Waiting on Bolaji- Finale

The day after he broke the news to me, my cousin called me. She wanted to make sure I knew what was going on in her family and she was so sure I would be left in the dark again. They had found that Sewa, the baby of the family was pregnant and the father might be my own boyfriend. Everyone who knew me knew who Bolaji was to me. The shame and disgrace I felt was no match to the anger I felt toward myself. How could I have been so stupid and naive for the longest!


“Can I come in?” I had to ask because I no longer felt welcomed; Bola was now a stranger to me.

“Sure…” he quickly gave way for me to come inside.

“What would you like to have, I just woke up, mind the—“

“Ehn, ehn, just shut up. Come ooh… so out of every body in the whole of New-York, the only person you saw fit to put that thing between your legs inside of was my little cousin Sewa?”

“Look, I know I have hurt you but I won’t take such accusations from you.” He went to check that his door was locked. He paid me no further attention, he went into his bedroom. I followed along.

“8 years, I gave you 8 years but you threw all that away for 5 minutes of pleasure?” As if he didn’t hear a thing I was saying, he went into his closet and began preparing his clothes.

“So you don’t have anything to say abi?” I knew the guilt was killing him.

“When I wanted to speak, you weren’t ready.” he replied.

“Oh but now I am. Tell me what you saw in Sewa apart from the fact that she was only 20?”

“Sewa! Sewa! Sewa! Who is this Sewa girl?” he shouted in frustration.

“Don’t raise your voice to me, don’t you even dare. You don’t know who she is again abi?”

“I am sorry but this is driving me insane. I am not ready for what’s coming. I wanted it to be us, not her. That was my mistake. We can get past this babe if you will listen to me and do as I say—”

I shook my head. “I am done listening to you. I am done with following whatever you got to say, hell that’s how I found myself in this city! I left my life, my family and career all for you in New-York to come to this hide out city with no questions asked, and this is how you repay me?” I broke down. Moving closer to his bed, I sat down. Heads bowed, waiting to regain my composure. He stood looking at me like a fool.

“Babe I thought you wanted to come here, I—”

“You never ask me about what I want! Its always been what you and only you wanted. How did you  even meet her?” I raised my head up to ask, out of breath. My tears were getting the best of out me. He came to kneel before me.

“It was at a club back in New-York. I went out with Femi and them. It just happened babe. One thing led to the other; I didn’t know she was even 20 or related to you.” It wasn’t the first time Bola had cheated on me but this time, something bigger hit him.

“What about the other time you guys met up?”

“Babe there was no other time. I swear it.”

“Swear on your life and die right here.” He thought I didn’t know. I had done my homework before coming to see him. I wanted no more words of lies from him so I went to see Sewa before speaking to bola.

“Did you or did you not go back to see her after that first night?” his silence confirmed it.

“I… I… baby I can explain.” I pushed him away from my sight.

“You disgust me!” I got up, pacing like a lost puppy around his bedroom.

“Every baby we have both killed will be in both of our heads and that will be the last thing I do with you.”

“Uwa don’t do this right now . We can fix this.” he rushed by my side.

“I pray God forgives us. I pray I can forgive you.” I said softly. How was I supposed to look at my cousin’s child when the baby is born? Would I hate the one thing I so much wanted just because it belonged to another woman?

“See I have it, I have all you have every wanted.” He rushed into his closet again and brought a ring box out. He knelt before me again.

“This,” he pushed the box forward, and opened it. “This will solve everything, just say yes. Uwa I was going to give this to you earlier on before the incident with the baby. I don’t know what got into me. I promise I will never do anything to hurt you again. You know I love you.”

He got up from his knees and began kissing me while slipping the engagement ring into my finger. I stood still like a rock. He was actually offering me everything I always wanted but it all came in halves. The frustrating kiss went on. He fought his way into trying to get me to respond but I knew in that moment that this was it; we were through. As tears began to gush out more from my eyes, I knew forgiving Bolaji would be the biggest sin to me. I might as well be digging my own grave.

“I bought a dress bola…” I said, sobbing.

“And you will get to wear it.” As persuasive as I knew him to be, he knew he wasn’t winning this fight. “Baby say something.” he urged me.

We had magic, but this our situation was tragic. He just couldn’t keep his hands to himself and now she has won. All I could do was shake my head. “I’m sorry.” Those were my final words to him as I slipped his ring off my finger and into his palms. I was gone before he knew it. He watched me shut the door ever so calmly without saying a word. I ran as far away from him as  I possibly could and never looked back.

