Spiritual Voyage

Spiritual Voyage

I sat on edge of the chair.
My eyes rose above every, until I could see the stars.
I glanced at my koala bear
My eyes couldn’t hold the tears

I held onto the pen, yet it juddered
My urges to write lowered
I missed the earthen oxygen
And the dole of its return burgeoned

I grind the pen, and the ink burped.
My heart pounds and a new affection erupt.
I bring you tale from a spiritual voyage.
My heart weeps as my history nears wreckage.

I envied scientist like Kekule.
My heroism shall bring me fame like Achilles.
I now think weird, like I was suckled by a she-wolf.
My heart crackled like a crunchy burnt loaf.

We’ve visited Jupiter, the Roman Sango.
We’ve visited Mercury, its poisonous elements scotches.

We roamed on seas, with the grace of Neptune.
We got mobbed by angry waves, which whispered in sad tunes.

We’ve seen it all, here, not all that rise fall.
We’ve hid from brawls, now, we stay to fight.

We’ve heard news that shocks.
The godly death of Saturn sucks.
We’ve gain support from our believes
Our hope, stronger than diamond coated hives.

We’ve sang and matched like compatriots.
Our wishes and prayers shall quench these riots.
Living together may seem a fancy maggot,
Our land shall speak of gladness,
And others shall learn our ways like parrots.

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