Running Thoughts from a Mind: Evening Thoughts

Running Thoughts from a Mind: Evening Thoughts

Evening Thoughts

The wordy lectures and
The drooling noise of Jack and Rose are over.
Now or soon, we are ready to retire for the day.
We think not of the pains of work
That tomorrow might bring.
When some of us remember our God
And others face their idols,
We must enjoy and live today’s remainder.

On evenings like this,
It is good to walk alone.
The gentle hand of the wind dots everything here.
See the trees nod their head to its sound.
Our gentle steps on these sands we walk on.
Now the night is coming and as today soon to end,
We know we shall never pass through here again.
See, a time comes when time will be no more.

3 thoughts on “Running Thoughts from a Mind: Evening Thoughts” by Somefun Oluwasegun (@SamoluExpress)

  1. After reading your article that attracted @codrojac‘s criticism, I never thought you were into poetry too. Your lines of verse are good.

    I enjoyed it, @samoluexpre :)

      1. You’re most welcome, :)

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