Blue Hell

Blue Hell

Lala viciously launched a deadly kick on the nearly closed door, sending it wide open with so much force as he stormed into the living room in cold sweat at a very high speed like he was been chased by the devil himself. Startling Spencer and Gabriel. Sweat bleached, torn shirt, cut lip, a bruised jaw and a bleeding nose was all you could make out of him at that moment. Lala’s breathing was in an uncontrolled state with his heart thudding hard inside his chest. He was in a state of malfunction: gibberish flow of words, sweating like a race horse, trembling limbs, eyes all light up, darting all over the room as if he wanted to take it all in at the same time. “Jesus!, Jesus!!” gasping for air and stopping mid way to catch his breath. He bent down, his hands was on his knees for support, still breathing fast like he just finished a 100 meters race. Gabriel and Spencer sprang up in confusion with one quick terrifying scramble. Letting the wireless game pads of the play station 3 video game land awkwardly on the ash rug. “Jesus Christ, wetin be that, you almost give person heart attack, who dey chase you?!
Spencer asked in a frightened tone. “Some mean guys are after me, they want to maim me, about 5 of them with some rugged weapons. Guys please I need somewhere to hide, abeg”. The words came out of him in the same pace as his fast-beating heart. Fear was like needles poking his brain. He was covered in it.. Lala quickly reached for the switch which was supplying life to the buzzing stereos and TV screen and killed it. Tension suddenly descended on the room. “Guys spartans dey chase me” Lala cried out in panic, wiping his sweaty face with the back of his right hand. Everything was happening so fast. Startled and perturbed, Spencer moved close and nudged Lala to a safer corner with his left hand and stretched his neck towards the door, leaned on the brown painted door frame, and gently peeked through a very tight angle from the right corner. While Gabriel and Lala struggled to contain their fast beating heart. He sharply snatched his head backward. The remaining two still watching and observing with rapt attention, their eyes widening and ears standing pricked in alert.
“Spenc, you see anything?!” Gabriel asked in a scary hushed tone. “Shhh!! shut up first”
Spencer cut back in a quiet tone, his index finger over his dark tainted lips. He took another quick cautious surveillance and still there was no sign of life, everywhere was all dead. Suddenly a flash of calm had enveloped the entire neighbourhood, except for”Jasper” the dog who was barking non stop, upping the fear that lingered within the room.

Meanwhile React was still in the mini coma he had slipped in earlier in the day after he was beaten 2:0 by Spencer in a video game of FIFA. He was just on the sideline watching the tapping of pads between Spencer and Gabriel when the sleep came. He tried to hold the sleep back but somehow he lost the struggle. He sprawled carelessly on the bed, happily dosing, randomly grunting, giving Spencer and Gabriel some good laughter with his sleep-talking habit, oblivious of the trouble that was on his door.
“You this dead man wake up joor!”, Gabriel attacked, tapping React on his long legs”, yawa don gas!”.
But React disregarded the distractions and continued his great nap. React!, React!!” Gabriel hitting him harder this time, “get up joor” in a harsh undertone. Immediately, React erupted with a burst of energy, disturbed and seriously pespirating. Sleep had suddenly taken a hike. “Wetin dey happen?!” His breathing heavy, vision still a little bleak from sleep. He scrubbed his right palm across his face to clear the haze and become better acquainted with his surroundings. “Why una dey push me like that?!”
“Yawa don gas!” Gabriel cut in sitting beside him on the bed.
“Which kind yawa?”
“Some guys dey pursue Lala” As Gabriel walked React through the happenings, Lala realizing the door was still open, fearfully rushed towards the door and slammed it shut. Mistakenly stepping on the game pad that laid helplessly on the rug. He reached on top of the white LG fridge that stood close to the hard wood door and snatched the keys. Fiddling with it, trying to find the appropriate key for the locks. React slumped on the family size vita foam mattress again in confusion, his left palm on his forehead still trying to digest all that Gabriel had told him. Phobia gradually seizing him. After a while, he sat up, supporting his head with both arms.

Are you serious?!.”
How did you fall under their radar Lala? tell us!. How?!” React bemoaned.
“You know those guys don’t play nice. They are just bunch of violent craze young hot bloods who are always geared up for some expensive action. You must have stepped on their tail. They won’t be chasing after you like that unless they got a bone to pick with you. Because I know you are not a cultist. ………..Suddenly realizing the twist to that statement, Gabriel slowly turned his gaze inquiringly towards Lala, examining his facial expression for any slightest form of guilt. Just then, a chill of silence came over the room.
“Wait a minute” Spencer cut in like he had some sort of epiphany
“Lala, are you a cultist?!
But Lala cowered in a corner as though he was in a trance, his head bowed in between both knees with his long arms circling around his pair of long legs, lost in a state of dread.
He leaped up, his heart almost jumping out of his chest when Spencer had screamed right into his ear.
“Answer me Lala, are-you-a-cultist?!!
Lala hesitated for a while, trying to get his head around the question. It was the last thing he expected to be asked by anyone. React, Spencer and Gabriel watched with utmost intentness. Their eyes wide, Gabriel’s mouth partly open in apprehension. Jasper’s bark still in echo around the vicinity. Gabriel moved to the door and peaked through the lock holes, his eyes moving from left to right still trying to detect any form of life.
“Are you a cultist Lala?!!” Spencer shouted the third time at the top of his lungs. Lines of veins poking out from his neck..
“I am not!. am not…am not a cultiist!!! shouting back in between tears with a hoarse voice and then slouching on the rug again. Spencer took a deep breathe and staggered backwards, somewhat relieved albeit consumed in some deep thought. “This is not good” he muttered. React sat up from the bed, walked over to where Lala laid, squatted beside him. “Then why are they chasing after you? You never told us why” he asked in a calm tone.
Lala sat up, sniffing hard to keep his nose from running. Looked up and found his three friends intently starring at him. The expressions on their faces earnestly begging for some explanations. “See guys, like I said before I do not belong to any cult group. His voice a bit husky. Spencer tracked back and sat on the fridge, leaning back on the wall for support, React sat on the rug, legs crossed over like those Muslim brothers in a prayer session, back hunched, his face sick from fear while Gabriel stood ramrod straight, his hands folded across his chest with a compressed lips, thinking hard as he stared down at Lala.

