Take The Risk

“Every day I make critical, split-second decisions that affect the longevity and the quality of other people’s lives. Taking such risks gives me pause. It forces me to think about my own life and the risks I face. Those experiences enable me to move forward and avoid becoming paralyzed by fear. As a result, I probably do a lot of things that more cautious people would never attempt.”…..Ben Carson,Take the Risk.

Whoa hold up… just before you think it’s plagiarism hear my own experience.

Lagos to Uyo no be ten minutes trip, mmhmm , it’s about one hour by air but with our ever usual traffic it’s about twelve hours. That aside,we’re talking about take the risk;the issues affecting Nigeria troubles most of us and there’s a few of us ever willing to share our views…even in the bus with strangers.

“Ikoyi ehn, i say Ikoyi…look no be say i hear am, this one i see am korokoro. About ten years ago i follow person go introduce one oyibo wey dey look for house. For this Ikoyi here, guess how much dem call?? No just guess!!” the guys by my side looked quite dumb at him as they faked a smile “…forty five thousand dollars. ehhn i swear, forty five thousand dollars, all the doors and windows are bullet proof” the dude on black, passenger seat six who had been talking virtually all along answered his own question.
“And na all these politicians dem, all these governors and our ex-presidents get house and dey live that side”

“That’s why Lagos is expensive in houses” the lady i felt he had been trying to impress replied calmly,her efik accent coming on and off “you don’t expect them to put it at ten kobo na…how many years will it take before they recover all their expenses?”

i watched sternly at this new “parliament” that had been set up in the bus which had quite turned into a mad house.

“Another people you see there is all these directors of big companies…” he started again still in that hoarse tone like sey na fight “all these directors them…directors of all these ministries. Shey yhu know government quarters dey there”. There was a quite audible murmur of “yes…yes” amidst black heads of different shapes moving in a nod.

“And all this money wey dem dey use no be from salary ooh” the ‘troublesome’ guy beside him replied almost inaudible but was enough for quite a number of ‘amebo’ by like me to hear.’

ehen nah……yes nah……..before nko how much dem dey collect” replies came as expected. You know the kind of response that comes with something like this.

“Na the money wey dem steal” we all burst out laughing, i happened to catch a glimpse of the driver’s broadened chin. We knew for sure that he was possibly 80% right and he had driven that point home humorously.

“And in Nigeria, it seems there is no way you can make it without stealing” the man at my other end contributed, his accent was a british-efik one and i could tell.

“ehn sir,please excuse me what did you say?” the dude on black cut in sharply with his hand in the direction of the elderly fellow.

“I correct myself. I said “you can hardly make it without stealing in Nigeria”, about 90% are guilty of this” he replied.

“ehen…because i know of a few people who have made it legally but there’s just a few of them, very few. Let’s say 15%” the guy on black responded firmly. He made mention of the Coker Family in Lagos which he said had gotten rich by real estate business.

“All of them still dey steal. If me i see chance sef i go thief BIG money, thief am run away” the trouble maker dude made himself clear-again,point blank and of course we laughed at his sincerity.

“Why would you run?” the man at the front seat asked in a somewhat ibo accent. One would wonder what kind of camouflage reply to expect but no, he still was sincere to himself

“So them no go catch me” Simple as it came out. At this time, laughter rained in the air. The guy on black later talked on sincere hard work and all of that, that was when he brought out Take the Risk by Ben Carson

“This book talks about taking risks if at all we ever want to succeed”

“No be the same thing i dey talk, no be risk i dey take if i steal person money?!”

God!!!!! My ribs are cracking at this point at how much of a wild thought this guy had and how much he was being sincere about it. He later told us of his MANY “Take The Risk” experiences, one was how he had discovered 700 Thousand at a bank’s dustbin.

“You return am?” the ibo guy asked

“Me!! Return am?!!, shey i know who get am?” he started rather surprised at how much they doubted his ability. “i carry the money go, no be Risk i take?” he concluded his story on Taking Risks.

I was quite gape and amused at how much Ben Carson had affected this guy’s life.

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  1. Is it not Ben Carson that said the guy should take risks or is it not still part of risk taking the guy dey do…lol @ different facets of risk taking

  2. @Kosnie …..lol,yes…….yhu get this facet of things!! Thanks for dropping by :)

    1. mmhmm………..lol, i can almost hear the dissapointment in your voice

  3. Life itself is a risk o! let’s all take it lol!

    1. mmhmm………. Ben Carson’s view. (Y)

  4. funny but serious………. hmmmmm

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