The Quandary 2

The Quandary 2


This work will be made into audio and published online for free please have this in mind when reading, thank you. And be brutal, I will survive it.

Three minutes, or at least one minute of intense pounding would have sufficed, like seriously, is that too much to ask.

So we drove to his place, a nicely furnished bungalow, very neat; too neat as a matter of fact.  There were two bedrooms, a parlour and a kitchen. i walked in anticipating the inevitable, or what i thought was inevitable. It was only three o’clock which meant there was enough time to get to know each other , and then get busy. I was sure he won’t think i was cheap because of the way i presented myself but who can tell. anyways we got to talking; he told me about his family. He was the third child of six children, two girls and four boys, and he was the most successful, and the bread winner because both his parents were dead. I told him a bit of myself, about my nosy mum and sister, and my dad who was always busy on one business trip or the other as he would say. I also told him about my lack of boyfriends, and he laughed. A very sexy and soothing laugh. I tried asking him how many girlfriends he had had, but he brought a bottle of wine and two glasses, He popped it open and filled the glasses.
“Let’s make a toast,” he said, raising his glass.

“To what,” I asked, looking at him, trying to channel every bit of sexiness i thought I had through my eyes and unto him.

“To friendship,” he said, oblivious to all my hints, which in my opinion were pretty glaring.

“Okay,” I said, slightly disappointed. Our glasses touched, and we drank the gold coloured wine.

He smiled, I smiled back, and then i casually ran my finger down his knee, a simple brush actually.
Either his nerves were not working, or he pretended not to have felt anything for he started talking about his patients, and how a certain female patient of his wouldn’t take her meds except he was there to give it to her.
“It’s times like that…” he said, referring to the female patient. “That make me…” To me everything he was saying sounded like static on the radio when you’re trying to tune into a station. All i could focus on where those lips, those succulent lips dying to be hissed, squeezed and bitten. He kept talking and halfway through the static, I did not know when I planted my lips on his.
At this point i was way past reasoning, so what if he thought I was a whore or cheap girl, I didn’t care, I just wanted to get him into my system no matter what. If he thought I was a whore afterwards, his loss, I didn’t care, but then he kissed me back, deeply, I felt his tongue, tasted the lingering fresh mint which was slowly being replaced by the champagne we just drank, but when my hand snaked further down, to his belt buckle, he pulled back as though he had been electrified.
And then, of all the times, one bastard decided to call his phone. He took a look at it smiled at me, and left to answer it. I was angry. For one thing, if I had any chance of making him do whatever he did not want to do because he was being a gentleman, this phone call had definitely ruined it, the damned phone, with the annoying ringtone, what a nuisance. We could have been half naked right now….
“Yeah hello!”

As I heard his voice on the phone, I sat down there feeling stupid. Suddenly, for some reason, the adrenalin rush began to die down, allowing reasoning to overcome me.
What the hell was I thinking coming unto a guy I just met like that. A guy that I was beginning to like, and a guy that I was hoping maybe, just maybe we could have a relationship together. Deep down I wanted to believe I wasn’t a whore, a proper lady wouldn’t throw herself like that over a man, talk less a stranger. So what if he was handsome, so what if he was tall with sexy and kissable lips, woman get yourself together.
As these thought threatened to drive me crazy, I decided to focus on something else, and then I began to hear his conversation, bits and pieces.
“And when have i ever cheated on you?”
Those words registered, but i thought nothing of it, I listened on.
“What girl and family at the cinema, were you following me, Reginald?”
Wasn’t Reginald a boy’s name, what the hell was going on? But the conversation continued.
“Why are you behaving stupid?” Philip said. He sounded angry now as he walked further in so his voice was harder to hear, but i moved forward, and strained my ear to hear as much as I could. “I swear I haven’t slept with any girl since the last time, and I told you I was sorry already, what else do you want? You are my guy, look dude…..”
At that point I had heard enough. My God, I was about to explode.

He came back and smiled at me as he sat down. “SO where were we?”
I was too dumbfounded to speak, so i just smiled weakly and got up. It was when I reached the door that my mouth allowed me speak.
“I need to go home,” I said.  I shook me head vigorously, and pinched myself just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming, “Please.”
“We still have an hour and thirty minutes,” he said to me as i stared at him. “What’s the rush?”

