Running Thoughts From a Mind: Our GrandFather is Gone

Titus remains dead.

They all said
he was in the hospital
when death’s angel
dealt the last blow.

Our grandfather had his hands open to all.

Caring and Giving to all,
all who chanced on him.
Then they called him a good man.

That’s their chatter of him.

Helping and lifting the poor
out of life’s forlorn cubicle
and suspending poverty’s tight cane.

Now he is gone.
Those he lent a hand
now abandon seeds from his lion,
evading their rightful tax

How time flies.

Houses he built, now the scum of today
and places he worked dying
not knowing he had even been there.

4 thoughts on “Running Thoughts From a Mind: Our GrandFather is Gone” by Somefun Oluwasegun (@SamoluExpress)

  1. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    Death is inevitable! such is life. nice thought

    1. That’s death knell o o. Thanks for stopping by @Shovey

  2. May he rest where
    he needs no food
    no water
    no money
    no craving
    but only perfect rest

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