14 years!

14 years!

I recall a time where they wouldn’t dare to be themselves, they’d cluster in corners and shroud themselves from the world

A time where being themselves was met with severe aggression  in many forms, particularly beatings by peers

Where their jobs, and reputations were at risk and they could lose everything

But now

They parade with pride in the streets and the younger generations experiment with their lifestyles that are met with looks of disdain from elders who refuse to accept, refuse to conform but quietly refuse to tolerate

Once, word came from across the Atlantic that they were being charged and convicted, 14 years!

14 years for their crimes against Tradition

Well of course America would be having none of that

So Hillary Clinton arranged a visit, she was on her way to save the day,

Human Rights this! And Tolerance that!

So there was Patience “diar is God oh” Jonathan at the airport on the tarmac with singers and dancers gyrating and welcoming their Oyibo Tafia visitor

Enclosing her in embraces

Welcoming her to the mother land or father land however you choose to see it

Then I imagine that night or sometime later on in the trip that Hilary  politely coaxed and advised and attempted to persuade Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan to rebuke the 14 year idea

And I imagine they smiled and nodded while offering Mrs. Clinton Amala or eba or Ema with Efor riro  or some other soup she didn’t recognize

Giving her smiles so tight and convincing that it seemed their faces would tear

And I imagine some onlooker feeling sorry for Hillary cause she had only wasted her time and Oh yeah! The US tax payers’ dollars and yeah gas on that private jet she flew in on


After she left the law still stood there tall, proud and arrogant ready to trap those who dared to violate it

I can hardly imagine any one surviving 14 years in a Nigerian prison with that charge looming over their heads

But maybe that’s the point…


11 thoughts on “14 years!” by ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

  1. Will that 14years ever see the light of the day? in this country of ours where impunity thrives. God will help us!

  2. Only Baba God will help us…

  3. Hmmmm why do I feel like this post was some how inspired by that post by not so poetic.. the one where those guys had been jail for 11 months. Hey I vie, I finally figured that your name isn’t pronounced ivy but the Benin form ivie.

    This short spoken words had elements I liked. Funny when the lines permitted you to through it there and seriousness which won over all. Good job ehn. I liked this one. Tafia Clinton infact didn’t I hear that another person from the bush family was trying to join the race for presidency again???

  4. Oh no it wasn’t inspired by that story I actually wrote this some month’s ago but forgot to submit it then when I finally submitted it Admin was posting the competition pieces first so it waited a while to be posted. Nah I didn’t hear about that. That is scary sha. @ufuomaotebele

  5. I just Wonder – Maybe she will serve 14 year, have children and living a life the so called free find very difficult to live……. it is Naija …….. Nice Piece @Ivie9ja, sometime this stories help keep/preserve the condition of the country for the next generation to make a difference, keep them coming…….lol :)

  6. Thanx @gabi one can only hope that the future generations will find reading to be interesting and thus learn. It seems they are more entranced with TV and Movies than books these days lol

  7. @ivie9jaim happy that there are other people who share my views on this issue, i though the whole world was now loosing its head in that trash word ‘tolerance’

  8. @kevweodogun see there is a difference between tolerance and acceptance I personally feel like I can tolerate as in not attack them for thier lifestyle but it doesnt mean I have to accept it as being normal or ok. The problem currently going on in the states is that the movement is attempting to force society to just accept them and morally many people dont agree with it but they are afraid to seem like they hate homo sexuals as opposed to hating homosexuality its a tense topic smh

    1. I totally understand and agree with you @ivie9ja

  9. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    I like this piece very much. The fear of the unknown and the fear of difference can actually make people make irrational decisions. Well written. You should write more often.

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