I had little choice. I just had to accept my fate. I was going to spend my first few weeks in Enugu with Mr. Darlington Agbo; dad’s childhood friend. It was now my own time within the school curriculum for the compulsory Industrial Training popularly known to students as IT. After extensive search for a proper firm that will offer me both the needed experience and financial assistance, myself and dad settled for one pretty decent firm in Enugu. They offer technical services to telecom companies and that defined my field every bit, but what didn’t do quite that, was the location; Enugu. We had nobody there and would mean I would have to settle in faster than usual; which can be utterly difficult. The search was on, for any kind of friend who knew a friend that knew a friend that stays in Enugu but the result was always the same; none. We almost then settled on finding an apartment first hand when suddenly dad bumped into Darlington at the recently concluded trade fair after what seemed close to ten years. They had lost any form of contact.  Darlington, who we used to know as Uncle D as kids, had moved to the east after getting married and that literally severed ties with my dad. Dad quickly got into conversation with him which led to his asking about myself. “He is a grown man now” dad must have said, “looking to move to Enugu for his IT”. This stirred Uncle D’s interest the more and before the conversation was over, he fully knew I was still in need of an apartment and being currently based in Enugu, offered to assist us in accommodating me while the search lasted. The arrangements were soon fixed and I was set to make the trip. His apartment was not the nearest of places to the firm in question but who cares at this point? At least I could afford to enjoy the use of some decent apartment or so I thought, until I could find myself one that will serve me for the remainder of the six months I was scheduled to spend.

It was in September that I eventually took off for Enugu. Of course, as the start of the story suggests, I was not very keen about this. Reason being that I had always disliked seeming to be some kind of source of discomfort to a family even though the family had been the ones who sent the invite in this case. There was also the case with my girlfriend too. We had broken up but I was still currently hoping on getting back into the relationship. She had caused me to wish I never dated her but somewhere in my heart, I still missed her and really wanted her back but I was never going to make the first move. She had hurt me and must show some kind of remorse towards her act. This was looking ever more difficult now, considering that I would not even have the privilege of using my presence to stir this into happening. However, all of these were eventually dropped back home as I journeyed to the east. It was a Sunday and I arrived towards evening. My journey had appeared less stressful than I had envisaged. They were all at home or so I thought, judging by how full the house was; and they easily received me. Their apartment was cozy and nicely furnished. It was going to be hard to miss home in such a comfortable environment. A movie was playing and just after the early expected enquiries about my trip, my people and whether I had been to the state before, of which I gave a firm no, I quickly settled to see the movie with them while eating the plate of Sunday rice they had served me. It was also a good time to take a more withdrawn but closer look at the family. Uncle D of whom I had always felt was a talkative was as expected, on top of his voice, analyzing every single scene that played before them. Despite being in his mid-thirties, he still had this trait. I would always think it is the only rather ill habit he had as he was generally a decent man. Tall and well built with a look most girls will still die for. The others seemed to find him comfortable despite his many analysis, and his excessive talking only made the time fun. Sitting next to him was girl of about twenty. She was beautiful and I easily passed her for his  daughter but was not sure how that was possible, given that she was fair in complexion while D was dark. She also spotted a nose that was unlikely to come from D or his wife. I did not know much about his family before now so could not tell how right I was. Another girl who also looked like the first sat close to her. Beautiful too and I easily noticed how she stole quick glances at me. I was not flattered, I had experienced that all my life being the natural looker I was. This continued as long as I knew but I felt it was too early to begin making any advances towards any ladies now, given my mission in Enugu. Uncle D’s wife was the only one sitting directly opposite me. Looking obviously beautiful and younger than D you could tell she just got into her thirties. She had what seemed a firm body and her curves were perfectly at the right places. Even though she was yet to stand since I walked in, I could tell from her sitting position that she was just few inches shy of six feet. However, she had been quiet all along apart from the period when I arrived during which she asked me of my trip and ordered one of the girls to get me something to eat. Since then she had bore a rather indifferent look. She sat quite conservatively with both legs kept together. Even though she had her eyes fixed on the TV, I still did not think she was overly interested in what was playing before her. “Does she really like my coming here?” I remembered asking myself coming off what I interpreted to be a worried look on her face. I was not going to give any damn thought to that, after all, they placed the invite. In a month or less, I should be out of there anyway. There was also a guy in their midst who I easily felt to be either the houseboy or the driver judging from how he sat and where.


