The Irony Of Change

My recent voyage through Lagos birthed this piece. Quite
apart from the fact that this piece is timely because elections
are near, i moreso believe it is polemical because it critiques
some political idiosyncrasies. It is truism to say that the
polity is getting heated up on quotidian basis as the day of
francise is about a month away. I should say that the
conducts of politicians show that politics on this side of the
Atlantic is still neanderthal. I see alot of inanity and absurdity
in the gimmicks of our politicos.
An example is what a senetorial candidate said in a T.V
interview 4 years ago. He said that he would dole out money
to his constituents should they vote for him in the 2011
general elections. I really was irked by such an utterance
because a paliamentarian is primarily elected to enact laws
and not to engage in philantropy. Doing that will make him
grossly guilty of dereliction of duties and moreso, no sane
government – no matter the arm – helps his people by
engaging in philantropy rather, it puts in place structures
that will better the standard of living of his people.
My journey through Lagos some days ago was pretty much
disappointing i should say in a rare moment of candour. My
disappointment started when I saw an APC poster pasted on
the two sides of a BRT bus showing grinning primary school
children wielding plates of rice. Its caption read something
like ‘free breakfast for primary school children. Vote change
vote APC.’ Questions were raised on my mind when i read it.
I wondered whether the parents of these children ever
bellyached that they can’t feed their children. I also
pondered whether the APC has plans of feeding them during
the holidays! Say i’m a parent, am i to vote for APC just
because of its plan of free meals for primary pupils? It
cannot be gainsaid that the Nigerian education needs a
wholesome overhaul. Free foods for pupils is really
lugubrious. I want to be told of plans to make the Nigerian
eduction one of the best in the world. I want to be told of
plans to euip our schools with
state-of-the-earth equipment. I want to be told of plans to
sieve out inept teachers through in-service trainings.
Another anomaly i observed in Lagos is the ‘parole’ the Lagos
state government has mercifully granted to okada riders.
Recall the embargo the Fashola administration placed on
okada riding on major thoroughfares in the state. He
defended the embargo by telling Lagosians some months
after that death rate had drastically reduced all thanks to the embargo.
Good as his defence may have seemed, lifting the ban is
suggestive of Fashola saying that death rate can now
increase again. The rationale for this is perceptible even to
the sightless. He obviously did it to propitiate angry okada
riders just so they get to vote for APC. How pro tean
politicians can be!
Recall also he once banned the pasting of posters in Lagos
but, today, APC posters are ubiquitous in Lagos.
The suppossed mandate of APC is change but it looks APC
needs to change itself before it can bring about the said

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  1. I am fully convinced that the one and only problem with the Nigerian state is the political games of power our ‘leaders’ are playing so seriously. It appears they’ve forgotten what leadership is all about.

  2. nice one my dear… i love it… we need to have a deal but before then add me first.

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