The sun cried

The sun cried


And noon came,
Despised it was like an old bag,
Rotten had become of its fame;
Oh, the sun has gone wretched like an old hag!
Their tongues wagged at his feet,
They could bear him no more ,
Their love for the sun has kissed defeat.
And to the heavens, he looked with his face so sore.
And unto the earth, he begged for love,
Behold, the rain has mothered the hearts of men.
The sky sees a great mystery that no one can solve,
For the eyes of men lie not with the air,
But with the dark drops of the drizzling rain.
And to light; they hide their faces in the veil of their gowns.

In shame, the sun has lost his reign!
Alas, he turns back at the stiffed necked peopled towns,
To envisage an army of men armed with speaking weapons,
Directed at the sun to bring it down to ashes;
In a loud voice the sun shouted, “Oh that man shall kill the heavens;
A billion of them like a lad’s rashes!”
Who can bear the sun’s pain?
Behold; in blood and steam,the sun cried,
Wherefore, the flaming tears poured down like a fiery rain,
And all, all, not one but all men died…

2 thoughts on “The sun cried” by lauraotemu (@LauraOtemu)

  1. @LAURAOTEMU. Nice poem, I feel sorry for the sun and everything else we seem to be on the road to destroy when we think we have no more use of.

    1. Yea…That’s true. We seem to despise what really is of great value to us ‘cos of our deceitful thoughts…Thanks for the comment, I’m glad u like it.

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