The day gradually rolled by and soon enough, I was already making my bed for the night. I had been shown one of the bedrooms and was told it was for one of D’s daughters who was in school. The girls I saw earlier where actually their nieces who visited. They had two daughters and both were all in school. “Mind how you use the bed” Mrs. D who I later learnt was Onyinye by name, said to me as I stepped into the bedroom “the supporting wood is failing”. This might be the truth, but the manner with which she said it, made me sense that feeling of dislike once again. She did not want me in their home. It was obviously bare this time. My only question was, how much of this would I bear until I found my own apartment?


She was at the kitchen the next morning when I got out of bed. I had slept too much that morning for no particular reason I could muster. Uncle D had left and so was the dude I thought was the houseboy. Myself and Onyinye were the ones left at home. It seemed that she was a full housewife or probably got out of a job recently. As I stepped into the kitchen, I was a bit taken aback. She was chopping some onions on the kitchen counter for a fry and so was backing the door. She was putting on a short and a very skimpy one. Of course it was her home and it could easily be explained since she just got out of bed but that cannot cover for the fact that it totally tells how naked she was underneath. It held so firmly to her buttock’s cheeks which were so very round and pronounced. Her hips jiggled and swayed the same time as she chopped the onions, poured them into her fry and stirred them. I was completely taken. “I didn’t know you were up” she stunned me! I had been caught staring and I could not place a cover on this one. “Ehhmm…yea. I just walked in. Good morning” I fluffed back. She had turned now and was making it to the sink at the other corner of the kitchen giving me a clearer but also very impressive view of her boobs! This woman was beautiful, I had to say and she had a body to kill. The camisole top she had over her upper half was crimson red and silky but that does not tell that it dropped rather low giving viewership to the deepest cleavage I had ever seen! I made for the fridge, picked a bottle of water and walked away. I must not tell too much that I was feeling good about what I was seeing. This woman had not shown any reason for me to think she likes my being here so I must not also begin placing another burden on her by making her think I am being a significant threat to her faithfulness to her husband. I opted to remain low.


The day crawled by. I was seriously bored. I had used up all the charge on my laptop and seriously needed something to while away time with. Onyinye was appearing more and more to be the introvert. She hardly had said a word to me after the incident in the kitchen. She had served me breakfast and lunch and had told me to come and eat on both occasions and that was the much I had heard from her. I was only taking consolation from the fact that I had little time to spend in their apartment. Not long after Uncle D soon returned home. I had learnt now that he was a businessman who dealt on building materials and the guy I have been seeing around was his sales boy. He was almost my age and had been friendly so far. After exchanging pleasantries and getting to know how our days went, Uncle D quickly went for the TV. I was also beginning to see it was popular past time around here. Not long after, Onyinye who had been staying at the bedroom all along, served him dinner and found a place beside him. She had changed cloths. She was now wearing what seemed to be an old shirt over a suede skirt. She easily started a conversation with him and at some point even involved me! “Bitch!!” I swore to myself, “she had purposely stayed off me all day. She really could talk when she wanted”. I tried not to show any willingness to flow with the conversation but it was really hard to pull off. In fact, I had to laugh after a particularly funny comment from her. She was really in total control here and I could do so little about it. She maintained eye contact and gesticulated good enough to explain herself. But just as the conversation looked to get deeper, I saw something very unusual and I froze! Right before me; at the very particular spot where she sat on the day of my arrival; her legs were parted and weirdly spread; slightly angled towards me with her skirt ridden up to her mid-thigh! She was presenting me an upskirt! I had to quickly pull away my eyes, reassess the situation to reassure myself that this was reality and not a dream. We were three in the living room with her husband inclusive and from her sitting manner yesterday, it was obvious she could not possibly be the same person with her legs so casually parted that way. This was not possible! I returned my gaze but not to that previous spot but to her face and there she was looking at me in the face, telling her story of which I was not following anymore and maintaining a radiant smile. I had to be sure it was a mistake on her own part and had to stare again at the parted legs certain she would trace and follow my stare as I did. And yes they were still parted and in fact more revealing. I could now see her inner thighs and the various ridges that formed its roundness. I was scared her husband would see this and was even more scared he would catch me watching too. I stood and walked away into the kitchen. Right there, I had a glass of water and gave my dick a little pressure to counter the slight sensations I was already seriously receiving. When I felt I had recomposed myself, I walked back into the living room. Uncle D had finished eating and she was packing up his plates as I walked in. “I was not going to see those scenes anymore” I thought to myself. Really felt sad about it. Uncle D was speaking of using the toilet which told me he was thoroughly satisfied. I moved my attention back to the TV now but that was not for long as Onyinye stepped out again into the living room. I would hardly not think of her presence now after what happened earlier. She made for her seat and as we kept on with the TV she soon continued with her talk but now directed towards me. It revolved more around the talent hunt playing out on TV and I was now convinced this woman knew exactly what she was doing. This was the same lady who had avoided me all day when we were actually the only ones together but has entirely thrown herself open now the hubby was at home. I needed to tread carefully.


