You’ll Like It! (4)

Part 4

18+      PLEASE! (This Series is not suitable for anyone below 18)


‘See? See what you’ve done to him?’ Mr. Chukwu was saying angrily to his wife who was now pacing alongside him, at the hospital reception. His arms crossed behind his back, and he stopped every now and then to stare in the direction of his son’s ward, just in case any Doctor or nurse was approaching.

There was a moment of silence, one would have assumed that Mrs. Chukwu was feeling too remorseful to pass any comment; perhaps she had indeed seen that she acted too outrageously, but she soon broke that assumption by replying her husband coldly; ‘Was it my fault?’

‘Jesus,’ Mr. Chukwu flinched, ‘I can’t believe you are still denying this. You literally pushed Dento off, and you are still shamelessly rejecting the blame.’

Mrs. Chukwu feigned both surprise and anger, if it were to be another man talking, she could have pounced on him with rage, but this was her husband and the same man who had fought with her all through the past years. ‘Dear, stop talking like this na. You know it was in his defence that I did what I did. I did not intend to harm him. I cannot allow anybody to mess up my only son’s marriage for him. I have known right from the start that Esther is a bad omen to this family. Didn’t I tell you what Dento told me? Have you ever heard of any bride who wouldn’t want to do it with her husband? Didn’t we do it? Didn’t her own parents do it to bear her? Did – ’

‘You had better stop making a noise in this hospital. You would only remove doubt of your stupidity.’ Mr. Chukwu said brusquely, ‘how many mother’s have you ever heard about attending to their son’s Honey-moon?

Did my mother attend ours? Or did yours attend your brothers’?

No wonder you did not answer me when I inquired where you were going that early morning. Now see what you have done to us.’

Mrs Chukwu suddenly became penitent or something like that for few seconds; her face became pale with guilt as she said, ‘dear, what should I have done. I can’t bear my only son going through trauma in his marriage. Think of what we went through, we tried everything possible to get him a brother or sister. . . we never got that chance. Now I can’t stand the thought of him facing any challenge in his marriage. I can’t stand it! I have a very strong feeling that marrying a Yoruba girl would not help matters.’

‘So, you were thinking you could put solution to it by beating her up black and blue ehn? I am so sure Dento would appreciate you very well for what you have done.’ Mr. Chukwu remarked sarcastically.

A nurse from their son’s ward walked by, and both father and mother – mother especially – ran towards her quickly.

‘How is my son please? Please be very sincere.’

‘Thank God sir, he is recovering quickly’ The nurse explained ‘the doctor would be out soon to give the full details, but from all indication he only had a small facture.’

Mr. Chukwu exhaled loudly. ‘Thank God,’ he said at the nurse who was now leaving. Turning to his wife, he said; ‘Now would you tell me where Esther went?’

‘I don’t know’ She replied, ‘I left her at the hotel, although I saw her making attempt to start her car and come after me.’

Mr. Chukwu frowned; ‘you acted as if you had never been a bride yourself.’ Inside him, he was sure that his wife was acting based on a long stored melancholy against her bridal condition, it appeared as though her marital challenge tuned her into a monster-in-law.

‘It is not that I am bad at mother in lawing. I just hate that my son is leaving for one of this Yoruba girls who likes the “me and my husband” thing.’

Mr. Chukwu laughed helplessly, ‘see fire calling pot black o. Ain’t you a Yoruba woman yourself?’ Guilt swept through his wife’s heart, ‘didn’t you also follow the “me and my husband” thing when you sent all my brothers away from living with us?’

Mrs. Chukwu felt suddenly tired with guilt, and she collapsed into a chair, ‘You cannot understand dear. I don’t like this thing at all. Dento leaving me, for a wife that would not want me to see him. Ehn?’

‘Adebimpe, You’ll like it when you calm down. You have spent the past thirty six years helping him grow and being the only woman in his life, now you have to calm down. You’ll like it dear, just give it time… Be patient!’

Mrs. Chukwu felt sad at what she had done, her eyes soon began to seep visible tears as she ran over the scene in her mind, of how she slapped the innocent girl incessantly, how she let loose from her son’s grip in a careless flash, and how she had pushed him off in her anger.

His body crashing into the table, his head breaking the glass, the mugs breaking the tray and the snapping noise of the items. Mrs. Chukwu couldn’t hold back tears that rushed out from her eyes like a wide stream let loose. ‘I’m sorry,’ she sobbed regretfully, ‘I’m really sorry’.

Her husband was holding her up into a warm embrace when the Doctor appeared from the hallway.

From the look on his face, it didn’t appear good news for them.



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  1. Dude, where’s his wife? Isn’t she supposed to be there with him?

  2. This episode is too short! Kilode?
    Am surprised Esther didn’t show up at the hospital thruout the conversation. Is she not worried that her husband might die?

  3. @six I was thinking the same thing
    where is his wife?

  4. poor dento, what of ester?

  5. Ha ha this is too brief now…what a tease…
    So mrs chukwu is yoruba too…na wa oh..but esther should have followed now…i dont think she loves dento sha…

  6. Lol…….yoruba woman insultin yoruba women’s behavior

    1. When asked about Esther, this was what her mother-in-law said concerning her,

      ‘I don’t know’ She replied, ‘I left her at the hotel, although I saw her making attempt to start her car and come after me…’

      Maybe Esther has gone to commit SUCIDE, Please be patient to read what happens in the next Episode. There, we would all discover what happened to her.

      Thanks a lot for following this series
      Meanwhile, we have just two more episodes to go. . . Keep reading and commenting!
      Love you all.
      @six, @aadetoyin, @Aminat, @kevweodogun, @schatzilein, @Ordeezy.

  7. Good.

    I like the fact that you gave us a brief insight into the psyche and person of Mrs Chukwu.
    It helped us to connect the dots as to why she acted the way she did in the initial installment. Nice character development and back story, quite believable.

    Be careful not to loose sight of Esther, she seemed to have been out of the picture a bit too much in this installment. Thank goodness you made reference to what informed her absence.

  8. This episode is too short! Kilode? Wait, where is Esther? She is giving the mother an upper hand

  9. @Levuz, while I’m still enjoying the story’s thrilling flow, I’d dare say that this particular episode was shorter than the earlier ones. Anyways, this is not a flaw but it could be your style.

    I’m still following and knowing the peculiar attitudes of your character. Keep bringing them sir.

  10. She is never gonna like it at this rate.
    It was just one night. I can’t believe Dento is that gobsmacked about it.
    I hope he grows a back bone soon. Time for him to let go of his mother’s wrapper.

    I like the name Dento. It fits perfectly.
    I’m loving this @levuz.
    Good work.

  11. Well Esther has been bullied out of the picture…….for now.

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