Ready to face your fears again

like a coward

you went away

leaving the battle and the cause

for another day

not today, not tomorrow

but another day

which may never come again?


For enemies not confronted

are suggestive of many haunting unknowns

What! If!

What if what ifs are more

more than the what if not’s


You shouldn’t fight today

it rained, the floor is slippery

The enemy will be delighted to watch you

slip off the battlefield in shame

Tomorrow, a better day to fight

fight for your lost love and rights

and put the enemy’s back down



the forecast says tomorrow ‘ll be dry and windy

not a good day to fight either

The enemy will raise dust

till your allergic nose catches cold

and you sneeze out your power


You want to fight

the days aren’t just for you

If fighting the battle is your major cause

the day might never come

But winning the battle is much easier now

that you are ready to face your fears.


NB: This poem is dedicated to those who have always postponed taking a bold step at one point or the other.

4 thoughts on “Ready?” by Real Tee (@Anifat)

  1. PROCASTINATION! And what if you don’t live to see tomorrow………… cos this life we live is borrowed, no one is promised tomorrow.

  2. Oh this was very inspiring. Putting off issues that could be solved today for another day forgetting that tomorrow isn’t promised…

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