Dark fantasies (finale)

Emily had never imagined that her life would come to this, that she had to wash her dirty linens in public and share her problems with the whole world. All that was Jonathan’s fault.

Her whole life she had been in control of everything especially her emotions until she met Mark and things started spiraling out of control especially her emotions.

Growing up with both her parents as an only child was fun, they visited Nigeria very often and they stayed in their lekki mansion, it was during those visits that she and Chioma became friends, her mother’s people usually thought it was weird that their daughter married a white man but when the financial support rolled in they became best allies, her dad’s family despite their American root could not fully accept a black daughter in law that too from Nigeria, having schooled up to high school in the US she decided to leave home and went to the UK, that was when she visited Chioma and met Goke, a Nigerian schooling in London, she got involved with him but later she fell for Jonathan and left him, after Chioma’s internship she left for Nigeria.

Her mom had also relocated to Nigeria after her dad’s passing and was a shadow of herself. She struggled with Jonathan’s drinking and womanizing habit and believed her love for him will conquer his bad habbits which seemed to be on a remission, they came to Nigeria and were both fascinated by their traditional marriage and their white wedding was fixed, still Jonathan slipped into drugs and Emily threatened to leave him, on her insistence he got himself admitted to rehab.

A day to their wedding she discovered she was pregnant and couldn’t keep the news to herself and went to Jonathan’s hotel room to share the good news with him.

The sounds welcomed her fisrt and the sight of Jonathan and Chioma in the act shocked her, they were completely oblivious to the fact that she saw them, she retraced her steps, outside she caught her breath, no tears came to her eyes, she wasn’t surprised that Jonathan could do that, but Chioma was the last person she thought, and she kept telling herself there had to be an explanation. She headed back to her party that she ditched earlier.

The following morning she wore her gown, when Chioma came she questioned her she flustered, she used flowers as an excuse to get Chioma out.

She drove to the Church and saw their expression from a distance as they expected her, she saw Jonathan create chaos and how his mother held him like a baby while he cried. She went back to the US until her baby was born, she appeared at her mother’s doorstep with a month old baby, the following day she left for Abuja and went straight to Chioma with a mission to find out why she did what she did.

She lived with her with the grudge but still could not hate her, she later found Chioma’s journal which dated back to her high school days, she found she had actually been the one who had hurt her from the beginning, she learnt she had been in love with Jonathan from the start. She was hurt when Goke left her but she’d acted normal back then, she was also most hurt when Jonathan returned and fell for her, she had left England to escape the torture but then they had also gone back to Nigeria.

She also learnt the event of that night, she regretted betraying Emily but was not sorry for sleeping with Jonathan.

At last was about David, she knew Emily didn’t mean to hurt her and held no grudges against her but was reminded of old memories. She forgave Chioma and decided never to mention it, she had also decided to tell Mark about her past before Jonathan had shown up.



Her mother and Mark sat expectantly staring at her, Mark was holding her hands while her mother continuously shook her head in disbelief, Daniel was playing outside with Stella.

‘I can’t believe Your friend did that to you, am sure Jonathan deceived her or drugged her.’

‘No he didn’t.’

‘So all this while you kept this to yourself, why didn’t you confide in me.’

‘You were mourning dad, I couldn’t add to your problems.’

‘I’m so sorry dear, please forgive me, I couldn’t be there when you needed me.’

‘Its okay mom, you’re not to blame, no one is.’



Emily was seeing Chioma again since she left from Court.

‘So you knew all this while.’ Chioma asked, she was backing Emily, she couldn’t bear to face her.


‘I’m sorry, for what happened, I never intended to hurt you or any…….’

‘Its okay, I’m not angry at you or Jonathan anymore, he’s confused.’

‘Why did you come and live with me, when you knew.’

‘I wanted to know why and I got the answers from your journal, that flowery cartoon book.’

‘You read my journal? She asked finally facing Emily.

‘Yes I did and am sorry, right now I need your help.’

‘My help.’



‘I need you to testify in court against Jonathan.’

‘How? why?

‘You just have to agree to the claim that he tried to seduce you and that he’s promiscuous.’

‘Emily if you read my journal then you know how much I love him, how then do you expect me to testify against him?

‘Please you owe me.’

‘I owe you ? I left him for you.’

‘I know I hurt you severally but we both know I never did so intentionally, but what you did was intentional, you might not have planned it but you knew it could break us if I found out.’

‘I cant do it.’

‘Please I have to save my son, Jonathan doesn’t want him he just want to hurt me.’




Chioma made her way to the witness box and said what she had to say, she was talking but her mind was elsewhere.

The verdict was neither in favor of Jonathan nor Emily, the child was to stay where he was until they both settled their scores and got their priorities straight, non of them was to get custody until they got married respectively.

Emily was okay with the verdict, she went home with Mark, her mother had stayed back with Daniel who actually had no idea of what was going on.

