18 thoughts on “You’ll Like It! (FINAL EPISODE)” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. Thanks Levuz, it a story that helps those in our society that has passed through the stage of rape, and find it difficult to let go.
    Once again
    Thank you

    1. @leofemmy, Yes bro. Rape victims should let God and let go, They’ll like it!
      Much thanks to you for reading

  2. A cute ending,it was a nice story.

  3. Thank God this ended well for all the parties involved

    1. @ameenaedrees, @kosnie, Thanks for following till here. You like it, I said it!

  4. ………….. and they live happily-ever-after. i love the way it ended but some victims might not be as lucky as Esther.

  5. Awwwwwwww….beautiful…. Ich Njoyed myself yarnful yarnful

  6. I even thought the was was going to be a hermaphrodite or something, but this ended it just nicely. Nice one Levuz

  7. Nice ending Im glad it wasnt too complicated for Esther to resolve her apprehensions. Glad I followed this story. Thanks for the good read @levuz

  8. Good story, but what gives me the feeling that this last part was rushed??

  9. nice conclusion, meaningful, the ending was hot to imagine tho, @levuz dont spoil us oh, lol

  10. @levuz, while I cannot doubt the fine dexterity of your scribbling hands as I really enjoyed this short serialized story of yours, I’d poke you to write some longer series…that will take us through a long pleasurable reading ride.

    This is truly electrifying :)

  11. nice one!

    but you got me wondering if you know someone that has this same experience (rape)……….

  12. Something is amiss in this final part of the story. I’m not very convinced with the resolution here…

    It all seems rushed and doesnt seem believable enough. Whatever made Dentos mum change drastically?
    How can a romantic demo between the Cokers be the healing that Esther required?

    Do rape victims recover that easily? The magnitude of Esthers behaviour from the onset has shown she had a big problem but you made the solution too simple…there were no obstacles, I guess I can also say I was expecting more than what was presented here….

  13. I hope its that easy for all rape victims to forget their past, but its not. I loved your story, but I wish you gave it a realistic touch. Write on dear.

  14. @Afronuts, @uzywhyte. While I appreciate your observations, I do not quite agree with some of your conclusions;
    Many times, burdens are lifted by very small (sometimes unremarkable) solutions. I believe you’ll understand what I am saying better if you were a marriage counsellor! You’ll marvel at what heals years of nursed burden.
    Also, let us not forget that the story is just a fraction of the couple’s life; and therefore lays no claim as to whether Esther was completely relieved or not, neither was there any claim that Mrs. Chukwu had completely removed her hands off Dento’s marital decisions. What we have is that Esther fell into a romantic mood after sharing her burden with sincere minds.
    We should not forget that the story just took us into a part of a couple’s life experience, further conclusions remains in the readers mind; as @shovey earlier concluded “happily ever after”, your own conclusion could be “frying pan to fire”; that is if you feel the solution in the story wasn’t permanent.

    But my little experience would not allow me to say the solution here cannot be permanent!

    Thanks for reading, observing and commenting!

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