my rose
the rose with thorns
for what beauty has’nt a dark side
for what sun has’nt a cloud clad

sun kissed heart
with leaps and songs
a distance heard
the gyration to unheard music
bum twerking
boobs flapping

bad days
no smiles
no lines
no songs
face like sour grapes
no reason to grasp
mood drawn
curtain closed

Either way
i love her
the twisting bum
the crying babe
the laughter buddy
the angry vixen
the incredible help
the crazy bitch

In a swift
she is gone
a crater is left
sadness speaks
darkness hovers
my rose with thorns

10 thoughts on “Ifeoma” by rosy (@Rosey)

  1. Aww. I feel his pain.

    The lines were precise and each one conveyed enough meaning as it could.

    Has’nt = hasn’t , that is of course, unless you are doing that on purpose for some kind of effect

    this poem was good.

    1. Yes @anakadrian, my eyes moved in the pattern of the structure and at the end i took a deep breath……. uummmm this is nice.

      @Rosey, nice piece.

  2. @anak adrian: thank u very much. actually that was a mistake. did not even notice it. thank you for pointing it out for me.

  3. @ Mr inetanbor. thank u

  4. WOE MAN!I love it

  5. The first lines of the poem were kind of not so novel but reading further down the fascinated me….

    so beautiful
    so enchanting
    so mesmerizing
    were the lines

  6. thank you Innoalifa

  7. Beautifully crafted

  8. ehhhya…but keep hope alive…. you might see her again :)

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