Love Roller Coaster (2)

Christian? Check!
Intelligent? Check!
Generous? Check!
Smart? Check!
Tall,dark and handsome? Check!
Accountable? Check!
Great persona? Check!
Music? Check!
Romance? Check!

Heart smiling broadly
music blasting loudly
i got lucky didn’t i
dancing as if high
my baby on the caller ID
voice husky with ‘Hi D’
poetry just as fly
bible verse nigh

Three Months gone
feeling it in my bone
i miss you like crazy
Skype on my phone
but internet is hazy
busy like bee
collecting a fee
men other than thee
collects a flee

Heard the news
down at the pews
heart bruised
feeling blue
heart a sinking titanic
how could you
you two?
not even a clue

The lady in the past
says the spy
came calling last
in your arms clasp
while night last
explanation lame
on her is the blame
as they say is this your frame?

Forgive and forget
acquire a to let
beaming in a suit and tie
and heart full of lie
a new beginning
beginning with shattered trust

One thought on “Love Roller Coaster (2)” by rosy (@Rosey)

  1. Mmm hmm.

    This was good

    You’re getting better with every poem. I’m officially subscribed to your channel.

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