House Wey You Fit Drive

House Wey You Fit Drive

Yes oo! I been enter for one of dos kind house for summer! Me and my babe plan dis trip from Texas to Indiana. So we decide to rent dis house-RV (recreational vehicle be wetin dem dey call am for here).

De one wey we rent get everytin inside. Ee get bed to sleep. Ee even get small kitchen wey you fit cook, and bathroom and toilet dey inside. Na small one bedroom flat wey ee dey like inside. De money wey I spend to hire dis tin no loss at all.

De day we start de journey, I put enough clean wata for de tank wey go supply wata for de kitchen sink and toilet. And den I check de tank wey go collect toilet, bathroom and kitchen sink dirty wata. Dis one na wetin you suppose do before you start ya waka.

And you suppose find out all de places wey you fit stop fetch clean wata and where you fit empty de dirty wata tank. Dem dey call dis kind of place RV park. Na for dis place wey you fit park and spend de night if you no wan continue to dey drive for night.

For me and my babe, we decide to stop for Walmart parking lot. We just want awa privacy. And we come get enough time to waka around de town wey we stop for sight seeing. We stop for Arkansas to attend one fair. We really enjoy the fair, and spend de whole day for dia. Den de next day wey we continue awa journey, we come decide to stop for two places for Kentucky- Louisville and Lexington. We get to drive round dis towns and see dem historical landmarks. Dis na de kind tins wey you no go get time to see if you just dey drive for ya moto across de state.

My babe wey come see as I dey enjoy de journey, come dey remind me how she don dey tell me since to do dis road trip with her with dis RV. And I no go lie you, I really enjoy my trip.

As we come reach Indiana, we spend some days for her bros place. When begin dey come back to Texas, we come decide to change awa route. For awa “return leg” we come decide to pass through Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

We stop to visit plenty fine fine places. And if no be for de RV wey we been dey drive, we no for fit go all dis places wey we go. De best tin about de RV na say you fit decide to stop anywhere and anytime wey you like, afterall you carry ya house for ya “back”. I encourage any person wey dey yankee or for country wey get RV rental to try take road trip for one of dis tins.

You no go regret ya time inside am. And dis RV dem get levels. Ee get some wey even get office space inside. Some get internet and cable TV inside. With de way ya money reach, you fit get de one wey get everytin wey normal self-contain house suppose get.

We decide to get de basic one wey we fit cook, sleep, baff and go toilet inside. We make sure say we inspect am well well before we rent am. You no wan rent one and den as you dey ya journey, you come discover say sometin no dey fine for ya RV. Dat one na very big inconvenience.

Now I come dey tink weda we fit get dis kind RV tin for Naija. Well first na to arrange for stations or parks wey people go need to fill up dem tank with clean wata and offload dirty wata. And den make we try arrange awa roads. Also, any company wey wan start dis business for Naija must get very good maintenance culture. All of una know how good we dey with maintenance……., so I no wan begin ova explain dat one. lol!!

Anyway sha, we really enjoy awa sef and we plan to do am again!!

2 thoughts on “House Wey You Fit Drive” by jay stan (@sacholem)

  1. Lol a Walmart stop is always necessary. But of course I have to be truthful here. I’m guessing your purpose for this write up was for us to read about your experience but I got nothing from it. It seemed like you were just writing a daily blog or maybe am the one who can’t seem to get that this was suppose to be a light piece.

    Anyway its good to know my pidgin English skill is still intact.

    1. I beg to differ, I learnt about an alternative way of sightseeing. I will certainly give it a try.

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