Sweet Vengance

Sweet Vengance

Sweet Vengance

I rose up from bed to check out what the noise which had interrupted my siesta was. Looking toward the door i found the only food i had saved for lunch being devour by a Notorious goat.
I jumped out of bed and charged toward it but while trying to get away, the goat stumbled upon the plate and the remainant of the food poured on the ground.
Enraged by this, i gave the goat a hot persuit with the sole aim of having my revenge on it.
It ran fiercely into the street and i followed furiously. By the time i thought i had caught up with it, i launched myself into the air to grab its leg but the goat was smart enough to jump away and i landed hard on the ground. I bundled myself up and continued the race.
Fueled by my bread and beans the goat ran like an athelet on a maraton race, while i who had been so consumed by vengance to notice my bleeding arm was hot on his trail.
The goat dribbled me here and there as i attempted to get a hold of it but after minutes of chasing, i made a missile of a big stone aimed at its right leg.
It crashed down at the impact of my stone and i happily went to where it laid to enact my revenge.
After much beating, the goat finally kicked the bucket and it was then that i realized the magnitude of what i had done. I who had not a kobo with me had dragged myself into a huge trouble with the goat’s owner.
Is my revenge really sweet?

Written by Oluwafunminiyi

6 thoughts on “Sweet Vengance” by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe (@Niyopumping)

  1. Buhahahahahahha! wild-goat-chase. I remember doing such those days in the uni, only that I didn’t kill the goat but it got the beating of its life. sweet revenge!

  2. Goat!!!!! like you chased a goat. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    You also caught up with it and beat hell out of it, no your revenge was bitter because the goat ownerbwill buy your beans and bread for you and you’ll buy him another goat.

  3. Hahahaha goat palava just get ready for the owner lolz

  4. hahahaha……………. trouble in form six

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