Dark Fantasies

Emily wriggled out of Dr Mark’s arms, she checked the time on her phone it was 2am in the morning, she smiled as she examined Mark once more, though the room was dark, she could trace out his muscle body, she could swear there was no trace of fat, he had the perfect height, his gentle snoring was sweet to her ears, she longed the trace his jawline and caress his moustache as she had done a few hours ago but she refrained.

Gently she got up and used her phone’s light to gather her things, her bra was hanging on the bed post, her other clothes were farther as she and Dr Mark had hauled things away in urgency. She tiptoed the washroom to clean up and put on her clothes and left the tap running. She came back to room, stood over Dr Mark’s sleeping body and watched the measured rise and fall of his chest, the sweet and gentle rythm of his breath which contrasted harshly to the way he handled her recently with such expertise that she was left wondering if she had imagined his shy and timid attitude in the few times they had met.

She took his phone and deleted every trace of herself, from her number to call log entry to messages, blackberry contact and photos, she dropped the phone and quitely left not glancing back once.

She sped through Asokoro and entered Wuse within minute in her range rover sports, the road was near empty as she drove home reliving the wonderful moments Dr Mark had given her, she realised it was more than the physical pleasure, his gentleman attitude, his caring nature, his laugh added and all that she must avoid at all costs.

Faisal was the only the person aware of the hideout in the house, he closed the the door and rested his forehead on it with his hands placed on the door that now looked exactly like the wall, he had discovered it accidently a few months after he moved in, he was throwing a stuff in anger, he throws stuff while angry¬†when the secret locker that had no handle opened, since then he used it frequently to save things he didn’t feel would be save in his room, this time what he placed there weighed tonnes on his conscience.

he heard a sound and hurried away, as he was walking through the darkness he collided with another body and they both fell with him on top the person. And the lights came on.

‘What is going on?’ Chioma asked her hands still resting on the switch of the light.

‘Nothing.’ Both Faisal and Emily answered in unison and scrambled to their feet with very awkward expression on their faces as they faced Chioma who wore a nighty with sleeping beauty’s Belle on it.

‘So why was Faisal on top of you?’

‘Obviously he fell on top me.’

‘Yea I know, but why were both of you walking in the dark?’

Emily’s gaze wondered to the flowery book in Chioma’s hands,together with a fat book.

‘What are you holding?’

‘Radiological anatomy.’

‘The small book.’ Chioma quickly placed the book between the pages of the book, Emily closed the distance between them in four strands with her long legs, she took the book and retrieve the flowery book and stared in awe.

‘What are you doing with a cartoon book in the middle of the night?’

‘It fell off from this book.’ Chioma said and collected the book and tucked it back into the journal she was holding.

‘What was it doing inside this book?’ Emily persisted.

‘Why are you interrogating me like I commited a crime?’

‘I just asked.’ Emily said.

‘What were you guys doing in the dark?’ Chioma asked again.

‘I came from the kitchen.’ Faisal said, he had hoped the ladies will forget he was standing there.

They stared at him unbelievingly.

‘I went to drink water.’

‘You’ve a water dispenser in your room.’ Chioma said, she owned the house and knew everything that was in there.

‘I was hungry, I had some of Mama Osi’s cupcake.’

‘Owk.’ Emily drooled and started moving towards her room.

‘Emily where are you coming from?’ Chioma’s question stopped her midway.

‘I had a meeting, that meeting I told you about.’ Emily said defensively gesticulating with her hands.

‘That was ages ago, even the President would have slept by now.’ Chioma said.

‘Why are we interrogating each other like suspects.’ Faisal said.

‘You’re right it’s late, I have an early start tomorrow.’ Emily said trying to leave the scene knowing her lie was smelling the most.

They all left when Chioma stopped, and held Faisal by the shoulder.

‘Wait.’ She said, her gaze fixed directly behind Faisal whose heart had started beating furiously.

‘What?’ He asked panicking, Chioma scanned his face and noticed his disturbed expression, her hands moved to his wrist to feel his pulse which had escalated.

‘Are you okay Faisal?’

‘Yes, what is it?’ He asked.

‘You left the door open.’ She said pointing behind Faisal, the direction of his secret and Faisal knew his secret was up and his heart beat which had increased ealier gave up on him and Emily gave a loud scream while Chioma just watched.

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  1. This is a well-written piece and I really enjoyed the flow. This notwithstanding, I observed a teeny-weeny flaw. You forgot to begin the first sentence of the sixth paragraph with a capital letter. I take that as a slip of keyboard, and as such, an oversight.

    You can only get better…keep writing @ameenaedrees :)

  2. Thanks, nice story……….
    next one

    1. Thank you @leofemmy next is on the way.

  3. This is good @ameenaedrees I’ll be following this.

    1. Thank you @aminat, will look out for you in the following episodes.

  4. oh wow… whats going on oo… I want to know. this is a series abi?? you kept the suspense on point!

    1. Hehehehe you wan know wetin dey happen abi. Na series ohh be sure to follow.
      Thanks @ufuomaotebele.

  5. @ameenaedrees has succeeded in arresting our interests with the use of suspense, once again I am interested

  6. Hehehehehe thanks @kevweodogun, your interest is needed.
    “My guy” hope you never forget your title O!

    1. ahh, lol i cant forget my title na

  7. I wonder why Emily did dat. #suspense #waiting

    1. I wonder too o.
      Tnx for reading @shovey, in time all be clear.
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  8. I guess so @menoveg, tnx dear.

  9. Reading at last @ameenaedrees. Sorry my super busy schedule kept me away.
    Interesting characters Amina. Good characterisation. It will be good to be able to picture the girls soon. Description helps but I know you don’t want your episode to be too long.
    I think this is better structured than the last series. I’m glad you have settled on a third person POV this time.
    One thing, page break *** when POV changed from Emily to Faisal, 5th paragraph.
    I think this is gonna read like one of those intriguing medical series on TV. Off to read the next one.
    Well done.

    1. Thanks a lot @olajumoke for stopping by, means a lot that my guru is reading my work.
      All points taken gladly. :-) :-)

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  11. U re welcome @chimezie.
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