The Dreams in My Dream

The Dreams in My Dream

my dreams,

live within my dream.

there they will stay,

safely hidden,

from the snatchers,

the thieves and killers.

who lost in envy and jealousy,

delight in their wicked ways.

my dreams sleep in my dream,

dreaming in my dream.

never to become nightmares.

so don’t wake them up.

I travel with my sleep,

to join the dreams in my dream.

I want to live with my dreams,

in my dream.

hand in hand explore my dream.

to find a place there

to love and live together for eternity.

4 thoughts on “The Dreams in My Dream” by Mamman Saba Mustapha (@danjuma)

  1. good work. very easy to read. but we must live and pursue our dreams despite the snatchers. We owe it to ourselves to live as fully as we can. Cheers

  2. @Folakemi. Thank you. Yes we must never let go of our dreams, in the end after going through all the hurdles we will appreciate our dreams that come true better than if they had come easy.

  3. No matter what may come our way,we must keep our dreams alive,build a shield round them against intruders that kill dreams.nice poem with good insights

  4. @HIMALONE. Thank you, yes our dreams are worth holding on to no matter what happens.

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