Stolen Innocence

Child by the stream
Hands on clay calabash
Fetching water for the next day
Plastic slippers soaked
Eyes innocent seeing
Mother calling for presence
Huts all joined
forming strength
A circle,
Fire and warmth
Food and night tales
Hear the owls hoot
Lions roar miles away

A star rotating, the child looks
Beautiful heaven, the child sings
Beautiful life, they all sing
Not seeing that the star has moved
In a blink, death appears
Wings and fangs included
Fast approaching
Racing down

Girl, boy, child
Run fast
Girl, boy, child
Run fast

For, a drone beckons
Belly full with hungry demons
Watch as they come
Beeps from hell
Programmed by men
Death stars falling down
Bone souls flying up
A fire in full
Hell has arrived
Burning all in plain sight

Souls by the stream flowing red
All glittering with pain
Showing all
the greed of human beings

10 thoughts on “Stolen Innocence” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. @WORDSFROMUYI. touching, this poem just took my mind to boko haram and the havoc they are wrecking on innocent children.

    1. @danjummai put Buhari in the seat, there. problem solved

      1. @danjuma put Buhari in the seat, there. problem solved

  2. Me too danjuma

  3. I felt this…nice Write…

    1. @kay0496 thanks for reading.

    1. @danjuma not really, but Pres. Goodluck’s lacks the authoritative nature of a leader.

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