought to myself. I was actually seconds away from changing it from thoughts to words when Uncle Richard said “uhmm Cherie, meet my elder brother who operated on me and my nephew who is also a lawyer in view

“Also?” I asked with a perplexed face trying to figure out what the “also” was looking for in the sentence.

“Yes! Cherie is a lawyer, a very good one at that and her first son also a lawyer. She and her son are partners of their law firm” he replied with a grin, almost like he was proud of his grandma-friend’s achievement. I think it will be a gross exhibition of disrespect to refer to her as GIRLFRIEND. You have no idea how many mouths have been fed by her hot water bottles.

“Oh! That’s pretty nice I replied” also smiling because I did one plus one analysis and figured how madam Cherie being a managing partner of a law firm is of great advantage to me when I graduate, which is like very soon.

Dad was pretty much silent the whole time which gave me the chills. Silent daddy is dangerous daddy. It was as if he read my mind because all of a sudden, he just spoke.

“Richard, what are we going to do about that situation? We are running out of time” he said with his face contoured into a frown.

“Uhmmm… Ehhhh. I…I…I will call him and tell him I’m ready to drop the merchandise to recover the other one” uncle Richard replied with a sad face.

If only madam Cherie knew that she was the one being referred to her merchandise, she wouldn’t be flashing that her ridiculous old age smile across the room.

“I’m sorry everybody but can you excuse me for a minute, I need to make a very important business call” he said still talking gently. I guess it’s the after math of the surgery. He is always more lousy than this.

Dad and I understood his drift. He wanted to call his rival in love and he didn’t want to Cherie to be present. He couldn’t obviously send only her out of the room so he had to dismiss all of us.

As bad as it is that my sister is in the hands of a heartbroken kidnapper, this day was just getting sweeter by the moment. It was like watching Telemundo in 3D.

After about twenty minutes, we all entered back. A reasonable person should not make a “business call” for more than twenty minutes. When we entered, he was laying asleep which suggests that he must have ended the call some fifteen minutes ago and he couldn’t shout our names so he resorted to the one thing patients do in a hospital. SLEEP!

We left him to rest so we went to dad’s office to stay for a while; Cherie included. “So madam how did you and my brother meet?” dad asked trying to act as humane as possible

“Please don’t call me madam. Just call me Cherie” she replied smiling. I could swear that saw a blush from on her fair skin wrinkled face

“We met a while back in court. He was the friend of a man that I represented in a case. I think they were best friends because he followed him to court throughout the period of the proceedings. However, after we won the case the friend, Ben decided to take us out for drinks and from there I and ben hit it off.

Some months after, I found out that ben was a freak. He was addicted to BDSM and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to imagine a woman of my age being handcuffed to the bed”

I swear down, this is the most interesting 60 year oldish woman I’ve met since the inception of my being. I can bet my life savings that my dad was lost from “he was addicted”. The dude cannot understand the BDSM of a thing.

I was kind of getting a mental image of the whole kpokirikpo with handcuffs and horse whips. It was pretty. I would be like maltreating an old slave during the time of apartheid.

Anyways, she continued her story of how she and my uncle found their epic love. “Due to soreness of my body after every lovers date and his insensitivity to it, I broke up with him. That’s when your brother came into my life. He consoled me and we spent a lot of time together. He was very sweet. He comes to check on me in the office and sends text of encouragement before every case. Eventually, we fell for each other”

The only thing that ruined that perfectly romantic love story is the fact that I can see her. She’s aged!

“What does your children think about him or they don’t know you are seeing somebody?” dad asked clearly irritated at the whole Romeo and Juliet thingy.

“No! My first son actually likes him. They really hit it off when they met” she replied

“Okay, so what about Ben?” dad asked?

“Oh, he’s hanging in there. He still works with Richard. I can’t say they are still best friends sha”

That was when it all became clear to me. Ben is the Benjamin that my uncle was talking about. That means BDSM Ben is kidnapper Ben. It was like a bulb was lit in my head. As I was enjoying my epiphany, a nurse knocked on the door; it wasn’t Nurse Titi this time sha.

“Who is that? Come in” dad said.

Nurse Aminat walked in and said “doctor, your daughter just walked in with a man and they want to see your brother but I told them that he is asleep that they should wait for a while so they are in the waiting room right now.

My head wanted to explode but I didn’t want to jump into conclusions. It could’ve been Remi because she has almost killed me with calls.

“Which of my daughters?” dad asked with so much anxiety. I could see his palms becoming sweaty.

“The little one, joke” Nurse Aminat replied not knowing she broke the best news in the history of her life.

Dad and I stood up from the table at the same time as collided with each other as we ran out of the office together. Madam Cherie just sat down there perplexed. By the time we got to the waiting room, it was only joke. She was looking fresh from afar. Immediately she saw us approaching her, she ran towards us and jumped on dad’s arm. She was crying and smiling. I guess it was tears of joy.

She hugged me too and I hugged her back very tightly. I didn’t want to let her go. I also could’ve cried but nurse Titi passed. I’m still after that one.

Dad checked her body to see if there was any abuse marks on her body but there was none. She was surprisingly fresh.

She then gave dad a note that ben left with her before he left. It read: “Doctor, I’m very sorry for all I caused you. I now know that Cherie is meant for your brother and there is nothing I can do about it. I didn’t touch your daughter. She had the time of her life, you can ask her. I know my methods were to grave but I apologise. I never intended to kill or hurt your daughter. I might be scorned lover but I’m not a monster. This is my address, no.4 Ajanlekoko Street, Ikeja, Lagos. I will be expecting the police there.”

When I read the note, I actually felt for Ben but he needs to be punished. Dad called the police immediately and gave them the address. He also called mum who sang the whole midnight crew album on the phone. He also called Remi whose phone was switched off. Probably from calling me every waking moment.

Dad closed early for the day and we all went home to have dinner just like mum said we would. I love the Georges’


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