Dark fantasies 12

Emily’s hands flew to her mouth which was wide open, Mark moved forward and hugged her tightly.

‘Happy birthday my love.’

‘I thought you’d forgotten.’

‘Not on my life, he released her from the embrace but their heads were together and his arms around her waist and her eyes were closed.

‘Hey nice pose but we’re still here o.’ Dr Musa said.

Mark was about to move away when Dr Arinze said ‘wait o, Let me take a picture, you both look nice, like estranged lovers meeting after a long time.’ Then he clicked.

‘Just like Jack and Rose on Titanic.’ Simon said, he was Emily’s colleague at work.

‘Mtchewwe no please, this is Nigeria and they’re not on a ship, abeg it is Olanna and Odenigbo pose.’

‘Dr Musa, I didn’t know you watched movies.’ Chioma said.

‘I dont o, my wife dragged me to the cinema to watch this one, she said she read the book.’

‘No no no, why must we copy, it is Emily and Mark.’ Kelvin said.

‘I’ve finally met the lady that has cast a spell on my lil brother.’ He added.

‘Emily my big brother Kelvin.’ Mark introduced.

‘Kelvin you’ve met my Emily, my life my lov…..’

‘Enough enough music please or isn’t this a party anymore.’ Goke said, Emily was glad he was no longer bitter and she felt truly sorry for the things she did to him.’

The party was going on, she greeted everyone, Mark’s fellow doctors, her colleagues, her friends even David.

‘I have a feeling you’re equally responsible for this.’ she told chioma

‘Yes and it was tedious to not let you find out, I had to avoid you, Mark had to too, so as not to spill the beans.’

‘Thank you soo much, I cant tell you how happy I am.’

‘That’s what we wanted for you to be happy.’

‘It was a torture, I thought all sorts of things.’

‘It was the plan.’ Emily sighted Goke and David talking, she approached them.

‘Thanks for coming guys.’

‘Its our pleasure.’ They both said.

‘So Goke works with Mark.’ David asked.



‘I need a refill.’ Goke said and left. She smiled at David and followed him.

‘Goke I’m truly sorry.’

‘For what Emily, for breaking my heart, wrecking me getting me thrown out of school or for rubbing nettle plant on my boxers to cause the greatest physical pain.’

‘For everything.’

‘If you’re thinking I will tell Mark anything I wont , but you should tell him yourself, it would be better because I can see you’re in love with him sincerely.’

She was in deep thoughts when Jide tapped her.

‘Nice dress.’ He said.

‘Thank you, I’m glad you came, thanks.’

‘Chioma asked me and the others.’

‘You look different, beautiful I must say.’

‘Right.’ Mark said from behind

‘Thanks.’ Emily answered.

‘A nice transformation, I’ll say from the Emperor’s courtesan to his Queen.’

‘Uhh? A look of dismay crossed Mark’s face.

‘Just ignore him.’ She said, She was surprised at herself.

‘Mark there is omething I have to tell you.’

‘I’m all ears.’

‘Not here, I’ll need a little privacy.’


‘Its about my past.’ She said as clung to him dancing.’

‘I know Emily and its not a problem.’

‘You know, how did you ..’ She pulled away from him and stared at his face.

‘Apparently you got drunk and told Faisal about what happened between you and Goke, its okay you were young and we all make mistakes and for David you weren’t at fault and you did the right thing.’

‘So Faisal told you.’

‘No Musa got him tipsy and made him talk, it was Musa that told me.’

‘Oh well there is something else.’

‘You don’t have  to worry about any thing, I’ll never leave you.’ Mark told her.


The DJ interrupted them by changing the music and Dr Musa came saying.

‘Let’s dance people.’ He was slightly drunk as he asked Emily to dance with him.

They all started dancing but Emily could not concentrate, she was trying to escape Dr Musa’s clutches when Mark rescued her, the music stopped and the light went off, a spot light came on only Emily and Mark.

The whole place was quite Mark went down on one knee, he held out a red box and flipped it open.

‘Emily I love you very much, very much I can’t explain, please would you do me the honour of becoming my wife.

‘I I am, yes.’ She said, she could’ve been dreaming.

‘He got up, slid the ring on her finger and hugged her, the lights came on, the music continued, their guests were clapping and congratulations came in order, Emily stared at her finger she could not believe that she was justs proposed to again.

From a corner Jonathan eyed the happy couple, he knew it was time for him to make an appearance.

‘Congratulations Akpumushi.’

Emily spinned her head back, no one had called ger that name in 5 years and neither had she heard that voice too in five years.

‘Jonathan.’ She mouthed surprised, Jonathan was happy the she looked flustered that was what he wanted.

Or should I say congratulations again he said moving close to her, by then people there had gathered to pay attention.

‘What are you doing here Jonathan? Goke asked.

‘Still concerned, that’s great, congratulations to you too, I heard you finally graduated.’

‘Akpumushi my love it’s been a Long time, you always like them with holding a stethoscope and scalpels.’ He said and traced her hair line with his index finger.

Mark delivered a sharp blow to his nose and staggered back, His eyes met Chioma’s lingered a moment then returned to Emily immediately. Jonathan regained his composure almost immediately, he was a well built and studious man.

‘My man, quite aggressive for a non violent man.’ He said rubbing his nose.

‘You’re not welcomed here, I think you should leave.’


‘Because you’re making Emily uncomfortable.’ Mark could tell by the way her manicured fingers dug through his sleeve into his skin.

‘I should.’ He said mockingly.

‘Leave or I throw you out.’ Mark said clenching his fist.

‘Dr Mark Kalu, I hope am right. I will leave but with Akpumushi.’

‘You’re sick just leave.’ Mark said raising his fist to deliver another blow but Jonathan held his hand before it could land.

‘You doctor, you are the one that just got engaged to my wife, the mother of my son.’

Emily fainted.


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  1. I suspected there was more to this Emily girl, kai!she was too nice to be true. Enjoying the flow, well done ma’am

  2. Thanks for reading @raykeeyah.
    See suspicion things :-) :-) :-) :-)

  3. Wtf!!!!!! Lmao… no as serious as this situation was, I am totally laughing.

    Wow! Aunty Emily u ehn! Just when I was thinking ur no longer a ghost here u are with demons in ur cupboard chai

    The fainting part had me laughing…

    1. Correct demons for wardrobe,
      @ufuomaotebele why u dey laff am.
      Thanks for reading.

  4. Jonathan just took a punch like that? What? Blood suppose flow now, just because he touched her hair, choi bottle full everywhere release on on Mark’s head, the guy nor try, Emily must suffer

    1. As in, he suppose beat Mark die, let him know who to punch baa.
      Honestly my tummy, ah laff today no be small tin.
      Thanks for reading @kevweodogun.
      Emily must suffer, choi, forgive her naaa, abeg.

  5. Damn! Emily! Eeya. Mark u should have listened.

    1. He was doing lover boy tins na.
      Thanks for reading @menoveg.
      :-) :-)

  6. Trouble in Paradise just when I thot de worst was over

    1. Yawa don gass for dis Paradise,
      Thanks for reading @kosnie :-) :-)

  7. Ewooooo!

    Water don pass garri oo!


    1. The garri go settle for down be dat.
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