A Song For Aishat

A Song For Aishat

i feel like a poem

Like love in alcohol

Who needs other drugs

i feel like a song

Like a melodious serenade

On the streets of Brooklyn

And Rome

i feel like taking you on a dance

On an abandoned theater of music

You and I alone

In a forever tango

Unperturbed by the essences of people

And the indecisions of time

i feel like writing you

Into history, into infinity

carving your immortality

With my hands

Deliberately, decisively

And deliciously.

Aishat you are my forever songbird

The type whose music is not doused

By the distance it travels

Aishat you are my flagellation

You are the imagination

That proselytizes me into a dummy

Aishat you are my wine

Not alcoholic nor simple beverage

But you do the trick

You knock me flat out

For I am intoxicated in your beauty

I am intoxicated in you and with you

Aishat you are my muse

The reason for my endless creativity

This free verse is written specially for you

12 thoughts on “A Song For Aishat” by Tolu Daniel (@toludaniel)

  1. shout outs to aishat

    1. Thanks, Oxymorontalks

  2. okay oh!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky Aishat

    1. Thanks, Folakemi

  3. Ummmmm, Your Aishat!…….

    @toludaniel, any more for Aishat?……..lol

    1. There is definitely more for her, Aishat has a special place in my heart, so there is always so much more

  4. This Aishat sef hunnnnnn……wetin for mine too :)…..nice piece

    1. are you jealous? if you ask nicely i may consider writing you one too..

  5. Awwwwww so so so sweet!

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