However, the experience in the following hours of that same night was not any different. As the night progressed, she appeared more and more ruthless with the act. In fact, at some point, she so much parted her legs that I could easily see the outline of her puffy pussy on her white doted panties!! I was taken and I so much knew that she was aware I was watching and possibly encouraged it!! This was totally killing and scary too. What if Uncle D finds out? What will he call it? Careless sitting posture? I could not just tell how this would be handled and can swear that if not for the very position of the TV which was at the left side of the living room, he would have caught her or would I say us? This was sweat but as well bitter. I could not help it any further and on three occasions, I had to find my way to the bathroom which was the safest place at the moment to beat my dick freakishly.


It was now three days into my visit. I was being gradually absolved into the Agbo family. Onyinye hadn’t fully changed but she would pick up a chat now and then. Her case looked like that of a little girl who liked to have a particular person as a new friend, but just did not know how to approach her. I still sensed that usual resent from her about my stay but I could hardly accept it to mean that anymore judging from the lewd advances she has been making. Of course the upskirt incidents were still happening; same time, same manner and if it was not the definition of seduction, what would you call it? Our times during the day had been roughly the same except for the fact that she stays in the living room mostly now but not seated with legs spread like pliers, instead always lying on the rug. This left me with little to see even though I still had decent flashes of the deepest parts of her thigh. It was on this third day that I was treated to a change. Uncle D was home for some reasons I could not tell. He was at the living room flipping through some sales documents. The TV was mysteriously turned off this time and Onyinye was at the kitchen. I had bn busy with my laptop as I prepared for my new roles at the firm, I had just few more days to sit out at home. Just then she called out. “Won’t you come over and assist me, Danny?” she said peeping through the elaborate shelf placed between the living room and the dining room. I was shocked to say the least. She was asking for my help for the first time since I visited and she had done so while calling my name and in a pet form too. Simply different. “Sure, I will” I managed to say as I closed the lid of my laptop, and walked towards her. “You wouldn’t let an old mother do all the work, would you?” she further asked as she gradually walked back to the kitchen. I was now torn between curiosity and shame. She wouldn’t be calling herself old to instigate a response from me or would she? I was also worried about my seeming negligence. Courtesy demanded that I assisted her with chores even though I had no idea what she was busy with in the Kitchen. “did not know you were real busy in here”, I feigned. She was doing some tumblers. Guess they were expecting some guests or something. I was not sure. I picked up one and soon after, I was lost in the washing. “You haven’t been going out since you came. Got no friends here?” was what followed after what seemed a very long silence between us. “Yea. Do not know anybody here,” I replied. “What about you? I mean, you have been staying home too”. “I am on leave. Have another three weeks to go”, she explained. This led to series of other questions and soon we were having a good chat. I had finished with the tumblers I had and was trying to get more of them from the lower cupboard under the kitchen counter when my ass brushed against her side! I did not see it coming even though I had backed her and bent over towards the cupboard. “Take your time Danny. You want to send me to the hospital, right?” I heard her say. “Am sorry ma! Did not mean to”  I quickly said as I tried standing straight again. However, while doing so, I cannot really explain if she stepped closer because I only ended up bumping my ass against her sides again and this time she slapped my ass hard! “Danny?!” she screamed but lightly! Not knowing what was actually playing out here, I immediately apologized again but without forgetting the mixed feeling of sheer pleasure and pain that built up within me. We were becoming good friends. Friends on all fronts; if she could now smack my hard butt then we are almost home! I straightened up only to meet her eyes staring at me. I made a funny face. “what again? I just said sorry, didn’t I?” I asked while trying hard to stifle the obvious grin on my face. “And you are still making fun of it right?” she continued while swinging her arms again towards me. I had the option of docking the eventual blow and would also have done so perfectly but I wanted her to hit me. In fact I wanted her to keep doing so as much as she wanted. It was a dream come true! Her right hand got me at the side of my buttocks again and she did not even try stopping as she went for it a couple of times again. “Ouch!” I yelled, “that hurts!”