I battle with my past
My intrusive, exciting, exotic, neurotic, possessive past
The love I left behind taps my shoulder and trickles like a minor flood at the threshold of my mind coursing , seeping dampening
I wipe feverishly hoping it leaves no stains on my bedroom floor

I long for the syrupy sweet desire of a love that I once knew
My heart had never known anything so passionate so deep so life affirming

My soul has never been touched
As it had been when I had that love
I dared ever so often to relish in the remnants of a love so deep that it drowned my very existence

It does not help to know that the love that I longed for also longed for me

Whispering my name and summoning my heart
Shattering my nerves and penetrating my life
I long to own that love again

But I can not

I dare not

For I’m committed to another
I imagine the despair and heartache that I may cause if I surrendered to my heart
The pieces that I’d leave in the wake of my revelation
So I carefully pack up my hopes of joy neatly folding them as messy as they are
I gently place them back into the innermost corners of my heart
And leave them there to rot
I sacrifice desires and longings for what I think to be the greater good
I sacrifice my heart…

3 thoughts on “Anguish” by ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

  1. A nice one indeed but look at its versification and lineation.

  2. Oh my… hmmm. At first (I) not not u was just reading the poem out loud to my self but then it sort of got darker and darker towards the ending and stopped reading out out. It was hitting a nerve.

    Amazing job here. I like this form of poem writing. It gets to me.

  3. @SUNNYDEMAJESTY I know dear I’m working on my lines and my paragraphing, I’m going to need professional help as all my works have this issue. @ufuomaotebele I’m glad you felt the passion I was trying to convey

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