God knows I still wanted to stay no matter what I had heard. I still wanted to kiss him, and him kiss me, I still wanted…But i repeated.,
“I need to go home, please.”
“Why?” he asked.
I wanted to say, “What’s the point of hanging around, it’s not like we’re going to have sex anyway,” but instead I managed to smile again, weaker this time as I was feeling very disappointed, and said. “I just remembered I have some things i need to do. you don’t have to drive me home, I can find my way.”
“Not happening,” he said to me getting up. I hated the fact that he wasn’t noticing that I was upset, and he wasn’t even bothering to ask me what was wrong. He walked up to me, and looked at my face but i turned away, because there was no telling what I would do if I looked into those eyes and at those lips. I was too angry and too disgusted, or both, I wasn’t sure, but I was feeling something, and it wasn’t good.
“Is everything alright?” he asked finally.
“Is it so hard to understand me,” I said, avoiding his gaze as i stepped back from his touch, his warm and firm touch. “I said I want to go home. Please it’s getting late.”
“Ok but I am going to drop you,” he said to me, and I just nodded. He tried to kiss me.
“Can you just stop?” I said, with an air of frustration. Who the hell did he think he is? And who did he think I was, an experiment or what? “I am not your lab rat, can you just take me home.”
As the last sentence left my mouth, I felt stupid. Of all the things to say, of all the come backs, how lame did I sound?
He seemed to be thinking the same thing as he shook his head, his face showing every sign of being confused. But I did not care anymore, he was of no use to me.
“Okay,” he said in a final sort of way. “Let me get my key then, one moment.”
He quickly returned the bottle and glass cups ti the kitchen, dusted where we had sent and straightened it out a bit. He took one last look at his parlour, probably checking if everything was in the right place, and then opened the door. I wore on my shoes and went outside, waiting for him.
He came out moments later, and opened his car door. I hopped in, my hands folded like a school girl who had been disgraced at school, and told him my address. It took about half an hour to get to my place, and when he stopped in front of my gate, he locked the door as I made to get out.
“Did i do something wrong?” he asked sincerely. His voice was low now, I managed to look him in the eyes for one brief second. He seemed helpless, confused, kind of hurt, which only made him the more desirable. But I shook my head to shake the spell off.
“Just open the door!” I said. He reached out to touch my hand but I withdrew it.
“I asked you a question,” he said again, his voice raised an octave. “What did I do? You are really messing with my head, girl.”
I laughed, a wild incredulous laughter. “You don’t mean it,” I said to him. “You did not do anything, just let me go for God’s sake, or should I kneel down and beg you.”
“‘You are one messed up chick,” he said, and he no longer sounded confused. He sounded angry, evil even. It was amazing how he could be sexy and desirable when he sounded cool and friendly, or when he was sounding evil and dangerous.
I said nothing. He seemed to ponder for a while, tapping his steering wheel, and looking at me. And then he laughed out loud and opened the door.
I got out, hoping that he would stop me, even though it wouldn’t make any difference, but he did not do anything. I shut the door behind me, and walked to the gate, opened it and entered it. I stood behind it, trying to peek through it, at least to see that fine face one last time. He waited for a while, and I half thought he was going to come down and open the gate and talk to me, in fact I found myself wishing he would do it, maybe I was being stupid, too harsh, maybe I acted too fast. I thought of going out again, and maybe talking to him, maybe try to pretend and say it was a joke. I touched the handle of the gate, but as i swung it open, he drove off.
“Damn it!” I snapped, as I saw the dust settle moments after he had zoomed off. DId i overreact? Did i hear correctly what was said over the phone. This is why it is not good to eavesdrop, I thought, slapping myself. I was just like my mum and sister, nosy as hell.
I walked towards my house entrance, wondering if I should have just asked, “Philip are you…” I couldn’t even bring myself to ask it in my head, talk less ask him in person. But why did he pick me up when he clearly wasn’t interested, or was he confused, or perhaps trying out something new. It’s funny how I forgot the remaining parts of the what I overhead, and stuck to the stupid ones. Or had I heard wrongly and misinterpreted everything totally. Maybe I was just sabotaging myself, and thinking too much about it….
My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening, and my mother came out.
“You are back early,” she said. “Hope it went well, and you did not mess anything up. Why are you standing there, come inside na, come and gist me everything.”

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  1. Hmmm! really it’s not good to eavesdrop, it spoils one’s mood most times. pls explain wah u hrd. what kinda person is Philip? will he ever come back? but ur mother tho!

    1. stay tuned , hope i do not disappoint

  2. Is this Phillip gay or what??? Eavesdropping isn’t always good cos it brings lots of disappointment and emotional torture Hmmm am waiting to see how this unfolds

  3. @ivie9ja it’s up oh, hope u enjoy

  4. Who is Philip? Following to know…

  5. There were a few tense errors and you had hissing where I believe it should have been kissing. Also there were a few parts where it should have been more vivid but other than that I am still enjoying it thanx for the tag :-) @jacobolisajones

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