‘Is he my daddy? He asked his grandma referring to Mark.

She had noticed all the changes in her daughter, she knew Mark was the reason, he wouldn’t be a bad son in law, besides he had supported her daughter all the way.

‘Yes.’ Ae said, ‘but you also have another daddy too.’

‘Why do I have two daddies and where is the other one.’

B’ecause you’re special and the other one will come later.’


Mark was on his phone with Dr Musa who told him that Faisal was getting married to Hajara finally and some updates about the hospital, including that Anita was back.

He was telling Emily when Daniel ran towards him and Mark scooped him up, he had showered him with so much love since he came that the boy had grown attached to him.

‘Are you going to be my daddy.’ He asked Mark.


Emily’s mom looked at them and smiled, she hoped that her daughter got it right this time.






Jonathan saw how devastated Chioma looked while testifying against him, he felt sorry that he had to put her in such position, he splashed water on his face and looked at his image in his bathroom mirror, he felt sorry for himself, he knew he had messed up big time, he absolutely had no idea that Emily knew about his night with Chioma, despite all at that his sympathy was with Chioma.

He opened his cabinet and brought out his drug stash and emptied all into the water system and flushed, he suddenly didn’t feel the urge to take them any longer, he had a new feeling in his heart, he wanted to be good. He knew his son will come back to him, at was inevitable but for that he needed to mend his ways.

He jumped into his car and drove to her place, she was sitting at the backyard on a swing, he imagined she had played on it as a child.

Emily had been her only family with her dad thousands of miles away suffering from Alzheimer’s, slowly he walked towards her and memories of their time spent together fell into place, she had always loved him, he knew now, and he had also loved her but never realised it, she turned and there was tears on her face.

He knew he could tolerate anything but the tears on her face.




16 thoughts on “Dark fantasies (finale)” by Amina Idris (@ameenaedrees)

  1. Okay. Its ended, but I got my eyes on dome errors and contributions.
    First, the story just drifted to just these characters: Emily, Chioma, Mark, and Johnathan. But what happened to Faisal? What happened to the girl who we tot was dead? What happened to the girl who he started to grow interest for? You ended the series without taking into account the other many characters that were present before at the start.

    Secondly, you had too many on going long sentences. For example when you were describing how Emily schooled in the US and met hioma and goke and so on, it wasn’t clear because of your us of commas and periods.

    Okay back to the series . The title says “Dark Fantasies but honestly, it didn’t ho along with the amazing storyline you have here. There was more of secret stuff going on. Like Dark Secrets instead joor.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the story. My favorite character was the side characters of Faisal and his girl drama.

    Amina, congratulations on completing another series!!!!!!! You have tried oh. This took like 3-4 months ba and it was a long series. You well well madam

    The end!

    1. I was scurd when I saw the length sisi, hmmm tnx for being the first to comment.
      For all the errors, am still learning, hoping to perfect the art soon.
      Faisal married Hajara, Dr musa informed Mark via a phone call about their marriage also about Anita’s return and Adayi is alive and safe in her village.
      Actually it took 5 months ohh, now that am done with this and Americanah, I can study for my upcoming exams.
      Thanks a lot @ufuomaotebele.

  2. This is your first work I’m reading and I’m impressed, it was surely an entertaining piece. more grease to your elbow ma’am.

    1. Owwww thanks @chistar01 :-) :-)

  3. well done Aisha. so Jonathan went back to pitiable Chioma. okay na.

    1. Thanks @rosey, the name is Amina :-( .
      Yes Jona saw the love in Chioma’s eyes, maybe he will change.
      Thank you for staying with us.

  4. Atlast! Friends with dark secrets. @ameenaedrees is one of the prolific writers I know on NaijaStories. Always looking forward to reading your stories, God bless your sense of thinking. @ufuomaotebele you really did justice to those errors spotted. I got confused too at the beginning by reading it thrice. lol! #thumbsUp

    1. @shovey nice to have you back, lost you along the line.
      Thanks for the lovely comment and for reading 3 times.
      A huge tnx to @ufuomaotebele too for spotting the errors, that will help in future.

  5. @ameenaedrees yes I did got lost around episode 13, but I caught up sha.

  6. I feel this was rushed. Like u just wanted it to end. But am happy fate smiled on Chioma at last.

  7. My bad, sorry for the rush. Tnx for reading and understanding Chioma’s feelings and situation.
    :-) :-) :-)

  8. am so sorry Amina. walahi i was talking to a colleague Aisha when i commented.

  9. This is good, Prof..I was glued from part 1 to the end..Thumbs up

    1. Owwww tnx a lot, I’m dancing for dis comment,
      :-) :-) :-) @praize I appreciate.

  10. Wow! Ends well too. Been reading stories for a while without Logging in or registering but this is one that I stuck too.

    1. That’s really wonderful to hear @eclecticmissy.
      Tnx for reading.

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