“There is this fine chick that was coming on heat for me. Her name is Eniola, a very pretty babe. Sniffing hard, I no sabi say the babe dey date one of them. Na she just carry herself come meet me..I swear. No be me go toast am. I just dey class one afternoon like that dey read when…. Just then Jasper’s never seizing bark seized abruptly. Quaking hearts and frayed nerves suddenly littering the room. You could feel the temperature rising. There was a bad feeling in the air. Something is wrong. Jasper just stopped barking. “We are finished, they are here” “Shh!!!” Spencer ordered, his palm splayed across Lala’s face a few inch away from him. Lala played mute instantly, catching his breathe, panic evident over his facial expression. They all listened very attentively for any iota of strange sound outside. React carefully tip-toed to the door and peeked through the holes. Gabriel remained motionless. Spencer quickly brought out his cell phone and scrolled through his contacts and dialed on Murphy. But murphy’s line was switched off. “Damn!” He cursed. Ripples of sweat suddenly broke all over his face and trailed down to the sides of his neck. Spencer began to pace up and down the small room, swearing and cursing on Murphy for making himself unavailable when he badly needed him.

“You shouldn’t have come here Lala” Gabriel cried. “You are just drilling us all into your trouble. If these group of dead-conscience idiot storms in on us, we all are sure going to find ourselves at the end of some ugly show down which won’t go down well.”
“I am, I am.. so sorry guys” Lala stuttered, still sitting on the floor..
“You guys are like family to me, I couldn’t think of a safer place for a hide out other than here. I never meant to get you guys mixed up in all these. I am truly sorry” lowering his head in tears, suddenly realizing the danger he put his friends in. Putting them right in the thick of it all.
Reacts emotions kicked in, he couldn’t bear to see his friend Lala helpless and whimper like a child.
“Its ok bro, we are here now, the deed is done already. Somehow we will get out of this” React consoled with a deep breath, extending his hand to get him back on his feet.
“Like hell we will!!..Gabriel sparked. “Look Lala I am sorry to say this but you have no idea what you just got yourself involved in. I have seen these guys ruffle a guy up so badly. And I must say it wasn’t a pretty sight. Sorry guys but I would not want to be in the mix of such story line. Disappointed Lala, React and Spencer watched, reading meaning into what Gabriel had just said. They watched Gabriel go for the key. But Spencer got there first in a dash and seized the key. Walked up to Gabriel and said “Listen G, I understand you are scared, so is all of us. I see in your eyes the same fear that will hurt me and every one of us here. Lala has been a part us of right from our fresh year and has done lots of things for all of us up in here which you are aware of, it was not his fault. He threw a reprimanding look at Lala. I believe him. Are we just going to up and leave him all alone to slug it out with these crazy guys? No my friend, that’s not happening. I say we work it out together as brothers and as friends. Trust me bro, somehow we will get out of this. I am positive.”

“You are positive?” Gabriel asked again, his eyes searching Spencer’s for assurance.
“Yes brother, I am” Spencer assuring him again, with a pat on the shoulder. Gabriel took a soothing deep breathe, threw his head back and slowly closed his eyes.

React then piped up from where he sat “Should we pray about this, I know it sounds kinda weird but there is no harm in doing so” The question actually came up as weird one but it was worth the shot. Then in a spur of moment, they heard a loud bang on the door, like an absolute livid landlord raking for his old rent, the bang sent the four of them reeling backwards in fear, colliding with each other..

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  1. oooops! I’m sure the knock is coming from the Spartans. How would they get out of this?

  2. @Shovey..Thanks for dropping by Papi.. Just hang in there and find out..

  3. Ghen ghen! E don set! Interesting read. Well done

  4. Thanks Okhaifo, am glad your enjoyed the excerpt..

    Is the ‘cold sweat’ at a very high speed?
    I dont know what startled Spencer and Gabriel in that new sentence.
    Gabriel and Spencer had already been startled before. Was that not when they should have sprang ‘up in terror with one quick terrifying scramble?’
    ‘Something is wrong. Jasper just stopped barking.’ Who said those?
    ‘…raking for his old rent…’ I do not understand ‘raking’ in this sentence.
    ‘Fear was like needles poking his brain.’
    ‘Like an absolute(ly) livid landlord ra(v)ing for his…rent.’

    Keep it up, amigo.

  6. Well done. I hope to see the continuation of this story.

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