I did buy  the perfect dress, even when he hadn’t  asked and I hadn’t said yes, but I’m glad he did ask  so I could say NO.



Thank you to all you wonderful people for reading this mini-series!

25 thoughts on “Waiting on Bolaji- Finale” by Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

  1. Well thank God she was not fooled, but that Bolaji I wish even Sewa would not be his.
    Oh God men can be disgusting dogs, mtchewwww, am soo annoyed.

    1. Your reacting is making me laugh. This ending left you on a sad but not so sad note thanks to @ugochukwu who said I shouldn’t give my stories happy endings again.

      Thanks for finishing this story ooh. Off to read our dark fantasies

      1. It’s a good ending she left that ass hole.
        As for @ugochukwu’s remark on your happy endings, that should not deter you from writing your stories your way.
        Every writer has a style, you shouldn’t cramp yours because someone has a problem with it.
        I read that comment, he made references to Chimamanda’s half of a yellow sun being a bestseller and not having a happy ending.
        That’s Chimamanda and you’re Ufuoma so pls stick to your style, its your identity as a writer and we love it like that, abi e never tay wey we dey follow your series?
        I love your writing style as well as @olajumoke, she get magic pen I swear.

        1. Thank you @ameenaedrees. You are too kind.

  2. Bolaji os the biggest jerk ever…Uwa u deserve better and u will get better

    1. Honestly every girl deserves better than the likes of Bolaji. We don’t always get our happy ever after but we will keep trying. Jesus break the legs of all the jerks out there!

      1. Amen to that prayer.

  3. Hmmm Uwa u did right by leaving that bast**d though it was tough but dearie True Love will come along when u least expect it #goodriddance

    1. @kosnie I just shocked myself when I saw that I hadnt replied to comments on this series….

      Excuse my…. so thnk you again for completing the series.

  4. Realistic ending Peace. Good work.
    I’m glad she didn’t stay to work things out with him (I don’t think she could have continued with him anyway).
    Regarding, the happy ending ish, Chimamanda is a realist. Although, I have read 90% of her short stories and I can count only a few that ended really sour.
    The Thing Around Your Neck left me shocked but not sad. A Private Experience had a truly tragic ending. But the other stories in the collection had a mix of romance, humour and light hearted themes.
    I guess my point is, let your work be what it wants to be. Let your characters take you by the hand.
    The child abuse story you wrote is really sad. I don’t think she got a happy ending because people don’t bounce back from abuse like that. As a writer, you led your character to where she should be. In real life, her recovery from her traumatic past would be a continuous process. One that her husband will help her with, I’m sure.
    So a happy ending is not truly a happy ending. For some people it is a mixture of hardwork, recovery and healing. And each reader would interpret it the way they want to. Your commenter saw a happy ending. I didn’t.
    You are doing well Ufuoma. Really well. Thanks for all the series, shorts and mini-series.
    Sorry for the long comment.

    1. @olajumoke your comment…very inspiring. Thank you honestly.

  5. i’d go with @olajumoke “Realistic ending..”
    And for everyone who always wants a “happy ending”, imagine yourself in Uwa’s place and tell me if it would have been a happy ending i real life;would you have actually gone back to him?

    1. Many would have gone back to him but not me. Thanks for reading dear…

  6. Although I didn’t follow this mini-series so keenly since from the beginning, I think Ufuoma, as @olajumoke is doing quite well. She has not reached the peak of the mountain but she is climbing vigorously…

    1. Nice of you to say… thank you!

  7. thank God this was no happy ending. okay here it is, great story, captivating, sounds real, feels real. some ish I would comment on
    your description is a bit non-existent here. some nice picture painting with words would make this colorful story look like d galactic. but babes you thrill me

    1. Thanks thanks thanks sweetie

  8. Good riddance to bad rubbish! i’m so happy you were not bought by Bolaji. your man will come before you know it and your womb would be blessed again. hope God forgives all ur sins. hmmmm………… sewa!

    1. @Shovey a delight seeing your comments always.. Amen I know God will forgive them.

  9. Thank God Uwa was able to stand strong and bullshit the bumkom boy Bolaji!

    1. @LONE hehehe this your name calling tho… thanks for reading….completing this series

  10. I am also glad he did ask just so you can say ‘NO’, to yeyecious Bolaji

    1. That’s the part that gets to me too!!

    1. Na so I see am ooo

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