Their Fate May Be Mine


these lines won’t stop
till something starts
as pain goes on and i sleep in peace
with dreams for tomorrow
that they don’t have

i wish but don’t
to stay with them
to ask these questions
that cloud my head
and clear my mind of strange weird stuff

i think they dream
‘cos they’re human too
of the morrow bright
that never come
or horrible faces
with bombs to kill
and shatter their dreams
without much thought

I dream of a dream
to soothe their pain
but can this still work?
when death abounds
or increase their pain as i try to help

they seem to be soft
but no not them
for the pain that strengthens
even the lame
has come to them
and given them speed
but help they need
and without the us it might get to us

This faith that says
Yes or death
does it bring peace?
or more of death
to innocent fools that believed their pranks

My heart is washed
with tears of mine
as i write these lines
that give me guilt
for watching in peace
as they die strange deaths

I know i can help
and so i must
for destinies are buried
in tombs unmarked
for no one can tell
the dreams that lie there

some miss and miss
and never return
yet they flush our eyes
with economy sheets
to kill our hearts that pleads for peace
and leave these souls
to suffer till doom

we believe in you
Oh! creator divine
look at our case
and seal their lips
for help we want
and peace bring forth
as in a matter of days
we might be sold

I know their fate
may become mine
if i shut my lips
and gather more wealth
for so we have lived
forgetting their pain
these brethren in need
that we really don’t see

*will your choice bring peace?
or many more deaths

One thought on “Their Fate May Be Mine” by kay (@kaymillion)

  1. @KAYMILLION. Excellent piece. I hope our choices bring peace.

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