Who is She

Who is She

Every morning, i wake and see her posture on my calender,

hung right in front of my old shaky wardrobe.

i smile, at times i giggle too.

If my pillow had a mouth, It would have cursed me

due to the fact that it would always get a squeeze

every morning lying on my chest.

Then i wondered which planet she might have come from.

Did she fall from heaven.

6 thoughts on “Who is She” by olumide (@Amoduolumide)

  1. Nice… But I don’t think this qualifies as a poem.. Don’t fantasize too much and do too little… Find out who tha’ hell that girl is.

  2. hmmm….thank you so much.am actually a science student.it just came into my head and i decide to write it down.i actually posted it because i want to feel among and want to know what people think about it and also would love to learn more.mr kay, thanks so much for taking your time to comment.i didnt even know it was categoriesed as a poem.

  3. i actually heard about this forum on radio(smooth fm in lagos).

  4. short and when i was getting ready to enjoy it, it ended.

  5. I like it alot lol. Brief and I get the point. Is it a poem? I think so buy it seems like a snippet or flash. Not sure

  6. Yaaay. I’m glad you posted something. Now, if you really want to take this forward, I advice that you turn this shirt poem into a short story. Continue from where you stopped and just keep writing. Read other works here to guide you. After then, repost it. Then, we can fully aid you in perfecting it.

    Thanks for joining us.

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