Orunmila’s Letter – Episode 36

It was a week to their white wedding ceremony and everyone was busy with various plans.

The manager of one of the best hotels in Lagos was a family friend of Ireti’s and offered to rent the hall&garden for free,scores of white roses and fresh tulips were already ordered for by the wedding planner and the colour theme was bright orange and cream.

Olori Ayoka,Sims’ grandma,the wedding planner and family friends were in charge of the arrangements.

Ireti felt extremely nervous and she constantly wished her fiancee hadn’t travelled to Ghana on business.

Sims’ grandma offered to pay for her custom made gown which arrived that very day.The bride’s entourage headed to the wedding boutique the moment they received the call.

“What do you think?” Ireti asked her family and friends when she stepped out in her beautiful wedding gown. It was a pure white gown speckled with crystal stones that shone brightly,it had a sweetheart neck whose frame was designed with chunks of white stones. The bottom half of the gown was a poofy balloon which made her look like a disney princess,it had long laced sleeves and the top half of its matted back was also beautified with crystals.

“Uhhhh…it looks amazing” her friends replied with a glow in their eyes.

“You look like the Queen that you are my dear. It looks like something my grandson would have picked out for you” his grandma remarked with an approving nod.

Olori Ayoka bit back tears saying “You look angelic..I just wish the King was here” she affirmed and received a hug from her in-law.

“How is my teddy bear doing?” Simon asked over the phone.

“I’m not so good…I miss you so much…can’t believe I won’t see you till tomorrow”

“I miss you more…you’re not stressed out right?”

“Not really…my gown looks like something you made…I’m most certain that you would love it”

“I really can’t wait to see you in it..”

“I’m blushing already..its time for my bridal shower..I can’t believe your bachelor’s party would be in Ghana..would have loved to take a sneak peek at you. I’ve got to go..Love you!”

“Ghana? What makes you think I wasn’t bluffing when I said that? Love you more..have a nice shower” he rounded off with a loud laugh.

Unknown to her, he was about to board a plane back home when he made that call.

Ireti’s bridal shower was held at her colleague’s place. Her very best friends and close female relatives were all present and they discussed a variety of topics. Her married friends gave a lot of advice whilst Asake and her other maids served light refreshments.

“Your wedding night would be an unforgettable experience” Mrs Kolawole(her distant cousin and bosom friend) began to address all the ladies present,but the spotlight was on Ireti.

“Just don’t stress yourself at the wedding,spend some time to rest. People don’t do much on their wedding night sef..its on their honeymoon..that one ehnn…I’m sure you will return back home with twins in your belly” the fat woman whose hairstyle was a large afro said with a wink and the women present all laughed out loud.

“I feel a bit awkward with what you just said” Ireti replied with a concerned look on her face.

“She hasn’t been deflowered yet…I remember those days when my boyfriend in modern class 2 made me a woman,I begged Ireti to have a taste of the surreal experience but she refused” Ayike said smiling,and the ladies brought Ireti out of her saturnine mood with jokes and words of encouragement.

Simon’s friends rented out a garden for the eve. There were two crazy white guys amongst them,and several of his business associates who had become his friends. There were about twenty rich,handsome young men in attendance. After a few merriments,the talk began. Ayodele took center stage when he told the guys how of much Simon loves his bride.

“You know he acts shy and serious most times but,he’s an entirely different person whenever he’s with her. He opens up and starts smiling like a baby,I’ve never seen a guy cry for a girl as much as he has. If passionate kisses could result in the conception of children,Ireti would have given birth to quadruplets by now” the guys all laughed aloud and Sims nodded his head with a smile.

“You really know how to pick them..her outfits always flatter her voluptuous shape and endowments..I was surprised the first time he introduced me to her..and those bosoms..hmmm hmmm hmmm” his business associate,Bayo added with a chortle.

“Ahh..its his handwork..he picks those gowns out for her…he wants the whole world to see the prize he has won…Simon likes this Princess ehn..sometimes I wonder what he would have done to her if he wasn’t saved” Richie chipped in also.

“You’ve got to live out all you’ve held back from her on your wedding night…sthere’s no sin in being with your wife or is there?” His white friend added.

“About that..I don’t really know…” Simon replied sadly..

“What don’t you know?” Bayo beseeched him with a hand on his shoulder…

“You know she was kidnapped several months ago right?I think she got raped in the process..I don’t wanna do something that would make her remember those ugly memories.. So I guess we’ll talk about that before consummating anything”


“Quite sad..You’re truly a gentleman” they responded randomly.

“Where are you? There’s something I want you to see..” Simon asserted over the phone.

“See? Are you back? I thought you were taking the 5am flight?” Ireti asked nervously,it was almost 11pm.

She sneaked out of her house and waited in front of the gate in her shorts and t shirt.

“Oh My God!” She cried out when she saw him walking towards her,she ran to him and nibbled on his nose whilst he kissed her neck.

“I’ve missed you so much…” she voiced out,grabbed his lips with hers and she moaned gently when his hands ruffled her full hair..

“My bridal shower was awkward fun…they said things about you making me a woman and…”

He kissed her gently thus preventing her from completing her statement.

“I felt quite uncomfortable at my eve also…what did you face when you were kidnapped? I think he raped you but I’m not sure..sorry for being so blunt..”

She cried a bit and he kissed off her tears and voiced out tenderly saying “You don’t have to talk if you don’t wanna” they sat on the wooden bench placed outside the fence.

“I’m just in awe of your tenderness…can’t believe you still wanted to marry me even with the thought of Aderopo raping me in your head.. especially now when…guys insist they can’t marry girls who aren’t virgins. You amaze me Sims.” She remarked with a tender kiss to his forehead.

“I was so scared Sims…He didn’t rape me….he almost did but he didn’t…..he kissed me….my thighs…and he kissed and grabbed these at will” she said with her hand on her bosom.

“I felt like dying…the guards ripped my gown and traced my thighs with a knife.” she added and traced the scars on her laps which he bent down to kiss.

“Come on…that’s enough….I won’t permit anyone to harm you again….never ever….I love my teddy bear” he said with a long kiss on her lips and neck.

“I’m having issues with my wedding vows..have you written yours?” She asked with a big grin…

“No I haven’t…been trying to but none of those words can quantify my love for you…I think I’ll address you with the term ‘teddy bear”he responded with a kiss. “See you tomorrow, Mrs TeddyBear Braithwaite” he added with a smile and she blew him kisses from afar.


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  1. Am totally lost with this episode….did i miss any??how cone she can walk again and how come grandma killjoy is buying her bridal gown???

  2. Abi o @schatzilein exactly the same questions I had thought of while reading this, somewhere along the line I even had to check whether I hadn’t missed any episode before continuing but all the same am happy for them and pray for a hitch free wedding day for them. For grandma I can only say thank God for this sudden change of heart and even going as far as getting de gown for her sworn enemy an totally speechless

    1. Haaaa tot i was the only one…..maybe she go explain lol

  3. OMG Guys! I’m deeply sorry..guess I mixed the chapters up. The next episode explains Ireti’s healing. Oops! Clumsy me! Sorry!!

  4. Good that you explained oooo! I don scroll down to re-read the previous chapter looking for what I missed!

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