21 thoughts on “You’ll Like It! (5)” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. I knew it…that there’s a story about Esther’s behaviour.she definitely needs help to be able to forget the incident and make her marriage work

    1. Yes o, Esther needs to forget the past. Let’s hope she would…

  2. LOL….

    Did you get so carried away in painting the amor between the Cokers that you forgot to call him ‘Pastor Coker’ and called him ‘Mr Coker’ instead?

    Believable backstory on what is responsible for Esther’s behaviour. However, do rape victims recover from the trauma so quickly? I just felt I should ask so that you have that in mind since we don’t know how Esther is going to recover from this.

    I’m liking your flow…its very engaging.

    1. I assumed Pastor and Mr Coker still referred to the same man, nd I didn’t want to bore my readers with Pastor. . .Pastor. . .Pastor.
      Twas deliberate, didn’t know it was a writing error.

  3. All rape victims find it hard to forget their past except, they shared it. It will be better if she share it her husband and they both deal with it 2gether than hiding it from him.
    Nice story, am following it

    1. @leofemmy, yes I would have also advised Esther to share it with her husband if I were to be in a position to advise her. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Eyyya and I thought it was deeper life things, anyway I pray ester understands that she’ll like cos everybody does.

    1. I thought it was deeper life things too I think she needs help

      1. @ameenaedrees, @aminat. Thank God that is cleared, but please don’t forget that the church in this story is Greater Life and NOT Deeper Life. Please.
        Thanks for reading.

  5. I feel for her but why didn’t she tell her husband?

  6. Lmaooooo at pastor and his wife…which kin porno dem dey act infront of Esther??she should tell her husband and they both seek help….aint fair that she didnt tell Dento about it..

  7. I’m still liking the story. It’s one good story very close to reality.

    I’m still reading, waiting and watching :)

  8. Ester….may God help you

  9. Lolz…nice piece. I love it…And I hope Esther likes ‘it’ …

  10. I knew it was gonna be a rape case. She needs to let go. Dento loves her so she should confide in him.

  11. As was said already the Cokers soft porn was a bit much lol no one wants to imagine the pastor behaving that way in public lol but I still like this series alot I cant wait for the next segment.

    1. @kosnie, @afronuts, @leofemmy, @hoyeenz, @schatzilein, @innoalifa, @Michael, @praize, @aadetoyin, @ivie9ja.

      Thank you all so much for following; reading and commenting on this series!
      The final episode is now out!

      1. I’m now reading the last episode…not less interesting :)

  12. Great Im going to go read it now

  13. I am liking it.

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