My Baby Left Me For Another

My baby left me for another
My heart is now in asunder
I feel like committing murder
My soul has been stricken with thunder

What did I do to deserve this?
What has went wrong without my knowing
How can I tell this to my niece?
Because she always warned me of men’s doing

My baby left me for another
I noticed but I couldn’t ponder
On what I saw that made me wonder
She was a friend but no longer

Why is this hurting me so much?
Why do I miss him so much as such?
Is it because I gave my heart to him in full
Or because I was in love with him like a fool

My baby left me for another
He said he will care for me like a Mother
He said he will look after me like a Brother
He also said he will take care of me like a Sister

My friend with her presence his love she bought
For I have deserted him for too long at naught
I have lost my treasure and it’s all but my fault
Now I have realized my mistake in my thought
For I am the reason my baby left me for another

8 thoughts on “My Baby Left Me For Another” by Moses Ogunshola (@Moseskeyz)

  1. Okay first, beautiful girl do not blame your self.

    I loved the frequent rhyming as I read through. I loved the stanza about loving like a mother protecting like a brother the most. Guys have and will forever be defined by all their unfilled promises.
    Nice sweet poem. Good job and keep it up. I think you’re new here because I haven’t read other work by you so here we go, welcome to NS…

  2. nice one……
    beautiful girl you are really not to blame….. he was not worth you

    our suspense Queen @ufuomaotebele is being more careful….. love that

  3. Thanks for liking the poem @ufuomaotebele. I’m kind of new here but I have previously written two poems titled “If i tell you something” and “Free of bonds and chains”.

  4. Thanks for the advice @kaymillion. I’m glad you liked it.

  5. @MOSESKEYZ. Excellent poem especially the way you used rhyme.

  6. Nice piece
    Or you’re one of the choirs/music guys in your high sch. ? ‘Cos is like you are used to the use of rythm

    1. I like using rhymes and rhythm a lot probably because of my music background. Thanks @abdulquadri11

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