The Mighty Goliath

The Mighty Goliath


I tried to hide the rising tension inside me but my facial expression betrayed. My heart kept racing as i sat nervously on the hot seat.
Emeka the challenger was quite calm and confidence as we both
sat together facing the crowd of our J.S.S 2 class.
The captain rang the bell calling everyone’s attention.
‘Let the contest begin’ he announced and they all applauded.
‘My first word is Onomatopoeia’ Emeka dropped the shell on me.
I bit my lips as i goggled my brain for the right spelling and
spelled out the option i got ‘Onometopia’ but was nullified by the dictionary.
My turn came and i gave out ‘Complaisant’ which he got right and the class roared for him.
His second word ‘Malingerer’ was pronounced wrongly by me.
Determined to outsmart him, i searched for a complex word and
gave him ‘lackadaisical’ but he proved to me that he was the best student in our class.
Emeka smiled devilishly as he delivered his final stroke ‘Mephistophelian’ on me. I who had never encounter such word,
spelled what my average brain gave me which was wrong.
The class murmured my mockery .
Emeka’s purpose of setting the contest which was to publicly
humiliate me in order to win the heart of my lover was coming
I sort for a word to avenge my molestation and the word
‘SURPRISE’ came out.
Emeka eagerly spelled it as ‘SUPRISE’ and the class cheered
thinking he was right but they were flabbergasted when the
dictionary proved otherwise. He had omitted the third letter.
Who would have thought the mighty Goliath can be brought down by a mere stone?

Written by Oluwafunminiyi

5 thoughts on “The Mighty Goliath” by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe (@Niyopumping)

  1. Mere stone. Hahahaha!

  2. I love the brevity….

  3. Hahaha loved this….am sure he was SURPRISED that he couldn’t spell a simple word like Surprise. Overconfidence is bad

  4. #short and edutaining wow! I concur with @kosnie. I’ve once had that over-confidence belief too and I spelt PROMISCUOUS as promicscuous. and so goliath fell down flat.

  5. Brief and cute, I like this

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