. I felt Uncle D heard that and I sensed how she recoiled at once in anticipation of her husband’s enquiries but after a few minutes we still could not hear him. “How can it hurt when you were doing the same to me?” she said first. “I dint mean to hurt you. It was an accident” I followed. My dick was breathing hard now and the fabric of my bum short was not helping matters. “Accident? when you almost tore my ass apart?” fell off her lips. “Did she just say that?” I questioned my thoughts “did she just say ass? tearing her ass? How I would love to really insert this hard tool into her ass and tear”. She was visibly aroused and I could sense it. She was sending the proper signals. She wants me to acknowledge she was a bad girl. “My ass still hurts” I wickedly said. She had to know I got the message. “Your butt is so hard. How could you ever feel pain there?” she asked again and with absolute sultry. “Hit my ass and see that I wouldn’t feel a thing”. Huh? I should do what? Hit her ass? Now I got taken again for the umpteenth time in three days! “You will bleed if I do” I said to her getting closer to her and with a face that suggested sex! “let’s see how you can pull that off” she replied turning her ass towards me and even raising her silky gown a little towards her hip. I was left with the most protruded ass in the world and with a view of her mid thigh. I smiled at her as I got even closer but she did not even act like she noticed my smile. I lifted my right hand to smack. I was keen to do so but I must also take advantage of my first contact with the body of this awesome woman. I dropped my hand unto her ass and gave her a good smack! She let out something like a little moan of which she reacted to by turning her face to me. “You act like my butt is hot fire. I cannot feel any pain” She said. I was challenged and immediately hit her again, filling the kitchen with the sound of flesh against flesh! “I did not ask you to try again” she said making a frown and looking at me. I hit her the third time, totally ignoring her comment. I even left my hand or her right ass cheek after doing so. “Your hands are not matured yet” she said with sheer mockery in her voice. I was insulted and challenged at the same time. “Are you sure?” I asked getting ever closer to her, rubbing her ass and making round circles with her night gown. She was totally naked underneath and I could easily tell the crack of her ass. “They need to eat more bones” she said followed by a sudden chuckle. She was loving the session definitely and I was ready to drive her fun home. “Really?” I asked again while burying my fingers through the thin material of her gown into the crack of her ass. Not a word from her. She just picked up more cups and began washing even with the fingers of my left hand completely swallowed by her ass cheeks and was almost feeling her skin directly, save for the thin fabric she wore. “You have not answered me?”, I enquired. “Show me how wrong I am” was what I got as a reply. I was completely out of my mind now!! I knew I was not thinking anymore. Uncle D or no uncle D I had to have a taste of this woman. My dick had dropped from the openings meant for my legs in my bum shorts and was pointing down in full steel! If not for my boxer shorts, she could have seen it. I was madly awaken and would not mind fucking her right there; right at that time. I pushed my hand deeper seeking both her asshole and her pussy lips but as I almost came in contact with the swell of her hind crotch, she wriggled free and headed for the door swinging and wriggling her hips violently as she walked away. “Finish up those last three tumblers; I have done the rest. And thanks for your assist” she concluded. “Okay ma. You are welcome” I followed while bringing my fingers to my nose to sniff off any little I had left. Uncle D must  not be made to draw conclusions, I understood.


The house was very full by evening. We had a lot of guests. Uncle D was just made the new chairman of the trade union to the place where he sold his wares. That was what they were preparing for all along. I was later told that they did not intended to serve cooked food but just drinks and drilled meat which they later left to take care of. The two girls from the day of my arrival were back today but not alone this time. They came with their parents. Uncle D was a brother to their mum. It was looking to be a very busy afternoon and I had to assist in getting things going. Onyinye had been ever normal after the incident at the kitchen and nothing showed I had touched her in the manner I did. She had even sent me on a few errands herself and on most occasions maintaining eye contact. She was an absolute mystery to me. It was a whole new situation for me being used to finding girls as utterly predictable. I still looked forward to seeing more of these escapades between us but I was once more becoming too scared to initiate the move. She was making things sweet and also terribly scary. All I could do now was continuously beat my stick countless times a day while fantasizing additional scenes that could have possibly followed the ones I have witness but those would never be enough. I needed to fuck Onyinye and my continuously lessened wariness for being caught by Uncle D was only adding coal to the burning fire.


