Arise Naija

Shrouded in obscurity
With deeds so evil
That evil seems too good a description
With qualities so un-ghost like
Yet they disappear into thin air
Sneaking about with their quilt of death
The dark quilt wound tight around their neck
Consuming them with so much hate

On their fatherland they have become a terror
Conveying news of tears, sadness, and sorrow
Snatching babies from their mother’s breasts
Beheading the head as he seeks his daily bread
Crossing the innocent on their paths to seek knowledge
Making a burnt carcass of schools
Once filled with life, hope, and tomorrows
Bringing a nation to her knees
Making questionable leaders seem even more clueless

It’s such a shame
I cry for my motherland!
My people have no water, live in darkness, yet they thread along
My people have no food, no motorable paths, yet they thread along
Push my people to the wall
And they hide in it
Murmuring sounds ego better, it is well, God dey

Arise o people
Of a land filled with plenty
Arise o people
And take your right
Your right to peace
Your right to growth
Your right to a tomorrow
Arise, o people of Naija

3 thoughts on “Arise Naija” by Adejoke Ajibade-Bakare (@Badebaks)

  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Happy Independence day!!

  2. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @badebaks…I like the emotional crescendo you built into the 3rd verse…and the insistence of the fourth verse; but my best part was built around this line “Sneaking about with their quilt of death”. Well done, yeah….

  3. Arise O Nigerians
    and let’s walk to greatness

    This is good :)

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