“Emeka you’re still keeping this wood as a wife .”

“Mama please, i don’t like this.”

“You don’t like what Emeka? I am your mother, and i want the best for you.”

“Its God that giveth a child mama.” Emeka said softly.

“For how long will i wait to see my grand child? ” Anger snap her words. “For good seven years Emeka.” She turned her gaze toward me. “You good for nothing wife, leave my son alone.”

My face was filled with tears as watched my mother in law walking out of the living room. Emeka stared at me silently, and settled beside me. “I’m really sorry sweetie.” He drew in a deep breath. “Please sweetie, please.”

“It wasn’t her fault.” I rolled my gaze toward the wall. “I couldn’t give her a grandchild.”

“It’s ok sweetie.”

Emeka and i have been married for seven years living happily even without a child. We’ve tried all we could, going from one pastor to another, all we got was an empty promises.

A friend of mine once told me about an herbalist. She said the man’s power is undisputed. Going to an herbalist was the last thing on my mind. Do i really have a choice? The fear of losing my husband to another woman grips my heart. I summoned courage, and decided to go with Lara.

“You’ve been quiet.” Lara sighed. “Are you sure you want….”

“I’m fine.” I gave Lara a weak smile.

Lara studied my face for few seconds. “Ok o.” She leaned back on her chair, of a Toyota bus talking us to Abeokuta.

As the bus rolled to a stop, i stretched my body, cramped from the long journey.

“Let’s take a bike.” Lara said sharply. “This way.”

The shrine was located in a very small quiet village. It took us another 45 minutes from the main town to the village.

“How did you get to know this place?”

“A friend.” Lara paused, as if choosing the right words. “A friend brought me here when i got poisoned.”

“poisoned? ” My eyes widened. “When?”

Lara sucked in a deep breath. “It’s a long story.” She sighed. “Last year news.” A soft smile played about Lara’s lips.

“We are close, the next house.” Lara pointed toward the shrine.

The compound was quiet. Lara glance around. “Good afternoon.” Lara knocked. “Is anyone home?”

“You may enter.” A sharp order came from inside.

Lara pushed open a wooded door. “Baba it’s me Lara.”

The herbalist was sitting down backing the entrance of the shrine. He turned toward us. “Ahhh! Lara omo mi.” He pulled himself to his feet. “Please do seat down.”

“Baba, this is my friend i told you about.” Lara said with a soft smile.

The herbalist brows drew together thought fully. “Oh! Welcome my daughter.” He said with a cracked voice and cleared his throat. “Put your mind at rest. As long as you’re able to make it here, you will bear a child.”

“Thank you baba.” i said with a smile.

The herbalist advance into a small room. Within minutes he came back, and sat down opposite us.

“What is your name.”

“Nkechi.” I said in quick reply.

He turned his gaze toward the white cloth.”Ifa olokun aso oro dayo.” He threw some cowries on the white cloth after saying some incantation, and stared at me silently for a moment. “Show me your left hand.”

I stretch forward my left hand. He studied it for some minutes, and laughed, a hard, unpleasant sound. “You will bear a child. He stared at me straight in eyes. “But she will die.” He eyes darkened.

“Die? ” My gaze slide to Lara. “I don’t understand.” Fear shadow my voice.

“Someone will have to die, for you to bear a child.” He pulled himself up. “That’s the only way.”

“Baba please, open it to us. We don’t understand.” Lara pleaded.

He turned his gaze toward me, and studied my face for a moment. “Your mother in law was the reason why you could not bear a child.” The words exploded from him.

“My what? ” I swallowed hard. “Did you just say my mother in law?” I turned my gaze to Lara. “Did you hear that?”

Lara drew in a deep breath. “This is unbelievable.” She shook her head. ” What a wicked world.”

“Baba please help me.” My voice trembled.

The herbalist stared at me for a moment. “Relax your mind young woman.” He cleared his throat. “You will bear a child. But what must be done,  must be done.”

He brought out a small calabash filled with black soap. “Take this.” His tone soften. “You will have to bath with the soap inside the calabash for seven days. Each day at midnight.”







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