As the guests began saying their goodbyes and walking out of the door, Onyinye instructed me to begin packing up the cups. once again, she was exhibiting complete freedom with me. I did as instructed and headed for the bedroom with the remnants of served drinks. I hardly had had any reasons to step into their bedrooms although that was majorly the case with Onyinye. I had to drop the drinks and that had to be in her bedroom until she was free enough to find a more appropriate place for them. Of course no one was there as all other persons were at the living room assisting the guests. I found a free corner just in front of her standing giant mirror and bent over to drop them but just then, I received a hard slap against my butt! I was so shocked by the incident that I practically jumped out of my skin and almost dropped one of the bottles I had. Then came this hysterical laughter from Onyinye! She was the one who slapped my ass again for as many times that same day. I quickly recomposed myself even though I was aware that she must have sensed my earlier unease. “Fright night” she muttered trying to turn away and head out of the room but I caught up with her and grabbed her ass cheeks again. This time giving her a very firm squeeze! She wriggled her body in a feigned attempt to break loose while holding unto my strong arms. I pushed her closer to my groin while pushing my now burning dick against her bubble ass. They felt so soft and warm against my clothed dick. “You are ruffling me up. The guests are still here. My dress must not be rumpled” was all she said as I reluctantly let her go. I was still fighting to utter a word. I needed to ask her when it shall be. When she would let me get in-between those fleshy cheeks of hers. I needed to ask her but I lacked the courage. I always felt defeated by the age difference. It seemed she would always have to make the first move!


Later that night, I stayed up so late. I kept playing several scenes in my head. I could not figure out what exactly follows from here. No one would claim she is not up to something, but she has not given the express invite to think I should now step up my game. What if all she was interested in doing was having us (or just me) touch ourselves (or her)? What if she just loved the game of seduction? Getting men to the point of ultimate arousal until their cocks practically burst free with cum! What if that was her game? Who was I to bring in a new game plan. She was the mistress here and not giving out a direct invite to me to fuck her silly meant I was only going to keep on with my many assumptions. And there was Uncle D who has been completely in the dark about all this. If he ever found out, I wonder whose cup of tea it would eventually be. I had so many thoughts and questions going through my head and I slept off without having answers to any.


The following few days were seriously occupied for everybody. Onyinye suddenly began going out every morning to either see friends or complete a given task. I also had a reason to spend the day at Uncle D’s shop on one occasion  meaning we hardly had any time together anymore coupled with my resumed search for my own apartment. It remained that way until the following weekend. Uncle D’s nieces visited for the third time now since my visit. It had already started looking like I would not be left alone with Onyinye even though she had told me she wouldn’t be leaving home on this particular day. I kept wondering if these girls had nothing meaningful to do with their lives. It was looking very obvious that they just loved visiting Uncle D’s family and would do so in the slightest of opportunities. Not long after their visit I quickly got along with them. Power had been terminated by PHCN earlier in the day so we had no TV to get ourselves occupied with. It was now a case of helping each other fight boredom. And even though I had some laundry to do, I just had to give them some time. We began talking for the first time since I started seeing them come visiting. The eldest was Kelechi by name while the other was Anna. They were really nice girls but overly suggestive. Always throwing sexual insinuations at me. I tried my best not to take them in as I was very sure that anything that suddenly developed between myself and these girls at this point will be easily interpreted by Onyinye. Moreover she was just at the lobby doing some washing. She could not use the washing machine because of the absence of power. And to confirm my assumptions that she had an ear on our discussion, she soon called me. I permitted myself and left the living room. She was bent over the plastic bucket that contained the cloths she was washing. I could not see her ass but I wished I could. Needless to say that I would have given her a good smack! it has become our dirty little game. She had that same shorts she wore the first day she caught me looking at her ass at the kitchen and it gripped every skin of her ass cheeks. But she wore a different top this time. A tank top that allowed me a glorious view of her sprawling boobs. I stood before her but she did not bother standing straight. “Please scratch my back for me”, she began at once, “my hands are soapy”. I knew her hands were soapy but I doubted this was going to be as normal as the world would want it. “Com’on Danny”, I heard her plead again. I came closer and stretched my right hand while standing beside her and began to scratch her back through the fabric of her tank top. She made movements with her back in a bid to bring the appropriate place to my attention of which I tried reacting to accordingly. However this continued longer than I expected and soon she was saying I was not scratching the right place. I had to ask her to say where exactly she wanted me to scratch. “Towards my hip” was the reply I got. “Hip?” I muttered inaudibly. Thought she said her back earlier? How come we are travelling down now? I felt the stir below and my dick began gaining steel slightly. Our little game was back but what about Kelechi and Anna? What if they stroll into the lobby? However, I was too occupied to think now so I continued scratching Onyinye’s hip. As I did so, she asked me to go further down. This meant I should literally get hold of the band of her shorts. However, I went further down, purposely lifting her tank top a bit and exposing the skin of her back. She was beautiful there too. “Go down further. It seems its travelling down” she had stopped washing but just held one hand with the other while resting her elbows on her knees. I could smell the heightened sexual tension between us in the air and I swear I smelled her scent. She was wet!! I lost control again and let my hand travel down her ass globes. We both knew I had stopped scratching centuries ago and was now completely caressing her. But she wanted it taken further down as she feels it travelling. I had no idea what was making the journey.


