When You Crossed My Mind


…when you crossed my mind
With paddle of love
And sail my ocean of red fluid
To turns of surging rouse of un-ebbing emotions.
I became a steward to waves of straying feelings,
To sea of a wandering thoughts.
When you crossed my mind!

When you stormed my whole
with flashes of love
Winded I became in admixture of soothing,
And circle of twirling flowers
Whereupon I Rose to the light of
Tropism of a million and one desire
Willingly ,I bolted the path of
An adorable vessel ,lady laden
with tonnes of scourging flammable….

Even then in the heart of
Turbulent weather , I felt no cold ,no threat
Sufficed was the loveliness of my love
It overflown me with a great garb
Tent me so me so well , from hails
On perishing vein.

You shielded my heart
From all the fears
You grounded my vein,to
feel to no pain
You blinded me well
To see no fear!
When you crossed my mind!

Now when you cross my mind
With twines of unloosing emotions
Not I alone , feel the kissing prickles
From your mouth-less needle
Nor the only victim , to these
measles of tattoos call goose pimples.

For i caught that sail that day ,till this moment
I grip it well!
When you crossed my mind ,
Then in that noon of an unsettling desire!

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  2. kinder like this piece, more of this!!!!!

  3. Keep me in mind…

  4. Ufuoma, you are always there ,inspiring me to pen on. Thank you dearie!

  5. Thank you everyone who commented, this is actually one of the poems in my upcoming poetry book “Love meet Life”.

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