I gripped her left ass cheek and gave it a real grab. She was now very turned on! I could easily smell her juices! So musky and intoxicating. The sheer material of her shorts made it almost easy to feel her wetness. I gradually travelled to her crack and freed my second hand to grab the other cheek. I was running crazy. She was just giving out slight moans while attempting to grind her hips into my grip. We were both enjoying this and only had one prayer; Kelechi and Anna. I was now standing directly behind her and felt this was just the right time to get this business started. I changed tactics and through the legs of her shorts, slid both my hands into the nakedness of her two globes! She gave a quick gasp and tried raising herself a bit but I held unto her naked buttocks. They were so fucking soft and I endlessly played with them.  Her juices were running like fresh water from rocks as they met my knuckles which reminded me that she has got a pussy too. I gladly directed both my thumbs to them and easily slid them into her. Oh my!! She was as drenched as the cloths she was washing. It felt so slippery in there and I soon got lost in a blur of constant movements in and out the honeypot with both my thumbs. She was almost audibly screaming and at a particular point had to call out my name loudly as I felt her g-spot while directing them below. We both stood still, straining our ears to try hearing any reactions from the other persons that kept us company. When we could not hear sounds from them, I resumed work but with one hand as I brought out my left hand, brought it to my mouth, licked it clean and located my dick. It was now too much to bear so I had to counter the sensation that had made my dick swell so much to the point that it hurts. We both had found a rhythm now. I had about three fingers buried in her burning velvet pussy through the legs of her shorts that had travelled unevenly up into her hip while she endlessly ground and crushed her hip against those fingers. I was in turn stroking my dick through the material of my shorts and even though I expected her to assist me, did not bother to make the plea. She was burning like wild fire. She had almost made it up now and had her left arm crossed over my neck while I gave her support by standing directly behind her. “Oh Danny” she purred. This drove me further the edge and I quickly released myself from her tangle, dropped low and pulled her shorts towards her thighs. She quickly held unto it half way down her round buttocks; she was conscious of her nieces; even though I could still clearly see her puffy pussy lips. They were so swollen and dark. Shaven but with lots of brisk hair. Her smell was so arousing and her pussy juice were all over the place. I had made this woman’s day, I thought. I quickly buried my entire face into the little space made and directed my tongue to her muff. She moaned again but tried getting away from me, I held her strongly even though it was looking a failing battle considering my posture. She succeeded in tearing away her ass from my already marauding tongue and when I tried making additional advances, she called out at the two girls at the living room. I had to let go. I felt totally confused and unsatisfied, or would I say cheated. I just smelled the most alluring pussy I had ever known and had even got its juices all over my face and fingers but was not allowed to taste it. “She is cruel!” was all I could say. My dick was still hard and needed attention. The girls had not responded to her call but she had pulled her shorts up. A good section of the cloth had her pussy juice all over it. She was really the type that easily had their juices flowing and that turned me on the more. I tried coming closer to her, not to lay a hand but to ask her why she pulled away, but she began making it into the living room. I ignored her, got into the toilet to wank off the several gob of cum load I had packed up in my balls. It was not until I made it back into the living room that I found out that the two girls had actually slept off on the couch. We were never been watched after all. But it was already too late to begin our roles afresh. I thought I had lost interest.


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